Hyper Heroes Game, Amazing Game With Thousand Unique Heroes

hyper heroes game

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you about one of my favorite game. It is Hyper Heroes game. So, do you ever played this game before? Do you know why I love this game? Wanna know about Hyper Heroes? Find out more information about this game only on my article today.

Hyper Heroes Game Review

Hyper heroes game play

Well, because this game can be categorized as a new game. There are not many people who know about this game. That’s why today I want to share this hyper heroes review only for you, my fellow reader. Well, I really hope that you can enjoy my article today. Because I will try to explain everything on this game only for you.

Hyper Heroes is an amazing game that offers us a new perception of the gaming world. This game bravely opens up a new era in the gaming world by trying to resurrect the marble like RPG game style. However, because o the unfamiliarity of this kind of game, this game is really hard to hit the peak of their era.

However, this Hyper Heroes gameplay is really unfamiliar for several players. I can guarantee you that this game is really fun to play. That’s why I bring up this game to you. I have been playing this game for more than 3 months.

Well, I think I have known everything about this game. According to my three months experience the environment in this game is quite nice and there are nothing like social impact on this game. I also read several Hyper Heroes review to increase my skills in this game. I also really sucks at this game and that’s why I also can’t help you a lot rather than giving you a lot of advice according to my experiences.

Hyper Heroes Tips

Hyper heroes review

Well, according to my experience, there are a few tips that I can share with you. In Hyper Heroes your aiming skill is what matters the most, even though you have tons of great heroes it’s really impossible you can win this game if you can’t aiming properly. That’s why I think the most important thing in this game is your aiming ability. You also need to calculate everything and doing proper line up like trying to figure out what will happen if you are doing this line up rather than the other lineup. That’s the most challenging thing about this game. It’s because once you are placing the wrong lineup, even if you have great heroes, I can guarantee you that you are done. This game is an awesome game that doesn’t need you to spend a few bucks for pathetic things. This game only needs your patience and hard work.

I think my article today about Hyper Heroes game is enough for you. Thank you for reading my article today. I really hope my review today can help you to conquer and becoming a great player in this game. See you soon in my next article and have a good day!

Mobile Legends Tips On Playing Fanny For Newbie Player

Mobile Legends Tips

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you a topic about Mobile legends tips on playing Fanny the character that inspired from anime and also a popular manga in Japan, the Attack On Titan. So, are you curious about this anime? Find out more information about this anime only on my website.

Mobile Legends Tips

mobile legends tricks

Well, if in a few article of my latest article I’m talking about a hero for a newbie player. This day I want to share with you about a hero that need an advanced skill to play it. yeah, you right, it’s Fanny. One of our hero that have the highest score in mobility. Before we talk about her. First, I want to ask you about your opinion about Fanny. If you ask me, I will definitely say that this hero is totally ANNOYING! Well, it’s because she can move whenever she want and wherever it is as long as her rope can grab on something.

Fanny is the most disturbing hero for some people who face her. Her ability to move freely and quickly move from one place to another place make so many players feel pissed. However, even though Fanny character is an excel character to escape in a battlefield for people who can’t play her, Fanny ability would not change anything on the battlefield. Maybe they will be just a joke for their enemies, right? So, to prevent that thing it would be wiser if you follow a few Mobile Legends tricks to play Fanny below.

Fanny is a hero that really count on her rope. She can attacks on multiple enemies only with a single slash on her rope. However, because this hero is extremely weak, your job is how to approach the enemies without being caught by them. That’s why sometimes people who play Fanny will use some Mobile Legends tricks for fanny like aiming the wall that near to the bush, waiting for enemies to cross by and ambush them from behind, or doing a proper rotation by letting Fanny roaming around the map.

Mobile Legends Tricks To Play Fanny

mobile legends review

Well, you also can do a proper warning like quickly tell your team if one of your enemies missing from your map for more than 30 seconds. It’s like giving the signal to be more careful to the ambush or gank that your enemies want to do. Just remember the word that I have said on my every Mobile Legends review that this is a team game, so the whole team needs to work together to win this game. There is nothing like someone more needed than the other, so stop looking down at your teammate and start to give a good response to them and win this game together!

I think my article today about Mobile legends tips to play Fanny is enough for you. I hope my article today will make your gameplay to be much better than before. If you think my article today is useful for you, please share this article with the other people that maybe need this information. Thank you for coming to my website and spare a few minutes to read it. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.

