Hill Climb Racing Guide || Reach the Top of the Hill With Our Help!

hill climb racing guide

The protagonist of the game, Newton Bill have a dream to reach the highest hill with his vehicle. So, do you already make the dream of Bill come true? If the answer is yes, you can use our Hill Climb Racing guide to grant that wishes.

Slowly But Surely

This is the main motto of the game. Just go slowly because you do not know what kind of road you will encounter ahead. This is a crazy game which can lead you to destruction. In order to prevent that, you need to go slowly. But if the road is secure, you can go all out. This game not only about speed but also your strategy is required to pass through each stage easily.

Match Your Vehicle With the Stage

In this game, you cannot choose your favorite vehicle. You tend to change your vehicle because of the circumstance of the stage. For example, if you are in the dessert stage. Do not take the light heavy vehicle because it will move really slow. Before you can reach the fuel tanks, you already lost on the way. In this case, light vehicle is the king of all. Be sure to examine the stage first in order to reach the finish line without any problem.


You can perform a trick on all vehicles. But you need to choose the one which suitable to perform the best one. In this case, you can use a bicycle because this is the greatest one which can help you. If you use a car, it will be hard to maintain the balance. If you already a pro in this game, you can use any vehicles to perform any tricks you want without any problem.

hill climb racing gameplay

Upgrade Your Engine

There are four aspects of the vehicles you can upgrade from tires, engine, suspension, and 4WD. We recommend you focus on the engine aspect because it will increase your fuel capacity in your vehicles. Keep upgrading it to the max amount. So, you can do many tricks on the stage without worrying about your fuel empty quickly. Do not need to be afraid to spend your coins. It is really worth for doing so.


If you still need our help, do not hesitate to give a comment below. We will reply it right away. You can also use our instant way to solve all the problem in this game. Just visit Hill Climb Racing generator to obtain free coins. We are sure a lot of people love it very much. If you need another game guide, we have the best website which you can see right away. Do not forget to click the bold words to see it with your own two eyes.

My Simple Tips for You to Find Your Favorite Game Guide

IGoGam Review

Welcome back to my blog, gamers usually have a problem to find their favorite game guide. It has been a normal culture for them because the source is not complete yet. Most websites only share the partial part of the guide itself where actually we need the complete one. I have been experiencing it for many times. I have read until the end of the page but I do not get what I wanted for.

What site do you visit if you want to find a game guide? Is it GameFAQs? Metacritic? and others? Mine also love the website but I have just found the golden one which is shared by IGoGam. The website looks so simple but the content is actually so powerful. I get something that I could not find on the other site.

My First Experience of Using IGoGam

It was kinda hard to believe because I could not trust the website as they tell me that I can get cash to my Cafeland account. It was something funny on my mind. Until I decide to give it a try. I do not care whether it would be work or not. At least, I have given a try.

After requesting on the generator page. Finally, they ask me to check my Cafeland account but make sure to restart it if I am on the game. To make it works properly I just restart my phone and then I open the game. It was really shocked my heart. I could be in a heart attack that I have just received free cash to my account.

Then, I tell the tool to all my friends and they are so completely happy. However, I warned them to not generate more than once a day because it could risk their account if the developer caught them.

Alright, that is all, what I can share with you about IGoGam. I wish you are completely happy after using their hack tool. One reminder from me, one you could meet human verification but you can do it in a simple way. By clicking I’m not a robot and you solve the matching picture then you are ready to use it.

Idle Heroes Guide To Become The Best Player

idle heroes guide

Hello and good morning everyone, welcome back to my website. This morning I want to share with you about my experience on Idle heroes game. Well, I bet there are a lot of you who stuck or even don’t know about this game, right? That’s why this day I want to introduce you to this amazing game! I will also share some of my Idle Heroes guide to you. So, are you curious yet? Check out my guide below!

About Idle Heroes

best idle game

Idle Heroes is a kind of game that will be offering you diamonds freely without spending any cash in this game. Well, this game is categorized as a game clicker category. So, you don’t need to waste much energy on this game. Idle Heroes game is published by Idle-Games company. This company comes from Beijing, China. Even though this publisher is nearly unknown, this game success to attract world wide gamer to play this game with the unique them they offer. Well, for your information, this game also nominated as the best idle game for some player.

