Mogul Khan The Axe, The Strongest Red Mist General

Mogul Khan the Axe

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share you about Mogul Khan the Axe from Dota 2. Some player Dota 2 prefer to call him Axe. This hero also can be an indicator for Dota 2 player are they a newbie or old player from Warcraft 3?

Mogul Khan The Axe

Mogul khan has been a long time feared because of his overpowered defensive power. We can say Mogul Khan is the most used hero as an initiator of war because has a unique skill that can taunt enemies hero to use hit him in order to ensure his friend safety. That’s why sometimes Axe placed in hard lane.

Mogul Khan story even is written in his background story.

As a grunt in the Army of Red Mist, Mogul Khan set his sights on the rank of Red Mist General. He proved his self in battle after battle he is worth through gory deed. His rise through the ranks was helped by the fact that he never hestitated to decapitate a superior. Through the seven year Campaign of the Thousand Tarns, he distinguished himself in glorious carnage, his star of fame shinning even brighter, while the number of comrades in arms steadily dwindled.


On the night of ultimate victory, Axe declared himself the New Red Mist General and took ultimate title of “Axe” for himself. But his troops now numbered zero. Of course, many had died in battle but a significant number had also fallen to Axe’s blade. Needless to say, most soldiers now shun his leadership. But this matter not a whit to Axe, who knows that a one-man-army is by far the best.

As you can read the background story of Axe. He shines through many battles and finally become the best of their kind. He also bestowed by great talent and braveness that help him defeat his opponents through his blade.

Axe Item Build

After knowing Mogul Khan background story you also need to know how to play this hero well. So, I will try to give you some tips about Axe item build.

  1. You Need Tranquil Boots
    • Try to build this boots because of this hero also very depending to his Health Points. That’s why you need to make this boots because this item has a unique passive ability that will recover your HP if you are not getting a hit or hitting an enemy for more than 5 seconds. The cooldown will turn back to 5 everytime you hit or getting a hit from the enemy.
  2. Are your enemies a Nuker?
    • Let them feel your pain try to make Blade Mail. I love when people feel the pain that they cause to us. This item is really great for Axe, this hero can use this hero really well because of his advantage in Health Point.
  3. Heart Of Tarasque will make your body as strong as a rock.
    • This is a great item because Heart of Tarasque will give you bonus STR points and health regeneration. This becomes the most crucial thing for Axe especially if you are an Initiator in your team.

I hope this information and tips about Mogul Khan the Axe is enough. I really hope you can use my information to help you winning Dota 2 game. If you find this article helpful for you, please share this article with another Dota 2 player. I hope we can meet again on next chance. See you soon guys.

Sun The Monkey King, Mobile Legends Guide

sun the monkey king

Hello guys, welcome back to our website. Today I want to share a review about Sun The Monkey King. Do you know the story about the legendary monkey? Do you know how to play with this hero? Curious? Check it out on my article today.

Sun The Monkey King

Everyone must know about this game right? Yeah, you right this is Mobile Legends the MOBA game genre with a 5v5 battle. You can fight with people from all around the world. There is something interesting about Mobile Legends. This game also picking up Sun story from the legendary SunWukong from Chinese urban legend. However, to avoid copyright or any further misperception they change the name to Sun.

Sun is categorized as a fighter in this game. He also equipped with high durability and unique skill that makes him even harder to beat. He has a unique skill that allows him to summon a doppelganger every time he hit an enemy for five times in a consecutive row and upgrade your doppelganger level with every another five hits. This doppelganger also has a stat and level exactly same as Sun so don’t underestimate them. They also will recover Sun health point everytime they hit creeps or enemy. That’s why Sun will be an unbeatable monster if you let him on his free farm.

Sun Item Build

However, because his status point is an almost balance. You have greater freedom to change his role aside from his main role. Unfortunately, I will only give you a build to make him an unbeatable “Monkey King”. Here’s a guide to playing Sun as the main carry.

