Dota 2 Hero Review: Gyrocopter the Flying Ken

dota 2 hero review

Welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you a topic about Dota 2. Well, today our topic is Gyrocopter the Flying Ken. So, do you know who is Gyrocopter? Do you ever play him? Do you know how to make up a good team fight and a proper location for Gyrocopter? Well, let’s find out on my Dota 2 hero review about Gyrocopter today. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out, dude!

Dota 2 Hero Review: Gyrocopter The Flying Ken

Dota 2 tricks

Gyrocopter, every Dota 2 players must know this hero. This hero is the most annoying hero if used as a mid lane hero. Aside because he can wipe out creeps wave easily with his first and third skill.

He also has a disable skill that will stun you and make you vulnerable to attack for maximum 3 seconds, well the most annoying thing is this skill damage will increase along with the distance this thing travel, so as long as you are still running away from it. This thing will keep following you and increasing its damage. Horrible? Yeah, that’s totally horrible. However, you don’t need to worry too much, in my Dota 2 tricks today, I will tell a few ways to run away from Gyrocopter missile. Well, check it out, dude.

Dota 2 Tricks Against Gyrocopter

Dota 2 tips

I think if you are the big fan of Dota 2 game, I guess I don’t need to introduce this hero again, right? Well, you already know the hero, so I think you already know how to counter him, right? What? No? Lucky for you, because today I will tell you every Dota 2 tips and tricks to fight up to this annoying hero the Gyrocopter.

Gyrocopter is equipped with two disable skills.One is his Homing Missile that will stunt you and the other is his Call Down skill that will give a huge amount of damage to your character. However, even though Gyrocopter is a great hero in a team fight because he can give a great amount of damage to his enemies. This hero also easy to counter. All you need to buy is Eul Scepter. Well, I guess there are fewer people who know about this, right?

Yeah, you right. It’s only with Eul Scepter you can counter Gyrocopter. The question now is, how? The answer is quite easy. You only need a great timing ad perfect calculation. Well, let me explain it to you. It’s quite easy, whenever Gyrocopter releases his Homing Missile just use that Eul Scepter if you think that missile almost hit you. Easy, right? Well, even though this looks easy, avoiding Homing Missile need a great calculation that’s why it need a lot of practice before you can do it smoothly.

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Hyper Heroes Game, Amazing Game With Thousand Unique Heroes

hyper heroes game

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you about one of my favorite game. It is Hyper Heroes game. So, do you ever played this game before? Do you know why I love this game? Wanna know about Hyper Heroes? Find out more information about this game only on my article today.

Hyper Heroes Game Review

Hyper heroes game play

Well, because this game can be categorized as a new game. There are not many people who know about this game. That’s why today I want to share this hyper heroes review only for you, my fellow reader. Well, I really hope that you can enjoy my article today. Because I will try to explain everything on this game only for you.

Hyper Heroes is an amazing game that offers us a new perception of the gaming world. This game bravely opens up a new era in the gaming world by trying to resurrect the marble like RPG game style. However, because o the unfamiliarity of this kind of game, this game is really hard to hit the peak of their era.

However, this Hyper Heroes gameplay is really unfamiliar for several players. I can guarantee you that this game is really fun to play. That’s why I bring up this game to you. I have been playing this game for more than 3 months.

Well, I think I have known everything about this game. According to my three months experience the environment in this game is quite nice and there are nothing like social impact on this game. I also read several Hyper Heroes review to increase my skills in this game. I also really sucks at this game and that’s why I also can’t help you a lot rather than giving you a lot of advice according to my experiences.

Hyper Heroes Tips

Hyper heroes review

Well, according to my experience, there are a few tips that I can share with you. In Hyper Heroes your aiming skill is what matters the most, even though you have tons of great heroes it’s really impossible you can win this game if you can’t aiming properly. That’s why I think the most important thing in this game is your aiming ability. You also need to calculate everything and doing proper line up like trying to figure out what will happen if you are doing this line up rather than the other lineup. That’s the most challenging thing about this game. It’s because once you are placing the wrong lineup, even if you have great heroes, I can guarantee you that you are done. This game is an awesome game that doesn’t need you to spend a few bucks for pathetic things. This game only needs your patience and hard work.

