How to be an Inspiration || Set Good Examples For All People Around You!

how to be an inspiration

How to be an inspiration? It is hard to become one indeed. Nowadays people will imitate someone who can influence their life. It is whether bad or good they will accept it with open arms. Here, for you who want to become an inspiration for people, we have the secret tips you can follow right away. We know it is not easy, that is why we give you the simple tips for you to understand easily. For more information, see it right away.

Always in the Front

For people who want to become an inspiration, they will always in the front. For what? Of course to give another people a good example. Whether in the school or work, they will leave a good impression on them. For example in the school, when the teacher asks their student and no one is going to answer because afraid of making a mistake. It is the right time for you to shine. Just answer the teacher right away to set a good example for your friend. If you want to give another an inspiration, at least you can do it.

Action Plan

If you want to become an inspiration for all people, you also need to take action. Do not sit tight and wait. Make a plan how to take action to inspire all of them around you. It will not that easy if you do not think thoroughly. Draw out any ideas in your brain. You can write in down on the piece of paper and choose the best method.


Do Not Think Negatively

We recommend do not think negatively before you begin something. We know very well sometimes when we do something, it will end with a bad result. But do not let it control you. If you become like that, you will have a hard way to inspire people around you. Just think positively. Accept any result which comes. Remember, you will not know unless you try. You have a good will to inspire people to become better. Of course, the result will be good.

Encourage Other People With Your Words

Encourage other people is one of the ways to realize your dream. Of course, do not only talk big, you need to help them to solve their problem. Although you cannot solve their problem completely, at least you lift off some of their problems. If you can do that, we are sure all of them will respect you in the end.


Become an inspiration for people not that easy. There are many aspects you should learn before you succeed. If you think our tips it is not enough to help you. Just give write down your problem in the comment section below. We will help you as soon as possible.

The World’s Best Place Which You can Visit Immediately!

the world's best place

For adventurer or the people who like to travel around the world, you are lucky to come here. We have lists of some destination you can visit in your free time or holiday. You will not regret to visit the place which we recommend for you. For further information, keep reading the article until the end.



If you read about this one, you will say what we can get in this football country. Even though there are many gifted football athletes come from here, you cannot insult the beautifulness of this country. If you like to take a walk, you can visit Bari Gotic. This is the best place to walk and see the medieval architecture around Barcelona. We are sure you will feel like come to the different world. You can also go to the Guell Park. In this place, you will see Gaudi’s unique creation. Do not forget to take a photo to reminisce your time here.



It is located near the south of Thailand. Of course, the main reason why most people go to this place because of the beautiful beach in Phi-Phi Island. The clear water and white sand will make your day complete. Do not forget Phang Nga Bay, the beautiful cliff in Phuket. You can see beautiful scenery from the top of this place. For people who like a historic event, they can visit Old Phuket Town to know more about the history of this place.

Park City

park city

Also known as the city of skiers. You can do a ski and snowboard here because it is the main attraction of this place. To reach this one, you need to pass Utah Mountain. You can also find luxurious and SPA hotel to ease your tiredness from the long activity. Do not forget to bring your winter clothes or you will freeze to death.



Dubai is really well-known for its beautifulness. Almost everything in this place is really beautiful. You can enjoy indoor ski. If you do not satisfy, you can go to the Dubai Mall, this is one of the largest malls in the world. If you want to do an outdoor event, you can go to the eastern city to see many attractions whether at the noon or night.


Now, save up your money to go to the place which we mention above. We are sure you will feel blessed. For you who want to ask more information about the world’s best place, do not hesitate to write down your problem in the comment section below. We ready to help you anytime.

The World Ends With You Review || An Exciting Game You can Play on the Smartphone!

the world ends with you review

Which game do you play on your smartphone right now? If you do not have any good game left. Try The World Ends With You. The title of the game is unique yet really long as the train. This is an adventure and RPG combine into one. Stay tuned to this website to see The World Ends With You review to know more about this.

An Exciting Storyline

the world ends with you storyline

The setting place is in Shibuya City in Japan. Suddenly the main character, Neku Sakuraba wakes up in s strange Shibuya. So, what is so strange about it? Because he can only explore Shibuya only and cannot wander to another city. In order to know about this strange phenomenon, he participates in a game called Reaper’s game. Each game has a time limit which you need to complete quickly. Here, you as Neku must uncover why he gets trapped in this strange city. He only has seven days to know the secret behind it.


the world ends with you gameplay

As for the gameplay, you can only control Neku and for the rest of the character only NPC which can command it. You can walk around freely and to attack the opponent you must use a pin which you can tap on the screen. Unfortunately, Neku cannot use another method to attack the enemy except by using a pin. Each pin has a power gauge. If its empty, you need to wait for a sec to refill it.

