How to Forget the Person You Love? Check Out the Simple Ways Here!

how to forget the person you love

Forgetting someone that we really love is surely a hard thing to do especially if they are our boy/girlfriend. Maybe it is not hard for some people but, some others find it difficult to do. That is why we wrote this article so it can help you who face this problem. We already prepared some of the ways that you can try about how to forget the person you love. These ways can be tried by both boys or girls so let us just take a look!

Throw Away Everything from Him/Her

The first thing that you should do to forget the person you love is by throwing away all the things that make you remember them. It can be photos or paintings of you and him/her, their gifts such as clothes, jewelry, and etc. These things can live up your memories with them and could lead to emotional feelings which make you remember them always and make you feel pain and sad to think about it. So, take all those things away from you so you can forget them soon and move on.

Do Not Make Contact with Him/Her Too Often

Some people say that if we cannot make a close relationship with our mate anymore, we can still be friends. That is true actually. But, it is just for the people who can forget their past and move on easily. If we are hard to move on and forget the past it is hard to make a friendship with our ex. That is why if we cannot do that, just do not make a contact with him/her too often or maybe never contacting them anymore so you can forget them gradually.

Open Your Heart to Another Person

In order to forget your ex, there is nothing wrong to find a new boy/girlfriend to fill your empty heart. Just make a closer relationship with someone that you think will be a good person for you. If you have made that relationship then, just open your heart and let them in to fill it. Maybe you will feel a strange feeling to do it. But actually, it means that you are okay, it is normally will happen. If you have made a further relationship with him/her, you will forget your past with the person you love before.

Think About Your Future

Thinking about your future is one of the best ways to forget the person you love after breaking up. This way is really effective actually. As we know that we should not be sad all the time because we still have a long journey in the future. Just think what will you do in the future or think about something that will make you feel happier. There are still a lot of things that you can do rather than sad.


Now, just follow all of the ways on how to forget the person you love that we have given above. We are very sure that these ways will help you a lot because they are based on our own experience. So, if you still need more inspiration or have something to ask, do not be shy to ask us in the comment box below!

How to be an Inspiration || Set Good Examples For All People Around You!

how to be an inspiration

How to be an inspiration? It is hard to become one indeed. Nowadays people will imitate someone who can influence their life. It is whether bad or good they will accept it with open arms. Here, for you who want to become an inspiration for people, we have the secret tips you can follow right away. We know it is not easy, that is why we give you the simple tips for you to understand easily. For more information, see it right away.

Always in the Front

For people who want to become an inspiration, they will always in the front. For what? Of course to give another people a good example. Whether in the school or work, they will leave a good impression on them. For example in the school, when the teacher asks their student and no one is going to answer because afraid of making a mistake. It is the right time for you to shine. Just answer the teacher right away to set a good example for your friend. If you want to give another an inspiration, at least you can do it.

Action Plan

If you want to become an inspiration for all people, you also need to take action. Do not sit tight and wait. Make a plan how to take action to inspire all of them around you. It will not that easy if you do not think thoroughly. Draw out any ideas in your brain. You can write in down on the piece of paper and choose the best method.


Do Not Think Negatively

We recommend do not think negatively before you begin something. We know very well sometimes when we do something, it will end with a bad result. But do not let it control you. If you become like that, you will have a hard way to inspire people around you. Just think positively. Accept any result which comes. Remember, you will not know unless you try. You have a good will to inspire people to become better. Of course, the result will be good.

Encourage Other People With Your Words

Encourage other people is one of the ways to realize your dream. Of course, do not only talk big, you need to help them to solve their problem. Although you cannot solve their problem completely, at least you lift off some of their problems. If you can do that, we are sure all of them will respect you in the end.


Become an inspiration for people not that easy. There are many aspects you should learn before you succeed. If you think our tips it is not enough to help you. Just give write down your problem in the comment section below. We will help you as soon as possible.