Being Different and Be Your Truest Self!

be different

There are a lot of people that stuck and trapped in sucks sociality life. Trapped in the place with no escape where everyone didn’t care about each other. Well, I think there are a lot of us who still wondering and asking to our own self about the meaning of life. If you ask this to your parents, I can guarantee that most of them will say that the meaning of his or her life is you and to give you everything in their life. This should be the last reason for you to cheat them! However, sometimes the reason of people always hide is their shyness and because they are afraid being different, it’s like some kind of afraidness to the sociality because they can’t express their own self.

Being Different and Express Yourself!

Just be yourself

What will you do if the sociality will look at you as the strange people just because you are different with them? Will you stop being different just because of that funny reason? Or you will just ignore them and continue with your life? Well, there are a lot of things that we need to adapt to social life. Those things starting from our manners, acts, the way we treat the other people, words, and so many things but this doesn’t mean that you can’t express and be your own self. All I can say is never ever afraid of the other people and just be yourself.

There are 3 types of people in this world. It’s the Introvert, Extrovert and Ambivert people. However, there are only several people that know about Introvert type people. Well, I can’t blame them because according to world statistic, the number of extrovert people is outnumbered the introvert people. As I see all this time, people usually misunderstood the introvert people and think that this kind of person is a freak.

Being Different is Human Right!

Introvert and extrovert

Being not same with the other people is everyone right, there is no single person that has an ability to stop you from doing that. Well, I believe everyone has their own color and we can’t force them to be like us, right? So, rather than try to change them, why we do not try to let them express their own self. As long as they are not disturbing us and doing any harm to us or our families then why not? Isn’t this world would be a lot better and colorful if there are a lot different person in this world. Just imagine if everyone is same as you, that would be really boring, LOL.

I hope my topic today about being different and express your own self is enough and clear. I also hope this article will help you to be a lot braver than now. If you think my article is useful enough for you and the other people, please share this article with them. Thank you for coming back to my website and spare a time to read my article today.

The Effects Of Deforestation To Human Existence

the effects of deforestation

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you about the effects of deforestation to human existence. Well, I can guess there are a lot of you that don’t know if our acts are affecting world existence, right? So, let’s find out further about the effects of human existence to the world in my article today. Are you curious? Check this out!

The Effects Of Deforestation That May Affect Our Existence

Solution to deforestation

Human is a greedy and foolish creature. They are doing anything and everything they want to this world. It’s because they believe to some belief that tells if a human is the prophet of this earth. However, their foolish and reckless act may lead us to our existence. However, some of the people who know it chooses to close their eyes and shut their mouth rather than talk about it. Because talking something like this to them seems useless, right? They even don’t care about what will happen to the other people as long as they are happy about it.

In order to know more about what will happen to our earth because of deforestation. We need to know what is deforestation first. Well, in some dictionary the definition of deforestation is the action of clearing a wide area of trees. Therefore from this definition, we could know that the act of deforestation will destruct the nature ecosystem.

How We Stop Deforestation

what is deforestation

The question know is, how we stop deforestation when the effects already hit us? Well, honestly according to my opinion to have a solution to deforestation is quite hard. Because we are really depending on the forest for everything we need from cloth to the shelter. Although the solution to this problem is already in front of our eyes but to do this solution is quite hard. Well to make you more realize about the danger of deforestation, I will give you a few effects of deforestation to our world.

  1. Deforested forest will affect nature ecosystem.
    • Well, can you imagine the world without a forest? Where will every animal live? What will they eat? If animal extinct, do you know what will happen to human?
  2. Global warming.
    • Forest deforestation will lead Earth to global warming because the greenhouse effect that will trap the heat inside the earth.
  3. Flooding will be easier to happen.
    • Lack of trees and forest will make the water from rain become hard to be absorbed. This will lead the water to pooled and become a flood when the water pooled too much.
  4. Lack of resource energy.
    • When we waste and over doing our job to pick any advantage from nature, we will feel the disaster of lacking the energy resource and when that happen that would be too late even to say sorry!

Well, after reading my article about the deforestation on my article. Now you know the side effects of deforestation, right? I hope you will try to help to stop deforestation by reusing anything start from plastic, paper, and many things. Thanks for coming to my website and reading my article today about the effects of deforestation. If you think my article today can help your surrounding to stop the waste of nature resources, please share this article. I hope you enjoy my article today. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day.