The Graphics

The artworks kinda remind us of Kingdom Hearts because it is the same creator who created it. Do not insult the graphics because it only uses 2D as the main graphics engine. You can still see the beautiful 2D effects which entertain your eyes.

Is it Worth To Get This Game?

We think you must get this one at all cost. You will not find another unique game on the smartphone because this is the only one. For your information, this is not a new game, this is a remake version of NDS game back in 2006. In order to get the game, you need to buy it from the Play Store. The price is quite expensive though.


For this game, we give 8.2 as the score. This game is really good and you will not regret it any single bit. If you cannot believe it, you can watch the gameplay first before you purchase it. What are you waiting for? C’mon grab this game right away to feel the amazingness.

Tips to Stop Smoking Completely || Follow our Method Right Away!

tips to stop smoking completely

Smoking already like a toxic. If you already feel the sensation, it will be hard to cure it. Although most people already know the side effect of smoking. They tend to ignore it and keep doing it. Now for people who want to stop, you can see the tips to stop smoking completely below to help you overcome the problem.


If you want to stop smoking completely, you need to have the willpower to do it. Throw away your cigarette. Also, when you see someone smoking, you must not get tempted at all. That is why willpower is important. If you do not have any will you cannot do it. You will repeatedly make the same mistake all over again. Think about your future guys


For this method, you need to ask the doctor. The help of medicine will make you stop smoking. It will not cure it completely, it takes a time. But, it is better than nothing. Do not forget to ask about the side effects. We are sure you do not want to swallow the medicine which has tremendous effects on your body and so on.



You can also do a therapy and consult with a therapist about your problem. Some people have a different reason why they start smoking. Do not need to feel shame about this. Ask anything you need to know how to quit smoking. We are sure it can help you to figure the way out.

Do Another Activity

For busy people, they do not have any time to smoke. Their work will distract them. It is a good idea to forget about your cigarette for a while. If you keep doing this, you will forget the sensation of smoking. The process is not easy, but if you want to try you can do it.

Think About Another People

If the method above does not work. You can think the side effect if you keep smoking. It will make a problem for everyone. Also, the smoke will cause another people to cough a lot. Not only you who in the dangerous situation but also another people near you will get the side effect. You must consider the possibility.


Quit smoking might not that easy. But, if you have the will and keep trying, you can do it someday. If you still have a question about this, do not hesitate to ask us. We will help you right away. See you in the next article guys!

Would You Like to Know How to Get Free WWE Supercard Credits?

Free WWE Supercard Credits

WWE Supercard is a popular game where it has been played by million people around the world. The game is quite addicting as we need to fight other players by using our own cards. Each card has different attribute and ability.

Today, we would like to let you know how to get WWE Supercard credits for free. Maybe some of you already know about this one but we would like to share something unique that it works 100% without any errors.

We have found the secret. We want to share with you as this could be a helpful thing for you while playing this game. All you need to do is to follow our guide properly.

How to Get WWE Supercard Credits?

Here is the crucial part, first you need to know about our WWE Supercard generator where it would be able to help you a lot. There is no reason to avoid this as it has been used by dozen thousand people which success rate is 100%.

If you want to visit the generator, you may refer to this link

While you are there you can generate credits to your account. You just need to select how much credits would you like to have.

Is it Safe?

This tool is 100% safe to use but we recommend you to give a testing in a new account. Make sure your device suits our hack tool at first. Then, you must close the app to ensure the best performance. So far, there are no one gets banned in this game as this one is the most powerful tool which helps you a lot.

If you would like to use the hack tool, feel free to refer to the link above. It would help you gain free credits to your account. By having them all you can do many things in this game.

What Can We Do with Free Credits?

  1. We can buy a new cards then fuse it to gain a new powerful cards
  2. Pay for fusion fees for the highest success rate
  3. Upgrade your card to the limit
  4. Buy a new pack from the store

This WWE Supercard free credits method is a unique thing, this one is never shared before and we can sure you would be happy after using this. Just make sure you do not out of our guide because it could be fail, just follow it one by one then you will receive what you have requested.

Best Clothing Brands || Choose The Best One For You!

best clothing brands

If we talk about fashion, the first thing we will talk is about the brands itself. So, what is the brand that you like the most? If you confused or do not know which one is your favorite, we already made a list of best clothing brands. See the full details below. We must remind you before, this is based on our opinion. If you do not like some of the brands do not blame us.