  1. You need ASPD and also a speed.
    • Your main mission is hitting an enemy in a consecutive row for five times. However, you don’t have any disable to prevent them from running away from you. The only way to solve your problem is making swift boots. This item will provide you with more movement speed and 15% attack speed.
  2. You still think that’s not enough? Do you crave for more ASPD and movement speed?
    • Try to build Thor Sting if you think you are still slower than your enemies and they still can flee from your staff. This item also provides you with Unique attack modifier that will change your attack into a lightning strike for every 5 attacks. This lightning will strike with 125 magic damage.
  3. You need more speed but you also need life steal to ensure you alive during the battle?
    • Life steal becomes the most important part in Sun survivability. He can take a profit from his doppelganger and his advance in ASPD. So, I think Fallen Sword will be more suitable for this hero.
  4. More HP more kill.
    • HP as the most advanced stat in Sun whole stat become more crucial in battle. Especially if you are an initiator of battle. So, to ensure Sun still alive in battle. He needs to build Bloodthirsty King armor because this armor has a unique passive ability that will give you 20% Hp everytime you kill or assisting your friend.

There are still 2 slots left. It’s up to you to fill that 2 slots according to your creation. I hope my review about Sun The Monkey King is enough for you. If you find this article helpful for you or your friends need it, please share this article with them. Thanks for reading my article today. See you soon at the next opportunity.


Nana Mobile Legends Guide, Curse Your Enemies Become Cute Little Bunny

nana mobile legends guide

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share you about Nana Mobile Legends guide. Do you know about nana? Do you know how to play this hero? What do you think about her? Is it good for you? Well, I will try to give you a guide to playing Nana.

Nana Mobile Legends Guide

Well, I will try to give you Mobile Legends review. Mobile Legends become popular game lately. Not only because of this game similarity to Dota. This game also offering a new era of MOBA game genre to the other people. With various heroes and items build. This game really offering us a whole new sensation of playing MOBA game.

Today I want to give you Nana guide for a new player. Well, I really know how it feels to become a noob in a game. Blamed for everything you do even if you are trying to do something right. Well, to prevent that happening to you. I will tell you and giving you a guide to playing this hero.

Item Build For Nana

Nana itself is categorized as support in Mobile Legends. Even if you can make this hero as a carry. Her main potential is a support for her teammates. The main reason why she becomes a support is her second skill, Metamorph. This skill can change someone appearance from hero to a cute little rabbit that can cause no harm to you or your teammates.

However, Nana still needs a few items to assure her survivability in a battle. So, here is a few suggestion for your nana item build.

  1. Try to make Magic Shoes for your movement and cool down reduction, because you have a skill that can turn people to something harmless. You need maximum the usage of that skill. The only wat to do it is by reducing the cooldown of your skill with this item. Your cooldown reduction will decrease up to 10% with this boots. This boots also granting you with some movement speed.
  2. If you think 10% isn’t enough for you. Maybe you also need Fleeting Time item. This thing will decrease your Cool down up to 20%. This item also offering you a few bonus stat like mana regen and magic power.
  3. You have trouble to aiming you ultimate skill because enemies move faster than your casting time? Try to build Frost this item will slowing down your enemy up to 15% and granting 7% of movement speed to you.
  4. Blood Wings also offering you some unique offers.You will gain 2 HP every 1 point of magic damage added to you hero. This will solve Nana HP problem.

I think that is all the information I know about Nana Mobile Legends guide. I really hope this guide can be used by you to increase your rank in Mobile Legends. If you find this article helpful for you, please share this article with your friend. I hope we can meet again next time in my next article. See you soon guys, thanks for reading.

Chili The Small Hot Thing With Thousand Benefits

chili the small hot thing

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share you about my most favorite vegetable, it’s chili the small hot thing that can give you the unforgettable sensation. This vegetable is best known because of the burning sensation they can give to us after we can eat them. However, not so many people know about the benefits of this vegetable. So, this is why I’m here today. I will try to give you all my knowledge about this little veggie.

Chili the Small Hot Thing

Every single people in this world must know about this evil vegetable. This Veggie sometimes appears as a little innocent vegetable. However, if you are daring enough to eat this chili, you will know why this fruit sometimes called as the devil among all vegetable. This kind of short name given not because of their red skin appearance. This all because of their spicy taste they give to us after a single bite.

