Expectation and Reality, Which One is Better?

expectation and reality

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. In this beautiful morning, I want to share you about expectation and reality. You, me, or another people on this earth must be ever expecting something from someone. We don’t know is it just a help, intention, love, or many another thing we expect from that person.

Expectation and Reality

Which one is better for you? Expectation? Or Reality? We as a human being always hope and expecting more from our self or other people. However, according to you and your opinion, what is the expectation? Well, I will try to give you a brief explanation about it today.

An expectation is something we believe will become a reality, somehow many of them are opposing from the reality itself. The reality itself has a meaning as something that really exists and their presence can be proved. So, because of that, there are so many people said the expectation is better than reality. However, the only one question left is, do you really want to only live in your dream? In your own dream world?

So, because of that, there are so many people said the expectation is better than reality. However, the only one question left is, do you really want to only live in your dream? In your own dream world? Where everyone should behaving like your expectation. No! You can’t be like that. I can’t imagine how you will manage all the scars that will be caused by your own expectation. So, that’s why I’m here. I will try to give you a little brief explanation on how to overcome your expectation.

I can’t imagine how you will manage all the scars that will be caused by your own expectation. So, that’s why I’m here to waking you up from your dream. I will also try to give you a little brief explanation on how to overcome your expectation.

How To Handle Your Expectation?

Well, you must think on how to handle your expectation, right? So, how? Do you already find an answer for that? To help you solve this problem. I have a few advice for you for this problem.

  1. Focus on the progress, not the result.
    • There are so many people having high expectation when they think they have given their best. Actually, the most important thing isn’t the result of what you have fighting for but the progress when you fighting for it. You can get so many lessons in the progress of your work. Experience is what money can’t buy.
  2. Look at reality and compare it to your expectation.
    • We can have a good use of our expectation. We only need to compare it with the reality, because expectation without looking to reality is like driving a car with blind eyes.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope my article today about expectation and reality is useful for you. If you find this article useful for you or your friend, please share this article. Last but not least here is a Quote about expectation from me. See you next time guys.

The secret of happiness is low expectations.

~Barry Schwartz

Clumsy Ninja Game Review, Awesome Ninja Game

clumsy ninja game review

Hello guys, welcome back to our website. Today I want to give you a hot topic about Clumsy Ninja game review. Well, do you know this game? Because I have downloaded it not very long time ago. I’m new to this game and that’s why I want to give you an honest review to you.

Clumsy Ninja Game Review

So, do you ever hear about this game? Honestly, I never hear anything about this awesome game. However, a friend of mine tells me to play this game because this game is awesome according to him. So, that’s why I’m interested in playing this game. Well, he also promises me, he will give me some Clumsy Ninja tricks. So, I can level up faster. However, I think if he tells me everything about this game. I will never able to enjoy this game wholly. So, I refuse his good deed to me nicely.

After refusing my friend good deed, I try to figure it out this game all by myself. I find this game is quite easy to play. This game also user-friendly. Well, I think Natural Motion as the developer and publisher of this game is already success to entrap me with this game.

Well, to play clumsy ninja is quite easy. You only need to play this game by following the instruction their “sensei” give to you. This game also needs a great understanding because for me the ninja itself is quite clumsy. Well, you will have so much fun if you playing clumsy ninja game. I think this is the first game that makes a ninja as a virtual pet, LOL.

Hard Way To Find a Trick

As always, we need to spend cash or our real money to buy some diamonds or more coins to have fun with our ninja and to enjoy the full feature of this game. Well, I think I’m not gonna spend any money on this game. So, I start to find other better way than wasting my money.

Finding something we want is hard when we really want it. Well, you know I spend almost more than 5 hours and there are no websites that can give me other ways to fool this game. Most of the website I find when I’m surfing on Google is a fake website that redirecting us to fake link with more bullshit. The other trying to hijack and smuggling a virus or malware to our computer. Well, you can imagine how frustrating I’m right now. However, that’s all before I find this website. It’s happening right before I close my browser. I find an interesting website that offers me limitless gold and diamond. Sounds fishy but I don’t have any choice. So, I don’t give a shit anymore. Well, moreless like I’m gambling this time.