Idle Heroes is an amazing game that will offer you an amazing gameplay experience. This game also completed with so many features in it. Start with the heroes variation, gameplay uniqueness, and also gameplay simplicity, well I think I will rate this game for 5 stars in Google Play Store because this game is really awesome! Well, I’m not promoting this game or telling the bullshit or anything like that only to raise the popularity of this game. I’m really telling an appreciation to this game because this game is totally awesome and amazing for me.

Well, if you love playing game idle type, Idle Heroes game is really recommended for you. This game will also give you so much fun because you don’t need to think when you play this game. I guarantee you will always play this game, yeah I can assure you will be addicted to this game because this game will distract your world and waste your time for sure.

Idle Heroes Guide and Tips

idle heroes tips

Because there are not many people that want to share their secret with the other player because they are afraid that person will beat them in the arena. This day I will try to share some of my tips on my Idle Heres guide. So, check it out!

Idle Heroes Tips

  1. Collect 5-star heroes with a formation list!
    • Because this game is also implanted a team buff, you can take it as an advantage for your team. Why? Well, because the buff from this formation is quite good and also can get used to your best advantage. You can try to team up using 6 heroes with 5 stars and with fire elements to gain a lot of damage! Well, if you are lucky enough you can advance it to 9 stars with a good formation and become an unbeatable player!
  2. It’s all about strategy!
    • Making your own strategy for this game is also one of the most important things on this Idle Heroes tips on my guide. Why? Because of the more unique your team, the harder they beat you! You can try to use all ranged heroes for aiming a lot of area of damage skill damage or maybe you can combine it with 2 priest type heroes. It’s up to your choice!

      Advantage From Guild

  3. Guild advantage!
    • Join up with a guild, you don’t need strong one but make sure that guild is active! Because you will gain a lot of advantages from this guild system like Clan Buff, Clan Coins, Raid, and of Course Guild rank that will raise up your popularity too.
  4. Raise a proper Clan Buff.
    • All you need to do is make sure about your strategy and sync it with your buff. If you play as the user of archer player, all you need to do is raise up the archer hero buff.

Well, I think my article about Idle Heroes guide to becoming the best player in this game is enough for today. I hope my article today is useful for you, don’t forget to share this article to the other people if you think my article is useful for you. Thank you for sparing a few minutes to read and coming to my website. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day, guys.


The Greedy Cave Game Tips and Guide For Newbie Player

the greedy cave

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. In this beautiful day, I want to share with you one of my latest game that I have been playing all this time. So, what game is that? Well, it’s the greedy cave game. So, do you ever heard about that game before? Well, honestly, this game was really tiring to play, so I don’t suggest you play this game if you don’t have a strong will to finish this game. But, if you are interested in this game graphic or interested in the feature of endless adventure and the fun of acting as a hero with slaying monster. I think this game really suitable for you.

The Greedy Cave Guide

greedy cave guide

The Greedy Cave game is a game that published by Avalon games. This game offers you an interactive gameplay such as upgrading level, advancing your equipment and raising your power through unique skills. However, unlike the other RPG games that also include a multiplayer system. This game asking us to be more dependent to our own self. So, what do we can do to advance our stage to the next stage? Well, the answer is quite easy, you need to be stronger than before by advancing your gear, upgrade your power through level and skills and read my greedy cave guide.

Playing Greedy cave game is quite fun, especially because you need to change the way you thinking if you want to advance to the next stage. However, for some people who have limited patience, this game could be so annoying especially because you need a lot of crystals to advancing your gear in this game to pass through a few level. For rich people, trading their money for diamond and gold as the main currency in this game to fulfill their need is fair enough. However, for the other people, it’s really annoying. That’s why I will give you some tips to get a lot of diamond without wasting your time.

Greedy Cave Crystals Tips

greedy cave tips

Spending a few buck to play this game is really annoy some people. Well, even though the developer kindly gives the diamond if you are patient enough to grind some stage it would be wasting a lot of time. That’s why to get the shortcut to get all those crystals, I try to find a dirty greedy cave tips on the internet.

Well, after spending a lot of tiring hour in front of the internet, finally, I get the tricks to trick this game. With an offer from one of my friends, he wants to help me to track this game with hacking their main system. Well, I know it’s quite risky but it’s already proven. He orders me to share this tricks to the other player and to not taking any charge for it. So, that why I’m here, spreading this happiness to all of you. All you need to do is clicking on this the greedy cave hack. after you are done click on that link, all you need to do to generate the crystals is following the step that written in there. After that, you need to wait a couple minutes before you can generate you crystals freely.