However, not many of modern people knowing the benefits of this little veggie. Some of them only know the benefits come after we selling the chili and turn it into the money. Some people even think there are no benefits on this vegetable. Actually, they are really wrong about this. I will try to give you some proof about the benefits of this little vegetable.

Benefits Of Chili

There are so many benefits of chili but there are not so many people knowing about this. So, this is why I will try to give you some of the chili benefits as much as I know. Here are a few of them according to my knowledge.

  1. Accelerating the mechanism of your body metabolism.
    • There is a few enzyme in chili that will boost your metabolism right after you eat that. That’s why I think chili is the best vegetable I ever eat.
  2. Help you with your diet.
    • Chili is the most efficient vegetable for you to start your diet. However, it’s really not recommended to over eat this vegetable. This is because it’s hot sensation will burn your fat and turn that to sweat.
  3. Cheapest Anti-Cancer.
    • There are only a few people know. Chili has an enzyme called capsaicin inside of it. This enzyme will try to fight cancer cell without harming your body. However, it is really not recommended to over eating this veggie.

The Danger Behind Chili

Young man with severe stomach ache holding his stomach

Everything on this earth must be having something bad in it. However, do you know about that? Well, I can guess you don’t know, right? So, to complete your knowledge, I will try to give you the list of danger behind chili.

  1. Chronic gastritis
    • This the scariest part of this little vegetable. You will get chronic gastritis. That’s why I suggesting you to not eating chili too often.
  2. Insomnia will hold up your activities.
    • Even if you are a spicy lover. Please don’t try to eat spicy food before you sleep. Not because there is a caffeine in chili. This burn sensation chili left after you eating them. Will preventing you to sleep and running your activities for the next day.
Fun Fact About Chili

Indonesian Chili has been nominated as the spiciest chili in the world.

I hope this article about Chili the small hot thing can help you to more aware of this veggie. If you find this article interesting enough, please share this article with your friends who is a spicy lover. Thanks for reading my article, see you soon.

Modern Combat 5 Game, Search and Destroy Your Target

Modern combat 5 game

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share you an article about Modern Combat 5 game. This is amazing mobile game. Do you want to know how I find this amazing game? Do you want to know my secret on having so many credits to buy the best items? Well, I will share my little secret with you so check it out.

Modern Combat 5 Game

I really grateful because I can write this modern combat 5 review. This is amazing game published by Gameloft, one of the greatest games publisher. With more than 50 million downloads from all around the world. This game achieved a great popularity among the players.

This game also can be played multiplayer, where you need to competing with other players and beat the hell out of them. As a mobile fps game genre, all I can say is, this game really dare to step outside the box. They brave enough to show something different from other games in the same genre.

The modern combat itself carrying a theme about terrorism. This game also needs a fast response players with so many decision you need to take with short limit time, this game will raise your adrenaline. Especially, because this game will show you the consecution of your decision.

New modern combat also allowing you to set up your weapon for your next battle and what make this game more interesting is, you can upgrading skill. I think this is some kind of a new concept of FPS game, right?

This game also offering you main missions and side missions. Every progress you make will grant you experience and every time you make an effort you will raise your level and unlock new weaponry. With so many game features it’s really strange if this game is absolutely free, right?

That’s what I think for the first time. Unfortunately, this game needed so many credits to buy new arms and weaponry. Do you know? They are robbing us with setting a high price for all of them! That’s really disturbing me.

When You Find Another Way

It’s quite hard to find something free especially if that is a great game. So, I try to surf on Google. I spend almost 5 hours to find something that I seek. Everyone lying, every single person on this earth only thinking about their own self. Right before I give up finding another way to achieve credits without spending any money on it. I find this awesome website on Google.

This site offering us a great trick to trick this game. Well, you think I will just believe it and risking all my save data an account for this site? Absolutely, No! So, I read all the proof they give to us on their side. Well, I think maybe I should give it a shot. No need to wait for another try to find out this website is awesome works.