Can You guess the result? Yeah, it’s totally horrible. I mean it’s horribly awesome! Their website didn’t lie to me. All that proofs are real. Well, that’s why I want to recommend you this Clumsy Ninja hack.

I hope my Clumsy Ninja game review can help you to more enjoy this game. As always I will ask you to share this article to other people who need this. This is all for today, thanks for reading my article and see you next time.

Hyperactive Kid and How To Handle Them

hyperactive kid

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share you a topic about a hyperactive kid. Well, everyone must be ever seen a hyperactive person, right? However, did you know what’s the definition about hyperactive? Do you know why people act so hyperactively? Well, I will give you a little brief explanation to you.

Hyperactive Kid and The Explanation About It

Well, as I promised before. I will give you a brief explanation about a hyperactive kid. So, the question is, what is hyperactive? Well, according to medical explanation hyperactive is a condition where people having a behavioral disorder and that’s caused by dysfunction of their neurology system and the main symptom of this hyperactive condition is they can’t concentrating on something.

Sometimes a kid who has this problem can’t stay quite in one place he will try to seek other people attention. That’s why sometimes a few schools refusing this kid to study in their place. The kid with this problem isn’t stupid. They just need something that can attract their attention.

It’s quite hard to seek the attention from the kid who has a hyperactive syndrome. Well, maybe this will spend most of your energy too, LOL. Anyway, they are still a kid, so if you give them enough attention and love, maybe you can pull out their fellow feeling.

How To Handle Hyperactive Kid?

There are not many people who have enough patience to kid with special needs. So, I will give you a few tips on how to handle a hyper active kid. Well, check it out and stay tuned.

  1. Check their condition
    • However, this is still something you need to ask the doctor or someone who is expert in this field. Sometimes, something becomes too late because we’re too shy to ask someone for help.
  2. Train them to concentration to something.
    • Don’t force him to do this. However, you still need to train them for their own sake. Can you imagine your kid can’t concentrate on their life?
  3. Try to find what is their passion.
    • Well, this is not an easy one. You need to watch them whether they like to something or not. You need to keep experiencing on that until you find what is their passion.
  4. Ask them to learn to talk to the other people.
    • You can train them with asking them to accompany you attending a party. From there, they can copy your way to socializing. Socializing is important because we are a social being, right?
  5. Last but not least, help them to achieve their dream.
    • Even a little piece of your love can touch their heart. They will know you really love them for your support. Well, love can cure anything I think.

I hope this article about hyperactive kid can help you to address your kid or someone with special needs like them. Remember, not every single person on this planet born to be perfect. You, me or everyone else are having one weakness. So, please don’t look down at them. If you find this article helpful, please share this with your friend or families. Thank you for reading my article, see you guys.

Meaning Of Becoming Extrovert People

meaning of becoming extrovert

Hello guys, welcome back to our site. This day I want to share you about the meaning of becoming extrovert. Well, as you know there are so many people who talk about being introvert people or anything about introvert. However, they like to forget there’s also an extrovert too. This day I will try to give you an equality with discussing extrovert on our site.

Meaning Of Becoming Extrovert

There are so many people proudly telling their own self as an extrovert. By the way, do you know the real meaning of extrovert? Well, I can guess your answer, but most of it is just according your experience right? I can’t tell you wrong but to make it more specific I will just give you a brief explanation about it. An extrovert is people who having a character, condition, or habit that really like or love when they can find happiness outside their self.

Reason Why People Become Extrovert?

There are so many reasons people can become extrovert. There are little people who know the reason why people become extrovert. So, I will try to giving you a little example why people become extrovert.

