Why You Feel Sad When Rains Come?

It’s rainy season here, welcome back to our website. I want to share you an interesting topic about the reason why you feel sad when rains come. Do you ever feel sad suddenly when you watching rains pour into your body or maybe you secretly cry when you are under rains? Why we become more sensitive and more gloomy when rains come? Do you ever wonder about that? Well, I will answer all your question today.

Relation Between Rains and People Mood

Falling Rain

Some people feels sad when they see rains. According to some research, there is no solid evidence that proves there is a relation between people mood and rains. But, there is some statement that says the relation between rains and people mood is the memory within the human brain. The brain will automatically replay all the memory of someone when rains come and most of them are sad memories. Because sad memory is easier to remember than happy memories so sad memories are more often to show up when rains come.

There’s even a better explanation, according to some research in America, they found 4 – 6 % having a changing in their mood along with the seasons every year. This condition also is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Even there is a more shocking result, more than 25% woman in America will experiencing “feeling blue” when facing winter season.

How To Handle SAD?

After knowing about Seasonal Affective Disorder, the other question shown up. How to handle SAD? There is some research that says a sudden change of mood is a serious thing. If someone keeps experiencing a sudden change of mood, they are more fragile to depression, mental illness, and stress. So, I will give you some tips to handle SAD.

  1. Try to be more productive when rains come. When you keep yourself busy when rain come, you don’t have enough time to think something that can ruin your mood. So, keep working is the best choice.
  2. Reading a book can be your alternative choice. If by a chance rain comes but you don’t have any work to do you can read a book. Besides you can drive away sadness from your mind. You can also increase your knowledge.
  3. Spend your quality time with someone you love so you can maintain your relationship to last longer.
  4. Sleep can be a good choice too. It’s more useful than watching the rains and feel sad for no reason, sleep will help you gain more energy you waste when you are working.

There’s nothing wrong to enjoy rains and if you enjoy the memory that brings up by the rains that are your right too. However keep feeling sad all the time will not change anything, right? So, what will you do when rains come? Enjoy it? Or brought by it? That’s all the information about why you feel sad when rains come? If you find this article helpful, you can share this with your friends or families. Thanks for reading my article. See you Next time.

White Hole and The Secret Behind It

white hole and the secret behind it

Hello guys, welcome back to our website. Today I want to share you something interesting from science world topic. Let’s discuss White hole and the secret behind it. This must be your 1st time hearing about the white hole because you are more familiar with his brother “The Black Hole”. So, today I will explain you every single thing about the white hole and its relation to blackhole.

Definition of White Hole

You must be ever heard about black hole phenomenon, right? What do you think about the black hole? Let me telling you how black hole works. First, you must know the definition of the black hole itself. A black hole is a region of spacetime that forms a strong gravitational effect. The scientist believes there are no single things in this world even light can escape from the black hole once they are sucked into it.

The black hole itself formed from the star but when their gravitation and their mass become not balance, the star will explode and perform a supernova. There are two results after supernova explosion and one of them is the supernova explosion will perform black hole if the gravitation of the planet still remains. The question is, If there’s nothing can run from the black hole when sucked in it, Where are the things that sucked by black hole go? The answer to this question is, they will go to the white hole.

If black hole will suck everything in, the white hole will do the opposite thing. The white hole will throw up all the thing or material from nowhere to our universe. Interesting right? The white hole itself will show theirself for a short periodic and then gone. There are many hypothetical about the white hole. Some people say a white hole is the exit door when you success to travel the black hole, the other people will say the white hole is fake and just human imagination, but some people say the white hole and black hole are two different coins that connected to each other.

Evidence of White Hole

If we are talking about the evidence of white hole, so far there is still no evidence of white hole. The White hole itself just a theory to answer a human question about where are all the thing that sucked into the black hole. But, some scientist says if we combine the black hole theory, wormhole theory, and white hole theory, we will find a solid answer about a parallel universe.

That is all the information of White hole and the secret behind it. Because of there is still no scientist can prove this the theory of white hole, It can be your chance to become one of them to prove the theory of white hole. If you find this article helpful, please share to your friend. Don’t forget to visit our website again next time. Because I will share you another interesting topic to discuss. See you again in my next article.

Definition of Love Phobia

definition of love phobia

Hello guys, welcome back to our website again. Today I want to share you about one of the strangest phobias for me. It’s called Love Phobia. So, today I will tell you about the definition of love phobia because I’m pretty sure this kind of phobia is rarely known by common people.