How To Counter Lone Druid The Controler Of Nature Force

how to counter

There are so many people fall and bow down to the power of Lone Druid. Especially when finally IceFrog decides to reform him and giving him a few specific change. The popularity of this hero drastically reaches its peak. However, behind someone success, there is must be someone or a few people that don’t like it. Well, the number of people that searching how to counter Lone Druid keep increasing. While there are a few people that still wondering how to counter this hero and limitation in the source of knowledge because this hero win rate is quite high after getting reform. That makes the information to defeat him is quite hard to find. That’s why today I want to share with you about my tips on defeating the Lone Druid user easily. So, are you curious? Find out more information about it on my website now.

While there are a few people that still wondering how to counter this hero. The limitation in the source of knowledge is still so high because this hero win rate is quite high after getting reform. That makes the information to defeat him is quite hard to find. That’s why today I want to share with you about my tips on defeating the Lone Druid user easily. So, are you curious? Find out more information about it on my website now.

How To Counter Lone Druid and Sylla Bear?

dota 2 guide

Lone Druid is one from a few hero that has an ability to call a summoned unit to control. Like Visage, Nature Prophet and also Chaos Knight, this hero really hates the other heroes that have an ability to destroy their familiar, whether it’s illusion or summoned unit. That’s also become the biggest reason why Igor The Earth Shaker become the most banned hero if they are on stage. However, to counter Lone Druid or the other heroes who have a summoned units or illusions is quite easy, it’s not only Igor job. We can use several heroes or items to control their unit too. Do you want to know this Dota 2 tricks?

To counter Lone Druid or the illusion control hero we can use Battle Furry or several heroes that also have a great Area Of Damage skill (AOE) like Kunka, Tide Hunter, Queen Of Pain and much more. You also can make use of his bear with using Dominator Helmet. This will allow you to control Lone Druid bear and make it yours. Amazing right?

Well, if you remember SingSing and Miracle and the other Dota 2 pro player also get hype to this hero and make a Dota 2 guide to playing this hero. However, they find out that this hero isn’t as strong as people say. This hero still can be easily countered even though he got so many reforms from IceFrog. This hero also needs a lot of farms before he can jump in the battlefield. So, don’t think you are a fail player because your Lone Druid hard to farm because the truth is even though he get reform because this hero base damage is still too low. So, what do you think about this hero?

Thanks for visiting and reading my website today. If you think my article is useful enough, please share my article with the other player who needs to know how to counter Lone Druid See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.

Importance Of Teamwork In Real Life

Importance of teamwork

So, what is the importance of teamwork? Do you ever think about it? Well, as long as I remember, according to some research, the human is proved can’t live alone without any help from the other people. However, there are a few people that still insist on being solitary being that believes they can do anything and everything alone. So, do you agree with my statement? Do you think we need to maintain our relationship with the other human-being? Let’s find out more information about this topic today.

The Importance Of Teamwork

Good teamwork

Do you agree if one day there’s a people proudly tell everyone that all his achievement he got is his own effort without the other people help? Somehow I feel sick hearing all that bullshit that he tells to everyone about his achievement and all his solo effort to achieve it. Do you think without a good teamwork and support from your friends and family you can achieve all of those things alone? What do you think you are? Even an entrepreneur also need some help to achieve his success.

There are a few things that can grant a successful way to you and one of it is your teamwork skills. Well, without any proper skills, I’m doubting that you can grant and hold success in both of your hands.

Tips To Increase Your Teamwork

Teamwork skills

There are a few people that got into trouble to set up a teamwork. Well, even though they have been educated by a social expert but there are still a few people that can’t adapt with people. Well, moreless they become a burden to their team. That’s why today I want to share with you about tips to increase your teamwork. So, there is will be no one that has been left behind again.

  1. Prioritize team goals.
    • This trick will help you to maintain your ego and your team ego. This also will keep you remember that there’s nothing more important than reaching the end together.
  2. Exercise together!
    • If you are in one division and you have something to ask, maybe you can do an exercise together. Well, who knows maybe you also can teach him something that he doesn’t know, right?
  3. Supportive work environment
    • There are nothing more sucks than a unsupportive work environment. Why? It’s because you can’t grow up together with them. The high rate of unhealthy competition also become the most factor people can’t grow up.
  4. Build respect and trust to each other.
    • Why not try to give a respect and trust to your colleague? Well, if you can’t build up a trust with your colleague then you can’t make a great teammate for your team.