  1. They have eremophobia.
    • Eremophobia is a mental illness that caused them afraid to be alone. Maybe it can be caused by they ever heard about something that scares them to be alone or they heard about the other people pain when they are left alone.
  2. They feel lonely.
    • This also the most common reason why people try to be an extrovert or even pretend to be an extrovert. It’s because they are afraid to be alone and can’t get over their loneliness feeling.
  3. Forced to be an extrovert.
    • People sometimes change to be an extrovert because they are forced to be like that. It can be caused because of their neighborhood or their environment that cause him to change his personality.

The Advantages Of Becoming an Extrovert

Aside from the reason why people becoming an extrovert I explained before. People with extrovert personality also having some advantages. Here are a few advantages of becoming an extrovert people.

  1. You have so many friends.
    • Because of your easygoing attitude. You really easily find a friend in every situation you meet. That’s why becoming an extrovert really an advantage.
  2. You know so many places to hang out.
    • Yeah aside from your easygoing and enjoy attitude. You also have a knowing more about cool places to hang out. That’s why you are really needed by your friends.
  3. You can be a great partner to spend time.
    • Yeah because you know so many cool places and you’re a pleasant person. It’s not surprising there are so many people who love spending their time with you.
  4. You can melt the situation
    • Because of your silly attitude, you can also melt the situation when the situation itself become awkward.

Well, I think my explanation about the meaning of becoming extrovert people end here. Thanks for reading my article. If you find this article helpful for you, please share this article with other people. I hope we can meet in next article. See you guys.

How To Get Rid Of Your Loneliness?

Hello guys, good morning and I wish you start this day with a great start. Today I want to share you a topic about how to get rid of your loneliness. Lately, I see so many film or comic with a topic about loneliness. Somewhat that makes me want to share about this topic too.

How To Get Rid Of Your Loneliness?

That’s maybe become the first letter that shows up after you reading my first paragraph about loneliness. However, before talks about how to get rid of it. We need to know the definition of loneliness itself. We can’t get rid of something we don’t know, right? So, what is loneliness according to your explanation, huh?

Well, I believe many of you can answer that question. According to my opinion about the definition of what is loneliness, it’s quite hard to explain. It’s like a feeling of emptiness, feeling like you have nobody else, not wanted by people anymore. Well, I give up to explain it, LOL. That’s the most complicated feeling I ever feel.

Do You Have a Way To Conquer It?

If you ask me if I Have a way to conquer loneliness. I will definitely say yes because believe it or not, I ever trapped inside there for a very long time. My experiences accepting loneliness as something beautiful yet peaceful makes me more enjoying my loneliness. I spend most of my time alone, wasting my time by reading or playing a computer game, trying to avoiding social contact with another people since I was in elementary school.

If you said that’s awesome, you need to know a few fact about a lonely person that pull their self from social life. First, they are struggling with their own problem, they always judged as a strange person, and sometimes they also get bullied by the other people. Pain? Fear? That’s already become my friends since long time ago.

Steps To Conquer Loneliness

You must be questioning now. If you are a lonely person, how can you step out from that cliff of loneliness feeling? How can I ends up as a writer here, sharing a story to you? Well, as a people who love to be alone I know my limitation. I can’t ignore the other people forever, right? Everything always needs a few effort to be done. Here are a few steps you can do to step out from your loneliness.

  1. Meditation always become the best choice when you feel lonely.
    • Some research by a scientist said meditation is the best way to get rid of your loneliness. Doing a meditation also make you more accepting about your loneliness feeling.
  2. Find a people who can accept you and your loneliness.
    1. Finding someone who can accept us and our loneliness is like finding a needle in stacks of hays. It’s hard but possible to do. It’s coming back again to your willpower to overcome your loneliness
  3. Love yourself
    • This is the hardest thing to do. But this is the most important thing to do! If you can’t love your own self how can you ask other people to love you?

Well, I hope my article about how to get rid of your loneliness can be used for good sake. If you have someone who needs this article too, please share to them. I hope we can meet again in my next article, see you again guys.