Well, if you don’t believe me. It’s up to you, You can also try it by yourself if you not believing me. Here’s the link for Modern Combat 5 Hack. Well, I think my article about Modern Combat 5 game is enough for today. If you find this article useful for you or for your friends, please share this article with them. I hope we can meet again in my next article, see you soon guys.

Expectation and Reality, Which One is Better?

expectation and reality

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. In this beautiful morning, I want to share you about expectation and reality. You, me, or another people on this earth must be ever expecting something from someone. We don’t know is it just a help, intention, love, or many another thing we expect from that person.

Expectation and Reality

Which one is better for you? Expectation? Or Reality? We as a human being always hope and expecting more from our self or other people. However, according to you and your opinion, what is the expectation? Well, I will try to give you a brief explanation about it today.

An expectation is something we believe will become a reality, somehow many of them are opposing from the reality itself. The reality itself has a meaning as something that really exists and their presence can be proved. So, because of that, there are so many people said the expectation is better than reality. However, the only one question left is, do you really want to only live in your dream? In your own dream world?

So, because of that, there are so many people said the expectation is better than reality. However, the only one question left is, do you really want to only live in your dream? In your own dream world? Where everyone should behaving like your expectation. No! You can’t be like that. I can’t imagine how you will manage all the scars that will be caused by your own expectation. So, that’s why I’m here. I will try to give you a little brief explanation on how to overcome your expectation.

I can’t imagine how you will manage all the scars that will be caused by your own expectation. So, that’s why I’m here to waking you up from your dream. I will also try to give you a little brief explanation on how to overcome your expectation.

How To Handle Your Expectation?

Well, you must think on how to handle your expectation, right? So, how? Do you already find an answer for that? To help you solve this problem. I have a few advice for you for this problem.

  1. Focus on the progress, not the result.
    • There are so many people having high expectation when they think they have given their best. Actually, the most important thing isn’t the result of what you have fighting for but the progress when you fighting for it. You can get so many lessons in the progress of your work. Experience is what money can’t buy.
  2. Look at reality and compare it to your expectation.
    • We can have a good use of our expectation. We only need to compare it with the reality, because expectation without looking to reality is like driving a car with blind eyes.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope my article today about expectation and reality is useful for you. If you find this article useful for you or your friend, please share this article. Last but not least here is a Quote about expectation from me. See you next time guys.

The secret of happiness is low expectations.

~Barry Schwartz

Clumsy Ninja Game Review, Awesome Ninja Game

clumsy ninja game review

Hello guys, welcome back to our website. Today I want to give you a hot topic about Clumsy Ninja game review. Well, do you know this game? Because I have downloaded it not very long time ago. I’m new to this game and that’s why I want to give you an honest review to you.

Clumsy Ninja Game Review

So, do you ever hear about this game? Honestly, I never hear anything about this awesome game. However, a friend of mine tells me to play this game because this game is awesome according to him. So, that’s why I’m interested in playing this game. Well, he also promises me, he will give me some Clumsy Ninja tricks. So, I can level up faster. However, I think if he tells me everything about this game. I will never able to enjoy this game wholly. So, I refuse his good deed to me nicely.

After refusing my friend good deed, I try to figure it out this game all by myself. I find this game is quite easy to play. This game also user-friendly. Well, I think Natural Motion as the developer and publisher of this game is already success to entrap me with this game.

Well, to play clumsy ninja is quite easy. You only need to play this game by following the instruction their “sensei” give to you. This game also needs a great understanding because for me the ninja itself is quite clumsy. Well, you will have so much fun if you playing clumsy ninja game. I think this is the first game that makes a ninja as a virtual pet, LOL.

Hard Way To Find a Trick

As always, we need to spend cash or our real money to buy some diamonds or more coins to have fun with our ninja and to enjoy the full feature of this game. Well, I think I’m not gonna spend any money on this game. So, I start to find other better way than wasting my money.