Well, I think my article today about the greedy cave game review and tips is enough for today. If you think my article today is interesting enough for you, please share my article today to the other people who love something like this. I hope you will come and take a visit on my next article. Thank you for sparing a few minutes to read my article today. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day dude.

Heroes Evolved Review: Rockman The Earth Keeper

Heroes Evolved Review

Howdy and how are you dude, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you about my experience when playing Heroes Evolved by using Rockman. Well, I bet all of you must be familiar with this hero, right? So, do you want to know how to use this hero and make this hero grow stronger than the other? Do you also want to know how to become a good tanker? Well, every information you need will be available on my website today. So, what are you waiting for? Check out my heroes evolved review today!

Heroes Evolved Review

Heroes evolved tips

Heroes Evolved is a free MOBA game genre that focused on player experience when they play this game. This game developed by Reality Squared Games and was made for a competitive reason to Mobile Legends game. Well, even though this game offers us a few similar heroes with Mobile Legends, this game still trying to satisfying the player with giving a lot of differentiation in heroes skill, skin, and gameplay.

Heroes Evolved already developed more than 50 heroes so far and all of those heroes is unique and different each other even sometimes we can look some heroes have a similar skill and appearances like Burninator and Rockman heroes. The tips and tricks on this game also different we can’t apply the tricks on Mobile Legends and make it as Heroes Evolved tricks. This game looks like a twin brother, similar but not same.

Rockman Heroes Guide

Heroes Evolved giving us a really durable hero to counter a few heroes that can give a lot of burst damage such as Zhao Yun and Lu Bu and this hero is Rockman. Well, when R2game giving the name “Rockman” they really mean it. The appearance of Rockman really looks like a walking rock with a lava to make it even scarier.

If you open the heroes page, you can see that Rockman is a Melee hero but it doesn’t make this hero unable to attack from the distance. His one and only skill are ranged skill that will allow Rockman to summon meteor shower to attack nearby enemies without exception. His another skill is a buff skill that will allow Rockman to initiate a battle or chase down an enemy that tries to escape. There’s no one can escape from this raging bull!Heroes evolved tricks

However, because Rockman is balanced hero make a Rockman strong is quite hard. You need to choose what you want to be. Do you want to be a carry? Magical damage hitter? Or a durable monster? It’s up to your choice because as long as I play this hero, Rockman is suitable for any condition. All you need to do is remember that Rockman is a durable hero and you don’t need to be afraid to initiate an all out battle. Just don’t forget to make Titan Heart and Exorcising Eyes. Make sure you can be involved in the battle much longer to assisting your team.

I hope my article today about Heroes Evolved review and a guide to using Rockman is enough and clear. Never stop practicing and explore about a new hero in this game. Because there is no single person that born to be a winner!

Troll Warlord Dota 2 Guide, Play Like a Pro

troll warlord dota 2 guide

Do you ever play Troll Warlord in dota 2? Yeah, this hero is played and picked even more than 4 times in the last professional Dota 2 tournament. Well, that’s the reason why today I want to share you about Troll Warlord Dota 2 Guide. So, that’s why I will share you this topic in order to make you a better player. Well, let’s find out more about this hero today on my article.

Troll Warlord Dota 2 Guide and Tips

troll warlord dota 2

So, do you watch the last Dota 2 competition? Yeah, The International has been nominated OG as the winner for this biggest competition in the world. So, do you know? Troll Warlord becomes the most picked hero in this tournament. This hero also success to bring victory in OG last battle with big “Comeback” in the very last minute and that’s why this hero gets the title as the most picked in the Professional world.

Some people who don’t have any competence to play this hero, also pick this in their public match and also in their ranked game. As a consequence of their act, there are even more people that will report them as bad players and they will also be reported as “Cancer” in their team. Isn’t that ironic? So, that’s why I will try to give you a few tips and Troll Warlord guide, so you can play even better in the game and bring up a victory to your team.

Troll Warlord Build, Make Your Own Destroyer

Well, to build this hero to be a real monster is quite easy. The main obstacle that will hold this hero from growing is their ability to hunting. Yeah, in the very early minute Troll will need a support that can help him to take care of their own self. Because without a support it also means you left a baby to fight and defend himself on the battlefield.