Definition Of Perfectionism, Is It a Mental Illness?

definition of perfectionism

Hi guys, welcome to my website today. In this beautiful morning, I want to discuss something about the definition of perfectionism to you. Do you have a friend with this bad habit? Well, I think before you ask them to change their bad habit, you need to know more about perfectionism.

Definition Of Perfectionism

Well, always identical to woman habit, right? However, do you know what’s perfectionism? Or maybe you have a friend with that habit? The definition of perfectionism itself is a conviction someone needs to be perfect in order to reach their best performance or condition. With their high pretension, their lifestyle will change too. Sometimes they will also add some pressures to their lifestyle too. Some people feel really comfort with their perfectionism but they never know that their bad habit also affecting other people as well.

After knowing what is perfectionism. Tou also needs to know about the person too, right? Perfectionist is a people who believe in perfectionism and use them as their lifestyle. So, don’t get switched to use the word between perfectionism and perfectionist. Perfectionist appoints to the person who believes to perfectionism and makes that as their way to live their life.

How To Control Perfectionism

Perfectionism itself is categorized as mental illness. So, if you are unfortunately having this mental disorder. You need a medical treatment or you also can ask your doctor about how to control perfectionism in yourself.

If you are too afraid to go to the doctor for consultation. Maybe this few tips from me can help you to control your perfectionism habit.

  1. Stop comparing yourself with the other people
    • People always want to be the best among the other people. They often feeling shame if they need to be compared by the other people who is better than them. If you start to stop comparing yourself to the other people and start to doing your best at everything, maybe your life will be much happier.
  2. Forgive yourself when you are doing a mistake
    • Perfectionist people sometimes feel they need to be perfect in every condition. They even forget they are only a mere human. They can make a mistake or a few mistakes a day. So, the only way to free yourself from that guilty feel is to forgive yourself. Sounds easy but hard to do right?
  3. Lower your expectation to yourself
    • There are so many people who expecting so much from their own self. Sometimes because of they are forced to be like that or because their family expecting so much from them. Well, giving yourself a break can’t kill you, right?

Well, I guess we are want to be perfect, all of us. However, we can’t push our self too hard only to reach the perfection. Perfection only comes to people who deserve it. I think this is the end of my article today. I hope this information about the definition of perfectionism can increase your knowledge. If you find this article helpful, please share with your friends. See you soon on my next article guys.

Tap Tycoon Game Review with Tips and Tricks From Us

tap tycoon game review

Hello guys, welcome back to my website today. This day I want to give you tap tycoon game review. Well, why this game can make you smarter? We will tell you the reason and some tips and tricks to make you even stronger in that game. Are you Interested in my offer?

Tap Tycoon Game Review

Are you a lazy people like me? So, why you didn’t try to find a game that can give you an education? Well, I will share you some secret. Honestly, I’m a lazy person too but I didn’t trap in there and mourn about that.

I try to find an easier way to get out from my laziness. I try to find an easy way to keep being lazy but increase my knowledge too. After surfing a while on Google. I find this tap tycoon game on my friends facebook page. After that, I tried to contacting my friend and start asking a few question about this game. Well, maybe most of you will say why not try to find some information on Google, right? I have told you before, I’m a lazy person and I don’t like to click randomly on the website only to find out about this game, It’s not worth my time! So, it’s easier for me to just ask my friend about this game.

Tap Tycoon Tips

This game is also known as an idle game genre. This game is simply easy to play because you only tap and tap your screen as much as you can. After that money will start falling from the sky, LOL. This game also giving you some education value when you playing this game. This game will teach you how to arrange your money so you can have a higher profit than your capital.

However, this game also has a few risk in it. Start from your screen will break if you tapping on it too fast or too strong, your battery will be leaking if you play this game insanely, and maybe you will also spend your money for buying fake money for this game.