Finding something we want is hard when we really want it. Well, you know I spend almost more than 5 hours and there are no websites that can give me other ways to fool this game. Most of the website I find when I’m surfing on Google is a fake website that redirecting us to fake link with more bullshit. The other trying to hijack and smuggling a virus or malware to our computer. Well, you can imagine how frustrating I’m right now. However, that’s all before I find this website. It’s happening right before I close my browser. I find an interesting website that offers me limitless gold and diamond. Sounds fishy but I don’t have any choice. So, I don’t give a shit anymore. Well, moreless like I’m gambling this time.

Can You guess the result? Yeah, it’s totally horrible. I mean it’s horribly awesome! Their website didn’t lie to me. All that proofs are real. Well, that’s why I want to recommend you this Clumsy Ninja hack.

I hope my Clumsy Ninja game review can help you to more enjoy this game. As always I will ask you to share this article to other people who need this. This is all for today, thanks for reading my article and see you next time.

Hyperactive Kid and How To Handle Them

hyperactive kid

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share you a topic about a hyperactive kid. Well, everyone must be ever seen a hyperactive person, right? However, did you know what’s the definition about hyperactive? Do you know why people act so hyperactively? Well, I will give you a little brief explanation to you.

Hyperactive Kid and The Explanation About It

Well, as I promised before. I will give you a brief explanation about a hyperactive kid. So, the question is, what is hyperactive? Well, according to medical explanation hyperactive is a condition where people having a behavioral disorder and that’s caused by dysfunction of their neurology system and the main symptom of this hyperactive condition is they can’t concentrating on something.

Sometimes a kid who has this problem can’t stay quite in one place he will try to seek other people attention. That’s why sometimes a few schools refusing this kid to study in their place. The kid with this problem isn’t stupid. They just need something that can attract their attention.

It’s quite hard to seek the attention from the kid who has a hyperactive syndrome. Well, maybe this will spend most of your energy too, LOL. Anyway, they are still a kid, so if you give them enough attention and love, maybe you can pull out their fellow feeling.

How To Handle Hyperactive Kid?

There are not many people who have enough patience to kid with special needs. So, I will give you a few tips on how to handle a hyper active kid. Well, check it out and stay tuned.

  1. Check their condition
    • However, this is still something you need to ask the doctor or someone who is expert in this field. Sometimes, something becomes too late because we’re too shy to ask someone for help.
  2. Train them to concentration to something.
    • Don’t force him to do this. However, you still need to train them for their own sake. Can you imagine your kid can’t concentrate on their life?
  3. Try to find what is their passion.
    • Well, this is not an easy one. You need to watch them whether they like to something or not. You need to keep experiencing on that until you find what is their passion.
  4. Ask them to learn to talk to the other people.
    • You can train them with asking them to accompany you attending a party. From there, they can copy your way to socializing. Socializing is important because we are a social being, right?
  5. Last but not least, help them to achieve their dream.
    • Even a little piece of your love can touch their heart. They will know you really love them for your support. Well, love can cure anything I think.

I hope this article about hyperactive kid can help you to address your kid or someone with special needs like them. Remember, not every single person on this planet born to be perfect. You, me or everyone else are having one weakness. So, please don’t look down at them. If you find this article helpful, please share this with your friend or families. Thank you for reading my article, see you guys.

Meaning Of Becoming Extrovert People

meaning of becoming extrovert

Hello guys, welcome back to our site. This day I want to share you about the meaning of becoming extrovert. Well, as you know there are so many people who talk about being introvert people or anything about introvert. However, they like to forget there’s also an extrovert too. This day I will try to give you an equality with discussing extrovert on our site.

Meaning Of Becoming Extrovert

There are so many people proudly telling their own self as an extrovert. By the way, do you know the real meaning of extrovert? Well, I can guess your answer, but most of it is just according your experience right? I can’t tell you wrong but to make it more specific I will just give you a brief explanation about it. An extrovert is people who having a character, condition, or habit that really like or love when they can find happiness outside their self.

Reason Why People Become Extrovert?

There are so many reasons people can become extrovert. There are little people who know the reason why people become extrovert. So, I will try to giving you a little example why people become extrovert.