5 Cute Living Room Designs that is Suitable for You to Apply

cute living room designs

Having a cute living room design would be every girl’s dream since almost every girl loves everything that looks cute. Actually, choosing a cute design for the living room is not as hard as we can imagine. We just need to see some references that we can use in order to create one for ourselves. And here, we have some good designs that you can copy and apply for your living room.

colorful living room

© Lisa Yriarte

The first design uses a colorful color on the whole room starting from the wall, furniture and the floor that makes the living room looks so cute. The use of antique pot, wooden table, and flower pot on the classic style window also gives a beautiful impression. This design will make our living room looks really good.

cute living room

© Bright.Bazaar

We add this design to our list because it uses a lot of furniture with a unique pattern and cheerful color. Just take a look the sofas where one of it uses a yellow color and the other uses the blue color which combined with a black and green stripe pattern. In this living room design, the designer also uses some colorful pillows with a beautiful pattern that will make the room looks cheerful.

pastel color living room

© Style Me Pretty

Using a pastel color will make our living room looks cute. As we can see, this design uses a lot of pastel color for the furniture as well as the wall. The color like peach, cream, and soft pink are used in this design. The design beautifies with the existence of the soft pink chair with a beautiful design. This one would be suitable for the pastel color lovers.

cozy and cute living room

© dian anastaria

A simple living room also can be cute if we can manage it well. Just check out the example picture above where the design is quite simple but still cute enough to see. The designer uses a love wallpaper pattern for the ceiling and a fur carpet to cover the floor. The design looks cuter with the existence of a unique ceiling light, some wall decor like the photos that formed a heart shape and a beautiful writing.

multicolor living room

© Lucy Papyan

The last design is combining the neutral color like white and gray with the light green, light blue, and red velvet for the furniture and the wall color in order to create a cute impression. As we can see that all the sofas are having a different color from one to another as well as the wall color. A design like this will make our living room looks cheerful and we will enjoy our time there so much.

That is all the five cute living room designs that we can share with all of you. We really hope that it does not only entertain you with the stunning designs of each example but also give you the inspiration to create a cute living room. If you still need the other living room designs, you can simply visit the best home design website Roohome.

How To Be Positive? Find Out The Key Of Real Happiness

how to be positive

There are so many people that can’t maintain a positive thought on their mind. There is always something that makes them worries even for small things like their appearance. However, even though their mind is not in a peaceful state, you can change that condition with applying a few easy steps and that’s the reason why I talk about this topic. Well, the main reason of this article is to share with the other people about the power of positive mind and how to be positive even we are in the hard situation. So, are you curious now? Check out my article now!

How To Be Positive?

how to get positive thinking

First, before we talk further about this topic, let me ask you a question. So, what kind of people you are? Pessimistic type or Optimistic type? Well, it is not like I will judge you by your answer but this is to know how much positive energy in yourself.

Well, if you are the kind of optimist people, I think you have had enough positive energy and maybe you can also help the other people with spreading the power of positivity in yourself to the other. However, if you are the pessimistic people type its not like you are wrong with that personalities but it would be nicer if you try to cheer up a bit because the world will smile back at you if you smile at them.

Keep Your Positive Mind!

positive thoughts

The power of positive thoughts aside from boost up your mood, it also can increase the effectivity of your brain? Well, I know you must be questioning about the relation between positive thought and brain effectivity, right? Well, let’s make an illustration, just imagine your brain is you. What will you do if you are working in bad mood? Well, you will ruin your job, right? But what if you are in the situation where you are in the happy state? You will try to give your best, right? That’s why the power of the positive mind is really high.

However, to maintain all of those positive energies we also need a lot of energy too and that’s tiring. We can’t lie that sometimes we also lose the positivity power in yourself, right? So, how to get positive thinking back? Well, we can try to meditate or hearing in some religious song. We also can try to take a walk to some quiet place to refresh our mind and soul. However, walking alone in quite a place can be scary for some people, right? Well, you can try to go somewhere and use your earplugs and hearing a nice symphony music. What I tried to say is to give your body and soul a rest from this world for a while.

Well, I think my article today about how to be positive is enough for today. Thanks for sparing a few minutes for visiting my website today. If you think my article today is useful enough for you, please share my article today with the other people that maybe need this article.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Not Bored With You

How to make your girlfriend not bored

Howdy guys, hows your day? Welcome back and pleased to meet you again. So, what brings you to my website this day? Do you have some problem? What? Yes? Do you have a problem? What kind of problem? Do you say your girlfriend bored with you? Do you want to know how to make your girlfriend not bored with you? That why you come here, right? Well, without spending any more time. Check out my article today, I hope a few tips that I will give to you will help you solve your problem.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Not Bored With Your Relationship?