Calvin Klein

calvin klein

The first one which we choose as the best is Calvin Klein. This one offers you the top-notch quality. Unfortunately, this one only focuses on men clothes. Actually, there is nothing special on the design of the clothes. It is really simple actually. But, it is really suitable for all people. Because the designer does not add anything excessive which do not make the clothes looks weird. The fabric is really soft and you can wear it anywhere you like without any problem.



In the second place, we have Nike. We are sure you familiar with this one. If you think one only focus on sports goods, you are wrong. This brand also offers casual cloth which you can wear for any occasions. The design also really cool, it will boost your confidence when wearing it. To make it more perfect, you can also find perfect shoes to wear. This one is the best indeed. If you need anything related to clothes, Nike is one of the best.



This one is famous for the expensive price of the clothes. But, it is worth your money. Because the fabric is really soft and made from the chosen material. This one really suitable for summer because it offers many design focus on that season. If you have enough money, do not think about the price. The important one you get high-quality cloth which cannot tear apart easily.



The rival of Nike. Adidas do not want to lose either in the clothing brand. Actually, what we like from this brand are the shoes. But, it seems we are wrong about that matter. After we looked the clothes, the designs of it not really that bad as you think. This brand offers you the expensive yet good fabric quality. So, you will not regret it when buying this one.


That is all the best clothing brands in our opinion. If you have a different opinion, just write down in the comment section below. Let us discuss which one is your favorite.

Winter Clothes for Women | Keep Yourself Warm and Cool with These Outfits

winter clothes for women

The winter season has come and it means that we have to bear with the cold weather during the December until January. That is why we need to wear our thick or warm clothes to keep us warm all the time. And today, we are going to share you some of the winter clothes for women that you can wear and make you warm and cool at the same time. So, let us check it out now!


long sweater

© Jillian Campbell

Sweater is one of the most favorite cloth that people love to wear especially during the winter season. But, during this season, the sweater should be thicker than the one that we used to wear during the summer or fall.

oversized sweater with turtle neck

© Chels Gift

So, you should choose the sweater which has a sufficient thickness to keep you warm. Usually, a sweater for winter season has a longer neck rather than the sweater for the other season. And it is very suitable to wear when you are doing indoor activities.


leather jacket

© Donatella Candido

Jacket is quite thick and we can wear it to keep us warm. Many people use a jacket during a winter season when they are doing some outdoor activities. As we know that the weather on the outside is colder than on the inside of a room. That is why this outfit is really popular.

hooded parka jacket

© Woman Within

This outfit will not only make you warm but also cool. And for your information, there are a lot of types of jackets that we can choose such as leather jacket, parka, hoodie jacket and much more. All of them have their own characteristics so choose the one that suits you. The one that will make you comfortable and cool.


winter coat

© Lluvia Cabrera

The last one, there is a coat that is also suitable to be your outfit of the day in a winter season. A coat is thicker than the sweater and jacket, that is why a lot of people are using this outfit because it is really warm.

fur coat

© Leona Kuchynkova

The Coat is really similar to the jacket as it has a lot of variations that we can choose to wear. We can wear the common one, the fur coat, the long coat, and etc. Although the design is different one to another, they are the same in term of comfortability and warmth.


That is all the winter clothes for women that you can wear during this wintertime. We really hope that everything that we have shared here can be really useful for all the readers. And do not forget to always visit our website okikiko to find a lot of information.

My Simple Tips for You to Find Your Favorite Game Guide

IGoGam Review

Welcome back to my blog, gamers usually have a problem to find their favorite game guide. It has been a normal culture for them because the source is not complete yet. Most websites only share the partial part of the guide itself where actually we need the complete one. I have been experiencing it for many times. I have read until the end of the page but I do not get what I wanted for.

What site do you visit if you want to find a game guide? Is it GameFAQs? Metacritic? and others? Mine also love the website but I have just found the golden one which is shared by IGoGam. The website looks so simple but the content is actually so powerful. I get something that I could not find on the other site.

My First Experience of Using IGoGam

It was kinda hard to believe because I could not trust the website as they tell me that I can get cash to my Cafeland account. It was something funny on my mind. Until I decide to give it a try. I do not care whether it would be work or not. At least, I have given a try.