  1. They have eremophobia.
    • Eremophobia is a mental illness that caused them afraid to be alone. Maybe it can be caused by they ever heard about something that scares them to be alone or they heard about the other people pain when they are left alone.
  2. They feel lonely.
    • This also the most common reason why people try to be an extrovert or even pretend to be an extrovert. It’s because they are afraid to be alone and can’t get over their loneliness feeling.
  3. Forced to be an extrovert.
    • People sometimes change to be an extrovert because they are forced to be like that. It can be caused because of their neighborhood or their environment that cause him to change his personality.

The Advantages Of Becoming an Extrovert

Aside from the reason why people becoming an extrovert I explained before. People with extrovert personality also having some advantages. Here are a few advantages of becoming an extrovert people.

  1. You have so many friends.
    • Because of your easygoing attitude. You really easily find a friend in every situation you meet. That’s why becoming an extrovert really an advantage.
  2. You know so many places to hang out.
    • Yeah aside from your easygoing and enjoy attitude. You also have a knowing more about cool places to hang out. That’s why you are really needed by your friends.
  3. You can be a great partner to spend time.
    • Yeah because you know so many cool places and you’re a pleasant person. It’s not surprising there are so many people who love spending their time with you.
  4. You can melt the situation
    • Because of your silly attitude, you can also melt the situation when the situation itself become awkward.

Well, I think my explanation about the meaning of becoming extrovert people end here. Thanks for reading my article. If you find this article helpful for you, please share this article with other people. I hope we can meet in next article. See you guys.

How To Get Rid Of Your Loneliness?

Hello guys, good morning and I wish you start this day with a great start. Today I want to share you a topic about how to get rid of your loneliness. Lately, I see so many film or comic with a topic about loneliness. Somewhat that makes me want to share about this topic too.

How To Get Rid Of Your Loneliness?

That’s maybe become the first letter that shows up after you reading my first paragraph about loneliness. However, before talks about how to get rid of it. We need to know the definition of loneliness itself. We can’t get rid of something we don’t know, right? So, what is loneliness according to your explanation, huh?

Well, I believe many of you can answer that question. According to my opinion about the definition of what is loneliness, it’s quite hard to explain. It’s like a feeling of emptiness, feeling like you have nobody else, not wanted by people anymore. Well, I give up to explain it, LOL. That’s the most complicated feeling I ever feel.

Do You Have a Way To Conquer It?

If you ask me if I Have a way to conquer loneliness. I will definitely say yes because believe it or not, I ever trapped inside there for a very long time. My experiences accepting loneliness as something beautiful yet peaceful makes me more enjoying my loneliness. I spend most of my time alone, wasting my time by reading or playing a computer game, trying to avoiding social contact with another people since I was in elementary school.

If you said that’s awesome, you need to know a few fact about a lonely person that pull their self from social life. First, they are struggling with their own problem, they always judged as a strange person, and sometimes they also get bullied by the other people. Pain? Fear? That’s already become my friends since long time ago.

Steps To Conquer Loneliness

You must be questioning now. If you are a lonely person, how can you step out from that cliff of loneliness feeling? How can I ends up as a writer here, sharing a story to you? Well, as a people who love to be alone I know my limitation. I can’t ignore the other people forever, right? Everything always needs a few effort to be done. Here are a few steps you can do to step out from your loneliness.

  1. Meditation always become the best choice when you feel lonely.
    • Some research by a scientist said meditation is the best way to get rid of your loneliness. Doing a meditation also make you more accepting about your loneliness feeling.
  2. Find a people who can accept you and your loneliness.
    1. Finding someone who can accept us and our loneliness is like finding a needle in stacks of hays. It’s hard but possible to do. It’s coming back again to your willpower to overcome your loneliness
  3. Love yourself
    • This is the hardest thing to do. But this is the most important thing to do! If you can’t love your own self how can you ask other people to love you?

Well, I hope my article about how to get rid of your loneliness can be used for good sake. If you have someone who needs this article too, please share to them. I hope we can meet again in my next article, see you again guys.

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