Yeah, even though Troll is really counting to evasion and also get evasion bonus from his second skill ” Whirlwind Axe” that also increase his evasion with blinding enemies, this hero can get countered so easily. Why? Because Troll Warlord is one by one hero. When he get ganked by enemies team, you will find out that this hero is totally squishy.

So, the question now is how to counter Troll Warlord, right? Because it seems he is unbeatable, especially if he use and make great Troll Warlord build and also because he has a few skills that can be combined to be one deadly combo. Well, I think to counter this hero, all you need to do is doing “Ganking” properly and frequently. This also can restrain Troll from getting his items. Because Troll without items is so useless. So, what will you do if you meet this hero? Will you fight him? Or giving up?

I hope my article today about the Troll Warlord dota 2 guide can be useful for you. I also hope this article can help you to increase your ability to play this hero. So, please share my article today with the other people in order to help them raising their skill. Well, thanks for coming to my website today, glad to know you come back to my website today. I hope we can meet again in my next article, see you soon and have a nice day guys.

Dota 2 Support, Ward The Field and Win The Game

dota 2 support

Hello, guys nice to meet you again. I’m glad to know that you come back to my website again. This morning I want to share about Dota 2 support to you. Well, there are not many people who can play this role. Some of them say this role is quite hard to play, the other say this role is so boring to play. However, without this role in your team, this would become an obstacle for your team to win the game. So, today exclusively I will discuss this role, special for Dota 2 player.

Dota 2 Support, Crucial Role

There are not so many people who want play this role in dota. Well, most of them say because this role seems unimportant and too hard to play because having too many responsibilities. However, if you understand dota, you will pull back that words. If you see the tournament in Dota 2 championship like Manila Major, The International, KIEV Major, and many other championships. This role even has some backup role called semi-support.

However, because of the lack of knowledge from so many Dota 2 player, this role become underestimate by so many people. Well, to play this hero is quite easy I think. All you need to do is buy 1 ward for mid, 1 ward in your bag, buy a courier for the first minute in the game. Yeah, if you do all that 3 things, your team will be very grateful to you.

Support In Dota 2

Sadly, to become a support in dota 2 isn’t as easy as you think. Why? Because you will be targetted when in war and the reason why you get targetted is because you don’t have any survival item. Yeah, you spend whole your gold to buy wards, dust, a smoke of deceit, and much another support item.

However, without this role, we can’t win this game. Well, there are not so many dota 2 guide for support player in Google. That’s why you need long time practice and so much experience to play this game. Especially because the developer of Dota 2 Mr. IceFrog change so many things in Dota.

Yeah, he makes every dota 2 players move their ass from their safe zone. Well, what is your opinion about the change that Mr. IceFrog gives to you? Do you like it? Can you adapt to the change that Mr. IceFrog gives to you? Yeah, at least IceFrog give some buff for support in the game. He gives some buff like 60G/S that will help them to buy some wards and the other support item and survivability item for support safety.

Thanks for coming to my website this day. I think my article today about Dota 2 support can help you become better support for your team. If you think this tip is helpful for you, please share my article with the other Dota player so they can learn how to become a good support. Thanks once again for coming and see you in my next article. I hope you get a nice day sir.

Mogul Khan The Axe, The Strongest Red Mist General

Mogul Khan the Axe

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share you about Mogul Khan the Axe from Dota 2. Some player Dota 2 prefer to call him Axe. This hero also can be an indicator for Dota 2 player are they a newbie or old player from Warcraft 3?

Mogul Khan The Axe

Mogul khan has been a long time feared because of his overpowered defensive power. We can say Mogul Khan is the most used hero as an initiator of war because has a unique skill that can taunt enemies hero to use hit him in order to ensure his friend safety. That’s why sometimes Axe placed in hard lane.

Mogul Khan story even is written in his background story.

As a grunt in the Army of Red Mist, Mogul Khan set his sights on the rank of Red Mist General. He proved his self in battle after battle he is worth through gory deed. His rise through the ranks was helped by the fact that he never hestitated to decapitate a superior. Through the seven year Campaign of the Thousand Tarns, he distinguished himself in glorious carnage, his star of fame shinning even brighter, while the number of comrades in arms steadily dwindled.