I hope my article today about the importance of teamwork will help you to understand about teamwork better. If you think my article today is helpful for you, please share my article with the other people that maybe also need it. Thanks for coming and spare a time to read my article. See you soon and have a nice day guys.

Do We Need Religion? Is That Really Needed?

do we need religion

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you about a religion. So, according to your opinion, do we need a religion? If yes, what is your reason? What if I say religion doing more harm than what we have thought all this time? What if I said that religion is useless? Will I become atheist if I said that? Let’s find do we need religion and everything about religion only on my website. Check it out, guys.

Do We Need Religion?

what is religion

Well, this question shows up to my mind right after I read the genocide attack that caused by one religion to another people with different religion. So, what is the usage of religion then? If that only cause more harm rather than more good in human life. Isn’t that mean we don’t need any religion? What religion do to us? It causes nothing, right? So, after reading my argument, do you agree if I say we don’t need religion? Any of it! Why we need religion if there’s no good in it?

Well, the truth is, the one that needs to be blamed isn’t the religion. It’s the human who gave the bad name to the religion. They have ruined the religion perception with their sucks attitude. Before we talk further about religion and do we need it. We need to know what is it.

So, what is religion according to your opinion? According to some dictionaries, religion is a strong belief that someone or something that can’t be explained controlling human life and faith. Well, if Gods are controlling us, the human, so why we still doing harm to another being? Why we still each other? Do they that we called as the God is toying us? So, we are just a toy for them? Is God exist? Or God is just an escape route made by human for justification to their act. Well, whatever the answer, we human will never understand the universe plan to us.

God, Angel, and Demon

Why we need religion

There is a few holy relic like Bible, Sutta, Vedha, and so many other things talk about heaven or anything similar like that. What do you think about it? I think maybe out there, maybe its real, just maybe. Well, you can say I’m totally an atheist and I don’t believe in any God, even though my religion is Buddhism. I have been learning so many different religion like Jews, Catholic, Christianity, Moslem but there are no single explanations that really say about God. So, it’s clear that we can’t humanize God. So, what is the problem? Will you say loudly On atheist and ask the government to kick me out from this country? Really?

Well, I think our discussion today about do we need religion is enough for today. I hope my article today can help you to more understand about religion in a common way. Well, thanks for coming and spare a few minute to read my article. I hope you will share this article with the other people. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day dude.

Fidget Spinner The Stress Toys For Adult

Stress toys for adult

There are so many things that could trap an adult in stressful condition and most of them because of their profession responsibilities. Well, there are not many escape route available for an adult to step out from that stressful condition. Even though you have been clean up that problem, there are always new problems that will show up. That’s why some adult this day use fidget spinner as their stress solution. Well, it’s also because this Fidget designed already change so far from the original that usually used for a kid with autism and now used as the stress toys for adult people. Well, before we talk any further about this item. That would be wiser if we know more about it. So, check it out only on my website today.

Fidget Spinner The Stress Toys For Adult

what is fidget spinner

Well, before we start I wanna ask you something, do you know what is fidget spinner? Because we will talk about it, we also need to know what is it, right? So, what is that according to your explanation and how can it help you release your stress?

Fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toys. So, do the Spinner really relieving the stress? Well, actually there is no further research that can prove that the Spinner really can relieve the stress. However, some people who already use this, report that their stress temporary fade away and this really help them to decide their decision. Well the effect of relieving the stress could be the effect from the fidget because this thing will be distracting your attention away from your problem for a few minutes and while your mind is distracted by this thing your subconscious mind still trying to find the best answer for your problem and that’s why people will be deciding more efficiently after playing this toy.

Fidget Is Amazing and Cheap Toys

buy fidget spinner

So, do you think this thing called the fidget spinner is expensive? Well, I can’t say you totally right or you are totally wrong. Because the variety of this toys can reach a hundred of models and according to economic law. If the goods flooding in the market, their price will eventually falling down whether it slowly or rapidly sliding down.

Well, if you ask me where you can buy fidget spinner. I would love to say you can find it on Amazon and a few online market start from 5$ to hundred or even thousand dollars. I think its fair price if we compare it with the effect that caused by the fidget spinner. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this thing and relieve your stress away.

I think my article today about Stress toys for adult people is enough for today. Thanks for visiting and spare a few minutes for reading my article. If you think my article today is helpful for you, please share my article with the other people. Who knows maybe they also need this article, right? See you soon in my next article, don’t forget to look at another amazing and useful article only on Okikiko. Have a nice day guys.