Finding Hidden Answer

After trying to find an answer for my confusion on google. I spend almost 40 minutes to find the answer. Well, so many people lying on the internet. So, I can’t believe them blindly. Well, maybe faith in humanity is gone and they are blinded by money. Finding Tap Tycoon tips is really hard when you want them for free.

Well, after spending other 20 minutes on the internet. I find this awesome website on Google. Tap Tycoon hack maybe my last hope. Why I’m so sure about that? Well, I do not recklessly believe on something. I read the article about it and look at the proof that they have given. So, why not? and you can guess what happen next. It’s work, all my doubt fade away. Thanks to them.

Well, I think this is enough from me about Tap Tycoon review. Glad I can help you solve your problem friends. If you find this article helpful. Please share your friend. See you in my next article.

Roadkill Eating Behavior, Is It Dangerous?

roadkill eating behavior

Hello, guys, We meet again on this beautiful day. Thanks for coming back. Today, I want to share something strange about roadkill eating behavior. Do you know what is roadkill? Do you ever hear about roadkill? If the answer to all that questions is you never hear about roadkill, maybe I need to give a brief explanation about roadkill.

Roadkill Eating Behavior

I can guess not many from us know about roadkill, right? So, what is roadkill? Do you know about it? Or maybe you ever see someone or knowing someone who has this eating behavior huh? Well, whatever the answer you give to me for my question I will still give you a brief explanation about roadkill. Roadkill is an animal that has been struck and killed by vehicles like motorcycle, truck, or even a car. Not every animal that gets hit by a vehicle is eatable. We need to be more careful to see and to choose the roadkill animal before we cook them as our food.

Roadkill itself in some country like United Kingdom, Southern Canada, and small subculture in the United States are legal. There are so many animals like deer, bear, squirrel, raccoon, bird, frog, and many other animals get struck by a vehicle and death. Freshly killed animal sometimes best found in the early morning because most of the animal get hit by a vehicle are nocturn animal.

Jonathan McGowan

Let me introducing you to Jonathan McGowan. He was lived for 30 years only by eating meat he got from roadkill. Jonathan is someone who didn’t like to killing or hurting something. He even said he prefer to become a vegetarian than to eat or buy meat from the market. He said meat he found on the road are healthier than meat he buys on the market because meat on the market sometimes already injected by hormones.

Jonathan McGowan itself started his weird hobby when he is at 14. His first roadkill animal is a rabbit he found on the street near his house. He then continues his weird habit to eat roadkill animal after 30 years. Crazy, right? Well, he said because of his weird habit, he success to suppress his live cost to life. He also said he never get infected by any disease since he started his weird habit. There are even many people start to following his weird habit all around the world. There’s even a roadkill cafe on Australia.

Roadkill Health Risk

Everything must have a risk, right? Unless we are very careful and pay a lot of attention to it. Well, we are human and we can’t stay alerted all the time, right? So, to make it easier for you to deciding whether following roadkill habit or not. I will give you some roadkill health risk as your consideration for your decision.

Roadkill animal isn’t 100% healthy some of them are infected by a few disease. However, they are a wild animal so there is no guarantee they are healthy, right? Some of them maybe get infected by Trichinosis and Leptospirosis. That’s the most common disease that infects us after eating roadkill animal.

So, are you still insisting on following roadkill diet like Jonathan McGowan? Or you’re giving up? Well, everything is on your hand now. Well, I think my information about roadkill eating behavior is enough. Thanks for coming to my website. See you soon on my next article guys.

Release Stress by Taking a Walk

release stress by taking a walk

Today I want to share with you tips on how to release stress by taking a walk. Well, everyone must have a little stress factor in their life, right? So, I want to give you how to release stress with daily activity like take a walk on your free time.

Release Stress By Taking A Walk

Well, not many people knowing about the advantages of taking a walk. There are so many people just think there are no benefits of taking a walk because taking a walk is just our daily activity. However, according to science research, people who like to walk are more healthy than people who use motorcycle or car. So, I will try to explain you a few health advantages of taking a walk.