How to make your girlfriend love you again

Bored is the common situation in love. That’s why sometimes we will find something as a temporary replacement for their figure. However, sometimes this temporary replacement will lead and bring you to another bigger problem. The most common thing is they will start acting like they are your real boyfriend and you will start being annoyed again and that circumstance will happen again and again. Why? Because you are not solving your problem correctly. You just run away from it. So, how to solve it and make sure that will never happen again? Well, I can’t guarantee it to you, because whether it will happen again or not is according to your lover and that’s out of my control.

Some people ask this funny question to me, how to make your girlfriend love you again? Well, this question is quite funny, why? I think because of the usage of words “your girlfriend”. How can you tell that she is still your girlfriend if she hasn’t loved you anymore? Whats the point of wasting your energy to take what is not yours anymore? I think if she is really intended to love you, she will never even get bored with you. Even though you are a bored person.

Tips To Make Your Relation Closer!

Things to talk about with my girlfriend

First, all you need to do to keep your relationship with her is you need to keep the conversation flowing through your mind. Don’t let any slight chance that makes her can ends this conversation with you. Just makes sure you already make a list of topics or words or the things to talk about to my girlfriend. I know this is not an easy job for you, especially if you are a shy person but love need sacrifices and if you do not make a move now, who knows maybe someone also uses this moment for their benefits and steal your girlfriend’s heart. Who knows, right? We never know what is the other people intention, right?

Thank you for coming to my website, I hope my article today about how to make your girlfriend not bored with you is clear. If you think my article is useful for you, please share my article today with the other people who has the same dilemma as you. Who knows maybe this article can give them the solution. Thanks for sparing a few minutes to read my article today. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day.

Do We Need School? Do We Really Need It?

Do we need school

Hello and good afternoon guys, welcome back to my website. This day in this beautiful day, I want to share something about school. Lately, I become inspired with a few facts that there are so many successful humans in history isn’t graduated whether from their school or the college. Well, even though we can’t say their act is right, at last we can appreciate their effort to show the words that even if you are not graduated from school, being kicked because you are naughty, or drop out because you are a fool, you can still give a huge impact to the world. Well, after that, there is a question that left hanging on my mind or maybe in our mind. The question is, do we need school? If the facts say that success can be achieved even though you are drop out student.

Do We Need School? Really?

Why is school important

There are a few people that asking about the effectivity of school. Well, there are a lot of them that start to doubt about the effectivity of school. You know? The number of kids who take a homeschooling starts increasing each year. Well, isn’t that the sign of people starts to unbelieve with their schooling system?

Well, even though we still do an old tradition to attend a class. Do we really understand what we are doing now? If you say that you really understand what are you doing now, tell me why is school important? I bet there are not many of you that think the if the school is important and it started because your parent told you to do that, right? You just pursue a paper that graded a people into a few grade according to the other people perspective. Irony? Yes, that’s totally an irony but this is how civilized people works. They work by grading people by their number.

A Reminder For You

Learn a lesson

Everything that I can say to you the school is important but school isn’t your success keys. I remember someone ever said that you can fail your exam, you can fail in your school test, you can fail in everything in your school but the most important thing in this life isn’t valued by that value. They valued by something you get from outside the school like experience. Well, he is right at last you can learn a lesson from an ant who works hard until winter comes.

However, not every people on this era understand about this kind of thought. They make the wrong perception about school. They make a perception if they are failing in school they will also a loser in society. What an irony for people who still trapped inside their foolishness even though they have been learning for more than 12 years!

I hope this article about do we need school is enough and answering your question. Thank you for coming to my website and if you think this article today is useful for you, please share my article today with the other people. Who knows maybe my article today can inspire them.

Dealing With Depression At Work, Avoid Getting Stress

dealing with depression

There are so many people feels depressed at work. Yeah, the pressure in the business world is quite rude. However, for people who get a bound contract in the business world. They can’t do anything more than trying to adapting to their new environment. So, what is your way to dealing with depression at work? What will you do to raise up your mood again?

Dealing With Depression At Work

Everytime you feeling depressed, Your body will response with releasing a hormone that acts like morphine that will help your body to release your stress. Yeah, our body is really amazing because they can identify our body and mood condition.