Love Phobia or called Philophobia is one of the strangest phobias for me. One of the human biggest desire is being loved and to fall in love, but not for people with philophobia. They are afraid of being loved and falling in love. Unfortunately, the patient for Philophobia or love phobia can’t feel the feeling of falling in love.

What is Love Phobia?

First, before we start to discuss love phobia, I want to ask all of my audience. Do you know what’s love? Do you really understand what’s the meaning of love itself? Are you sure you know about love? Why are you so interested to read this article?

The meaning of love itself is an emotion of a strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction to someone of the opposite or same gender. So, the question is why is she/he afraid of love? Do they have experience something really bad and feels afraid of that experience?

Love Phobia or Philophobia itself is a mental disease. People with Philophobia have experienced the worst part of falling in love or maybe they just hear from someone that deeply broken because of love. Philophobia itself caused by deep disappointment to love, fear of commitment, deeply broken heart, grief feeling when being rejected. This all feeling are recorded in our unconscious mind and will shape a new phobia in yourself.

How to Cure Love Phobia?

After sharing about the definition of love phobia. I will share you about how to indicating someone with this mental disease because I’m sure this mental disease not well-known for common people. Here are some of the indication your friend, brother, or even sister having a love phobia or also called Philophobia:

  1. Afraid to think and imagining anything about love. People with this phobia will try to avoid everything about love because of their phobia.
  2. Avoiding anything about love. People with this phobia will try not in contact with love and if they are trapped in the condition where someone falls in love with them, they will try to keep the distance between him/her with them.
  3. There is an extremely rare condition where someone feels like dying when they are falling in love.
  4. Somehow, if people with philophobia binding a relation with someone else they will become extremely possessive.

You must be asking how to cure love phobia right? Well, I will share you some tips to cure this mental illness.

  1. Start reading a book. I will recommend you a book to overcome this mental illness, try to read The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne.
  2. Try to share with others or also known as Talk Therapy. Sharing your problem will make the burden become lighter and also make it a lot easier.
  3. Try to ask psychotherapist about your phobia
  4. Take a medicine if needed but I advise you this is the last way If all three ways above are not working.

Thanks for reading my article about the definition of love phobia. I hope my article can help you to fight this mental illness and I will pray for your recovery. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share. See you in my next article.

The Benefits Of Hugging

The benefits of hugging

Hello guys, welcome to our new website. Today I want to share you about the benefits of hugging for our health and social life. In some culture, a hug is prohibited if there is no relation between that people. There are not many people know about the benefits of hugging. Here, I will share you the benefits of hugging.

There are still so many couples who show and prove their love to their lover with hugs them tightly. However, according to a medical statement, there are still a lot of benefits of hugging for our relationship and health advantages.

The Benefits of Hugging for Social Life

Everyone want to share their love with their loved one. They want to express their love with unique and different ways than other people. They want to become unique and different so they can impress their loved ones. However, there are so many ways to express your love to your loved one, and one of that ways is Hug. A hug can make you share your emotion with someone you hug and because of that hugging become so important in our social life. Now, I will share you some benefits of hugging for social life.

  1. Emotional Bond between two people will be stronger after you hugging each other If you hug them often and your relation last longer, you will feel closer to your friend.
  2. You will feel safe, especially for a woman, they will feel more loved and will feel safer in your hug.
  3. As a prove we trust them. This benefit can be used when your loved one starts doubting you. You can hug him or her suddenly to show them that you really love them.
  4. Good start to fixing broken relationship. Especially if you and your beloved one fighting for something and start to keep away each other. A hug can be a good start to fixing your relationship and help you to melt away the situation.

Benefits of Hugging for Health

Aside from the benefit of hugging for our social life, Hugging still have so many benefits for our Health. Here are some benefits of hugging for health.

  1. Hugging can stimulate the performance of hormone oxytocin and serotonin. This hormone will help you to make you and your couple feel happier, erase desperation, and makes let someone feels no longer lonely.
  2. A hug can help your strained muscle to relax and release a tense in your body.
  3.  Balancing mind, a hug can help you to balance your mind and body.
  4. Hugging can distribute a positive energy to someone you hug, and let them know they are worth for you.

That is all the benefits I know from hugging. Well, we can’t avoid interacting with other people so at least we need to know what is the benefit of that interaction. If you find this article helpful and you think you are helped. Share this article with your friends, family, and everyone you loved. Stay tune in our website and thanks for reading our article.

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