After requesting on the generator page. Finally, they ask me to check my Cafeland account but make sure to restart it if I am on the game. To make it works properly I just restart my phone and then I open the game. It was really shocked my heart. I could be in a heart attack that I have just received free cash to my account.

Then, I tell the tool to all my friends and they are so completely happy. However, I warned them to not generate more than once a day because it could risk their account if the developer caught them.

Alright, that is all, what I can share with you about IGoGam. I wish you are completely happy after using their hack tool. One reminder from me, one you could meet human verification but you can do it in a simple way. By clicking I’m not a robot and you solve the matching picture then you are ready to use it.

Upcoming Movie 2018 || Check Out the Best One Right Away!

upcoming movie 2018

Movie already become the greatest entertainment for all people around the world. So, it is no wonder everytime the theater launch a new movie, all people feel excited to watch it either with their friends or family. Now, check out the greatest upcoming movie in 2018.

Jurrasic World Fallen Kingdom

jurrasic world fallen kingdom

We are sure you familiar with this series. Back in 2016, the first film of Jurassic World really reminds us of Jurrasic Park because it has the same setting. For your information, the newest film is the sequel. All the actor from the previous series return in the JW (Jurassic World) the Fallen Kingdom. There is no official release date yet for the publisher, we only know the film will release in 2018.

Avengers Infinity War

avengers infinity war

The next movie is Avengers Infinity War. Everyone sure wants to know the next adventure of Avengers team. If you watch Spiderman Homecoming, we are sure you notice there is a possibility Spiderman will make an appearance in this new film. We do not know the creator want to add new superhero or not. It will be awesome if they add Deadpool to increase the Avengers team power.

X-men New Mutants

x men new mutants

After the exclusive X-men film which tells about Logan story, it seems Marvel want to create the new generation of Marvel film. X-men New Mutant will tell a new story, so you will not see a familiar face like Logan, Storm, Magneto, and Professor X. This one is like a horror film rather than an action film.

The Incredibles 2

the incredibles 2

Actually, we are not expecting this film have a sequel. We need to wait fourteen years to see this one back again to the theater. Here, we will refresh your mind again with this film. It all begins with the family which has a superpower. All the family member have a unique superpower to beat all evil things.

Black Panther

black panther

After making an appearance in Captain America Civil War, Marvel Studio decide to make an exclusive movie for Black Panther. It is expected to release in early 2018. We do not know this fact true or not. What everyone can do is wait to know more details about this great movie on the nearest theater.

Tomb Raider (2018)

tomb raider 2018

The newest Tomb Raider movie announces in 2018. For you who cannot wait for the next adventure of Lara Croft must see this one at all cost. Like always it will change the actor again. In our opinion, the best Lara Croft without a doubt is Angelina Jolie.


If you are looking for the best upcoming movie 2018, the list above ready to help you to choose the best movie. Now, let us save up some money before the movie release on the public.


Tips to Get Motivated || Follow The Easy Steps Right Away!

Tips to get motivated

Motivation is really important when you want to do something. If you do not have any motivation left, all thing you do cannot run smoothly. That is why motivation becomes the core of your activity. Now, we will tell you the tips to get motivated when you do something. Be sure to follow it right away to get a better result.

Think Positive

think positive

Always feel negative while you have a goal in your mind is not really good. It will destroy your motivation to move forward. Let yourself think positive even though is hard. If you keep it like that, you will easily achieve what you want. Everything happens for a reason. So, do not need to worry when you find something you cannot do. Keep learning and you find out the solution.

Proud of Yourself

When you failed to do something it is normal for you to feel unmotivated. We as a human cannot avoid this matter. But, when you struggle to do something, you need to proud of yourself. It does not matter you cannot do it. If you still proud of yourself it can become your savior in the end. Usually, when people failed the task which they do, it is easy for them to get depressed. In other words, just accept yourself even though you do not have any special skill. It will raise your motivation even more.

Overcome Your Fear

overcome your fear

When human fear against something it will be hard to overcome it. They tend to make a mistake even though they do not aware of this. This is the main problem you must overcome at all cost. Fear will make you paralyze and cannot do anything correctly. Actually, you can learn from your mistake in this case. It will increase your motivation to become a better person.

Past Success is the Key

If you do not know how to get motivated, there is one thing you can do. It is quite simple, just think about your past success. You can apply the same strategy which you did before. You can also think the trigger what makes you get motivated. When human remembering their glory, it will increase their motivation.

Final Words

We say honestly it is really hard to get motivated over something. You need to have a trigger to make it appears. For you who do not know how to do it, our tips above can help you to solve your problem immediately.

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