Well, what is your biggest pressure all this time? What is your solution to get rid of your depression? Will you take care of that? Or just letting that just like that and pray that problem will fix their own self. Well, I think everyone has their unique and different ways to conquer depression.

However, not every people blessed with this ability. There are several people that even can’t handle their own depression. So, what will you do if you meet someone like that? Will you help them? Or you will just let them learn to solve their own problem.

Sign Of Depression

Some people have a different sign of depression. However, to some people who even can’t handle their own depression, it is quite hard to handle their own problem. Well, what will you do if you are trapped in this situation? Will you succeed to step out from that situation? Or will you keep stuck in that kind of situation? Well, here is a few sign of people who get depressed by their job.

  1. Often easy to angry and have a bad temper.
    • People who get stressed because of their job will easily get angry even for a small unimportant thing.
  2. Unproductive.
    • People who get stressed and under pressure sometimes become really unproductive because they can’t think clearly.
  3. Giving up with their job.
    • Because they are stress sometimes they are giving up with their job and lack of effort.
  4. Inability to solve the problem.
    • People with depression sometimes lack the ability to solve the problem. That’s why people with high-stress level mostly passive.

Well, there are so many things that will cause people to depressed. Yeah, most of it because of job responsibilities, the other maybe because of there are problems outside works like a fight between them with their wife or husband. However, as a professional worker, all we need to do is to separate problem according to its place. Don’t mix up everything. Remember everything that done with hard work will result in something sweet in the end.

I think my article today about dealing with depression is enough for today. If you think my article interesting enough for you, please share this article with the other people. Thanks for reading my article today, see you tomorrow guys.

Success isn’t given.

It’s earned.

On the track, on the field, in the gym.

With blood, sweat, and the occasional Fear

– Nike Sport

Should I Give Up? What About All Of My Effort?

should i give up

Do you ever think about give up? Do you ever questioning yourself and ask should I give up? What are you doing after that? What will you do if you are stuck on something and not find any way to get out from that problem? Well, let’s talk about that today

Should I Give Up On Everything I Do?

Every people on this earth have their own limitation. Even the strongest people or even an actor itself have their own stress limitation. There are so many people trapped in this stressful situation and start a question and thinking on the easier way like giving up on everything. However, if you are in this situation will you consider the choice of giving up? Or maybe you will keep moving forward? Which choice will you pick?

Do you ever see a movie where people fight from the bottom and make their own way to the top? Maybe you can watch Naruto movie and copy his will of fire. He never ever think of giving up, as long as there is a chance to do something even if it’s only 0,001 % there is still a chance

Don’t Give Up!

All you need to do is to tell yourself to not giving up, yell as loud as you can to yourself, I don’t give up. Try to motivate your own self if you don’t have anyone that support you. Well, sometimes we need to be strong upon our own feet. We can’t always count on someone to hold our weight, right? Maybe it’s your time to motivating your own self.

You can do several things whenever you feel upset and desperate. Yeah, there are several ways to forget your sadness for a while. Well, you can talk to your friends and share the cause why you feel so depressed, you also can take a walk and refresh yourself for a while, or maybe you can take a break from your daily routine and try to release the stress in your mind.

Yeah, there are so many ways to burn your spirit again. Maybe you are just tired and need to take a break for a while. Well, everyone has different ways to burn their spirit again, right? It’s up to you to take my advice or use your own way. The only thing you need to remember is to not giving up so easily to everything you do. Your sacrifice will never be a waste and it will be paid with proper price, that’s why you need to make sure your spirit will burn until you reach the finish lane.

Well, if you think my article today about should I give up is useful enough for you, please share my article with the other people who also need this article. Thanks for reading my article for today, see you soon on my next article guys. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have something you want to ask.

If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up againts the odds.

– Jesse Jackson

Boruto The Next Generation Ninja, Who Will Become The Hokage?

Boruto The Next Generation

This movie becomes really popular lately after Naruto manga officially ends. Masashi Kishimoto already announced that the serial for Naruto has ended with 500 episodes. However, the next movie to continue the era of Naruto also already published not a very long time ago. That movie is Boruto The Next Generation. Do you ever watch this before? Or even look at the trailer? Well, let’s talk about this yellow haired kid today.