On the night of ultimate victory, Axe declared himself the New Red Mist General and took ultimate title of “Axe” for himself. But his troops now numbered zero. Of course, many had died in battle but a significant number had also fallen to Axe’s blade. Needless to say, most soldiers now shun his leadership. But this matter not a whit to Axe, who knows that a one-man-army is by far the best.

As you can read the background story of Axe. He shines through many battles and finally become the best of their kind. He also bestowed by great talent and braveness that help him defeat his opponents through his blade.

Axe Item Build

After knowing Mogul Khan background story you also need to know how to play this hero well. So, I will try to give you some tips about Axe item build.

  1. You Need Tranquil Boots
    • Try to build this boots because of this hero also very depending to his Health Points. That’s why you need to make this boots because this item has a unique passive ability that will recover your HP if you are not getting a hit or hitting an enemy for more than 5 seconds. The cooldown will turn back to 5 everytime you hit or getting a hit from the enemy.
  2. Are your enemies a Nuker?
    • Let them feel your pain try to make Blade Mail. I love when people feel the pain that they cause to us. This item is really great for Axe, this hero can use this hero really well because of his advantage in Health Point.
  3. Heart Of Tarasque will make your body as strong as a rock.
    • This is a great item because Heart of Tarasque will give you bonus STR points and health regeneration. This becomes the most crucial thing for Axe especially if you are an Initiator in your team.

I hope this information and tips about Mogul Khan the Axe is enough. I really hope you can use my information to help you winning Dota 2 game. If you find this article helpful for you, please share this article with another Dota 2 player. I hope we can meet again on next chance. See you soon guys.

Sun The Monkey King, Mobile Legends Guide

sun the monkey king

Hello guys, welcome back to our website. Today I want to share a review about Sun The Monkey King. Do you know the story about the legendary monkey? Do you know how to play with this hero? Curious? Check it out on my article today.

Sun The Monkey King

Everyone must know about this game right? Yeah, you right this is Mobile Legends the MOBA game genre with a 5v5 battle. You can fight with people from all around the world. There is something interesting about Mobile Legends. This game also picking up Sun story from the legendary SunWukong from Chinese urban legend. However, to avoid copyright or any further misperception they change the name to Sun.

Sun is categorized as a fighter in this game. He also equipped with high durability and unique skill that makes him even harder to beat. He has a unique skill that allows him to summon a doppelganger every time he hit an enemy for five times in a consecutive row and upgrade your doppelganger level with every another five hits. This doppelganger also has a stat and level exactly same as Sun so don’t underestimate them. They also will recover Sun health point everytime they hit creeps or enemy. That’s why Sun will be an unbeatable monster if you let him on his free farm.

Sun Item Build

However, because his status point is an almost balance. You have greater freedom to change his role aside from his main role. Unfortunately, I will only give you a build to make him an unbeatable “Monkey King”. Here’s a guide to playing Sun as the main carry.

  1. You need ASPD and also a speed.
    • Your main mission is hitting an enemy in a consecutive row for five times. However, you don’t have any disable to prevent them from running away from you. The only way to solve your problem is making swift boots. This item will provide you with more movement speed and 15% attack speed.
  2. You still think that’s not enough? Do you crave for more ASPD and movement speed?
    • Try to build Thor Sting if you think you are still slower than your enemies and they still can flee from your staff. This item also provides you with Unique attack modifier that will change your attack into a lightning strike for every 5 attacks. This lightning will strike with 125 magic damage.
  3. You need more speed but you also need life steal to ensure you alive during the battle?
    • Life steal becomes the most important part in Sun survivability. He can take a profit from his doppelganger and his advance in ASPD. So, I think Fallen Sword will be more suitable for this hero.
  4. More HP more kill.
    • HP as the most advanced stat in Sun whole stat become more crucial in battle. Especially if you are an initiator of battle. So, to ensure Sun still alive in battle. He needs to build Bloodthirsty King armor because this armor has a unique passive ability that will give you 20% Hp everytime you kill or assisting your friend.

There are still 2 slots left. It’s up to you to fill that 2 slots according to your creation. I hope my review about Sun The Monkey King is enough for you. If you find this article helpful for you or your friends need it, please share this article with them. Thanks for reading my article today. See you soon at the next opportunity.