Dragon Mania Legends Guide and Tricks On How To Become The Real Legend!

Dragon mania legends guide

There are so many reasons why people fail in their game. First, because of their lack of experiences and the other is because of their lack of knowledge about this game. However, this kind of failure can be overcome if we have enough courage and will to change. That’s why today I want to share with you about my Dragon Mania Legends guide for you in order to prevent you stepping further to this game blindly. So, are you curious about my review today? Check it out, guys.

Dragon Mania Legends Guide

game dragon mania legends

So, you say you are a dragon lover, huh? Well, let me ask you, how many dragons do you know? What kind of dragon do you know until know? Can you explain and give the example of the kind of cute dragon to us. Well, if you can’t then you need to read all my article review for today. Game Dragon Mania legends is a game that really suitable for kids. Well, because this game is zero violent content. However, this game also requires a stable network speed.

Well, my experience on playing this game for the first time is, this game is totally amazing. I’m really amazed by this game. With that visual graphic that really outstanding, this game is totally free to play. Amazing right?

However, like the other game, this game also require you a stable network speed and a few bucks to spend in your game. Yeah, you can spend that diamond thing to buy a few things like a new dragon or new terrain or maybe you can also fasten the speed of your dragon egg hatch. Sadly, this feature only available for several people who want to spend their real money for a virtual item like that.

Game Dragon Mania Legends Trick

dragon mania legends hack

Shame for this game Dragon Mania Legends. This game already makes me disappointed. You know? This game is really nostalgic it feels like I’m playing my old Dragon City game that has been banned a long time ago. That’s why even though I’m really disappointed with this game, I won’t give up and let my ID stuck in that game without any progress. I want more but of course without spending any money on it. So, that’s the time when I meet this site.

I still remember that time. It’s almost 1 A.M and after spending a whole night in front of the computer monitor, there’s still no sign of any Dragon Mania Legends tricks that will make my account become premium freely. Until finally I found this amazing tricks from Dodohack website. This website offers you a trick to make your account premium and give tons of gems in exchange. Amazing, right? This website also equipped with AntiVirus system that guarantees your computer stay clean. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join me using this Dragon Mania Legends hack and be strong together.

Thanks for coming to my website today and reading my article about Dragon Mania Legends guide. If you think my article is useful enough for you, please share my article with the other Dragon Mania Legends player. Who knows maybe they will appreciate your help. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.

Passion VS Money, Which One Should I Choose?

passion vs money

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you a topic about passion VS money. So, do you ever confuse to choose between your passion and money? Well, there are so many people that also troubled with both of that things and that why this day I will try to give the solution and explanation to you.

Passion VS Money, Which One Better?

how to find your passion in life

So, what will you do? Which one will you choose between your passion and money? Will you follow your passion? Or you will just follow up reality where everyone needs money? Well, I think if you are lucky enough maybe you can find both your passion and nice salary in one job.

However, there are not so many people who can be that lucky to find both of that things in one job and I know you must be questioning and asking to yourself now about how to solve this problem, right? All I can say, you need to find out the reason why you are doing your works. Once you find that answer, you will find every answer to another related question about passion and money.

How To Decide Between Passion and Money?

finding your passion

First, you need to realize that nothing will be well done if you don’t have any interest in it. Well, if you say you do that works only for money, it’s still related. I think you will never be able to reach the target and doing your job to the fullest if you are not doing it with all your heart, right? Well, both of this thing is related and affect each other. So, you can’t choose only one.

The question that left now is how to find your passion in life that will also affect your attitude in the workplace. Well, there are several ways to find out your passion, you can try to make enthusiasm about your job burnt inside yourself, you also can try to be grateful every single day and realizing that everything in this world includes a good and bad side in it. Well, the more you realize this thing, it will be a lot easier for you to find the passion of your works in you.

Ironically, there are not so many people who are lucky enough to know about their passion and trapped inside their own dissatisfaction. Well, trying to finding your passion on something isn’t an easy job but this job still can be done. However, all this thing just can be done if you are giving all your effort in it.

Well, I think my article today about passion VS money is enough and clear for today. If you think my article is useful enough for you. Please share my motivation today to the other people that maybe also need this motivation. Thanks for coming and reading my article today. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.

Chase your PASSIONS and MONEY will come.

Chase your MONEY and you may never find your PASSIONS.

– Colin Wright

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