Boruto The Next Generation

My Boruto review starts with the fact that Boruto is the son of the legendary hero from Konoha Village. He is the successor of Hyuga and Uzumaki Clan. However, even though he’s born in the middle of the great family he always feels that his father is an idiot and start to hate him and his job.

Even though Boruto is the son from Naruto, he’s totally different from him. There is only a few similarity between Naruto and Boruto, and the easiest differentiation between Naruto and Boruto is the way other people treat Boruto. It’s really different if we compare Naruto and Boruto. However, even Naruto try to explain everything to his son, Boruto still doesn’t want to care, even his mother also tries to persuade him.

Boruto once ever talks to the daughter of his father-rival. He states really sure that he don’t want to become Hokage because that is a stupid job. Well, who knows? Maybe the creator of Boruto series will give us a little surprise later like what Masashi Kishimoto has done to us.

Boruto New Journey Begin

I hope this Boruto film also can fulfill my expectation to this film. I hope this movie also will teach us about life lessons like friendship, betrayal, pain, great will, and the journey of the main character to prove himself, from zero to hero.

The best moment you will get in this Boruto movie is when Naruto patiently achieve every hatred his son shows to him. Even when he’s mocking Naruto in the Chunnin final exam when Boruto spotted to cheat. He barely achieves everything and even not mad at his kid. Isn’t that really touching?

There are so many life lessons in Naruto film I learn and of course, that is why I expect more about this film. More than I ever expected to Naruto. Well, I hope Boruto Uzumaki will soon teach me so many lessons of life like what his father did to me. I really hope Boruto will somehow painting my day like what his father did for more than 5 years.

Well, I think my article today about Boruto The Next Generation is enough for today. If you haven’t watched this film you can watch it on Youtube, you need to be quick because it’s just 2 episodes and before they move to the next episodes. Well, if you find this article interesting enough to you, please share this article with the other people who also loves Naruto. Well, glad to know you read my article today, see you next time on my another chance buddy.

When a man learns to love he must bear the risk of hatred.


Sadness and Sorrow Definition, Tips To Handle It

sadness and sorrow

Long times no see and good evening guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to bring up a topic about sadness and sorrow. Well, this is the most common emotion that everyone has. Even though this emotion is really common but the truth is, there is not many people know how to handle it. So, today I want to give you some advice to handle this feeling. Ready to know more?

Sadness and Sorrow

There are so many people trapped inside sadness and the sorrow but they are don’t know how to get rid of it and trapped inside. Do you ever imagine trapped inside the sadness and your own sorrow for such a long time? It must be really painful, but there are not many people care about it. Can you imagine how hurt it can be? Desperately crawling inside your own mind, trying to escape from the darkness that surrounds you and the sorrow that wraps your body.

There are not many people know the definition of sad. They just know that if you sad you will cry. However, the real definition of sadness feeling is an emotion that conquers yourself and covers you up with sorrow and pain.

So, what will you do if you are trapped inside your own sadness? Crying? Or asking for another people help? There are so many ways to erase your sadness and of course, you need to do it. Before your sadness change you even further and makes you even more desperate. Do you know? There are so many cases people become desperate and frustrated because they can’t be expressing sadness inside their heart. They are like trapped inside their own sadness without escape door.

The Way To Overcome Sadness

Will you just wait and sit nicely until yourself devoured by the darkness inside your mind? Or will you find another way to escape this gloomy room? What is your choice? Your choice will decide what will happen to you next. If you decide to stay trapped inside your own sadness, well if you lucky enough maybe you will get saved by another people or maybe you will just end up being a depressed man.

Get rid your own sadness isn’t hard like what you think. To overcome it all you need to do is doing anything that can turn back your mood. You also can share anything with your friends or maybe your lover, going to the quite place to clear your mind also can help, but the most important thing is you need to learn to forgive your own self. Because when you learn to forgive the other you also learn to forgive your own self.

Well, I think my article today about sadness and sorrow can be another inspire to you. All you need is to remember that there is so much joy in this world. Thanks for reading my article today and if you think my article is inspiring enough for you, please share my article with the other people. See you later buddy, have a nice day.

No matter how loud you scream inside,

No one will save you.


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