  1. Release stress by taking a walk, easy and cheap to do.
  2. Good for your heart health. Taking a walk 30 minutes a day can help you maintain your heart health because taking a walk also can reduce 40% of heart attack risk. This will also lower your cholesterol level. So, what are you waiting for?
  3. Reduce your weight. Walking with fast steps for 30 minutes every day, you will burn 150 calories every day. However, even you are doing some exercise like walking. That’s will not guaranteeing your health.
  4.  Increase your immune system. With taking a walk as your new routine, you will help your body to increase your immune system because your body will release a toxic when you are sweating after doing some exercise.
  5. Prevent osteoporosis, by routinely doing a walk you will prevent your bone from getting depletion. With doing this you can make your bone healthier.

After reading a few benefits by taking a walk. Now the question is how? If we are a busy person, or maybe some us are a lazy person. So, the question is how? Well, I think not many of us have a free time right? So, I will give you some Tips to do a little exercise in your busy time.

Tips From Me When You Are Busy

Well, if you think you are a busy person and didn’t have enough free time to do some easy exercise. I think I need to give some little tips when to taking a walk if you are a busy person.

  1. Try to do some little walk in your office. When you are wasting most of your time in your office and you spent most of your time to sitting down and doing your work. Maybe this is a nice tip for you. Try to walk and do some warm up in your office. This will also help your body to relax your muscle.
  2. Try to take stairs than using the elevator or lift. Don’t be lazy guys. Why you waste a chance to take a little exercise when you can do it. It’s a little exercise and will not spend much of your time, right?

Well, I think this information about release stress by taking a walk is useful for you. However, if you find this article useful for you please click the share button guys. Ok, see you in my next article guys.

History Of Human Evolution, Who’s Our Ancestor?

history of human evolution

Welcome back to my website guys. this day I want to bring up an interesting topic about the history of human evolution. Do you ever wonder who’s our ancestor? Do you ever curious about Darwin’s Theory that tells us we are from the ape, is it true? Well if you are really curious about this. I will try to explain about human evolution history to you.

History of Human Evolution

If we talk about the history of human evolution, we need to talk about our relative history too. Who is it? They are ape, chimpanzee, gorilla, and baboon. According to a scientist, we are related to that animals because we are categorized as one Ordo with a monkey and classified as Primates and we also share the same family called Hominidae. So, don’t mad if someone mocks you as a monkey because that’s our true self. Back to the topic, this classification is based on Darwin’s Evolution Theory. However, we as advanced race from another being on this earth didn’t believe that so easily right? We need a prove, solid prove about that Theory.

How can we be relative to an ape? Well, this one needs a long explanation. We human evolving years by years, from very long time ago. If you want to know we already evolved more than 7 times until we become like this.

Human History

Human history starts a long time ago. It started from little bacteria on earth called Actinobacteria. This bacteria is the ancestor from all living things on earth. How can these bacteria become our first ancestor? Well, according to research this bacteria being our ancestor after passing through long research from the researcher. Well, don’t get surprised too soon. There are still plenty surprising facts about human.

We can say a human is the most advanced being in evolution. However, as the most advanced being in evolution, we share the same bloodline with apes or baboon, funny right? However, that’s the mystery of evolution and we still try to investigate our bloodline to find our true ancestor.

Nature Selection Force

Nature selection forcing us to evolve more. The selection itself become one of many reasons why there are so much animal extinct. So, if humans are from monkey or ape. Why there are ape and monkey until now. Well, it can be explained by the Theory of Evolution. Ape we see this day aren’t the same one who lived a thousand or million years ago. We may evolve from the same ancestor with them but our evolution line split from them. We evolve to what we called Homo Sapiens and they still a Primitive animal. Now our race become more advanced than them but still, we can’t do anything we want to them, right?

Well, I think this is enough from me. I hope this information about the history of human evolution can help you to understand about our race. Well if you find this article useful please share this information with your friends. I hope we can meet again in my next article. See you guys.

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