I think my article today about Hyper Heroes game is enough for you. Thank you for reading my article today. I really hope my review today can help you to conquer and becoming a great player in this game. See you soon in my next article and have a good day!

How To Counter Lone Druid The Controler Of Nature Force

how to counter

There are so many people fall and bow down to the power of Lone Druid. Especially when finally IceFrog decides to reform him and giving him a few specific change. The popularity of this hero drastically reaches its peak. However, behind someone success, there is must be someone or a few people that don’t like it. Well, the number of people that searching how to counter Lone Druid keep increasing. While there are a few people that still wondering how to counter this hero and limitation in the source of knowledge because this hero win rate is quite high after getting reform. That makes the information to defeat him is quite hard to find. That’s why today I want to share with you about my tips on defeating the Lone Druid user easily. So, are you curious? Find out more information about it on my website now.

While there are a few people that still wondering how to counter this hero. The limitation in the source of knowledge is still so high because this hero win rate is quite high after getting reform. That makes the information to defeat him is quite hard to find. That’s why today I want to share with you about my tips on defeating the Lone Druid user easily. So, are you curious? Find out more information about it on my website now.

How To Counter Lone Druid and Sylla Bear?

dota 2 guide

Lone Druid is one from a few hero that has an ability to call a summoned unit to control. Like Visage, Nature Prophet and also Chaos Knight, this hero really hates the other heroes that have an ability to destroy their familiar, whether it’s illusion or summoned unit. That’s also become the biggest reason why Igor The Earth Shaker become the most banned hero if they are on stage. However, to counter Lone Druid or the other heroes who have a summoned units or illusions is quite easy, it’s not only Igor job. We can use several heroes or items to control their unit too. Do you want to know this Dota 2 tricks?

To counter Lone Druid or the illusion control hero we can use Battle Furry or several heroes that also have a great Area Of Damage skill (AOE) like Kunka, Tide Hunter, Queen Of Pain and much more. You also can make use of his bear with using Dominator Helmet. This will allow you to control Lone Druid bear and make it yours. Amazing right?

Well, if you remember SingSing and Miracle and the other Dota 2 pro player also get hype to this hero and make a Dota 2 guide to playing this hero. However, they find out that this hero isn’t as strong as people say. This hero still can be easily countered even though he got so many reforms from IceFrog. This hero also needs a lot of farms before he can jump in the battlefield. So, don’t think you are a fail player because your Lone Druid hard to farm because the truth is even though he get reform because this hero base damage is still too low. So, what do you think about this hero?

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Fidget Spinner The Stress Toys For Adult

Stress toys for adult

There are so many things that could trap an adult in stressful condition and most of them because of their profession responsibilities. Well, there are not many escape route available for an adult to step out from that stressful condition. Even though you have been clean up that problem, there are always new problems that will show up. That’s why some adult this day use fidget spinner as their stress solution. Well, it’s also because this Fidget designed already change so far from the original that usually used for a kid with autism and now used as the stress toys for adult people. Well, before we talk any further about this item. That would be wiser if we know more about it. So, check it out only on my website today.

Fidget Spinner The Stress Toys For Adult

what is fidget spinner

Well, before we start I wanna ask you something, do you know what is fidget spinner? Because we will talk about it, we also need to know what is it, right? So, what is that according to your explanation and how can it help you release your stress?

Fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toys. So, do the Spinner really relieving the stress? Well, actually there is no further research that can prove that the Spinner really can relieve the stress. However, some people who already use this, report that their stress temporary fade away and this really help them to decide their decision. Well the effect of relieving the stress could be the effect from the fidget because this thing will be distracting your attention away from your problem for a few minutes and while your mind is distracted by this thing your subconscious mind still trying to find the best answer for your problem and that’s why people will be deciding more efficiently after playing this toy.

Fidget Is Amazing and Cheap Toys

buy fidget spinner

So, do you think this thing called the fidget spinner is expensive? Well, I can’t say you totally right or you are totally wrong. Because the variety of this toys can reach a hundred of models and according to economic law. If the goods flooding in the market, their price will eventually falling down whether it slowly or rapidly sliding down.

Well, if you ask me where you can buy fidget spinner. I would love to say you can find it on Amazon and a few online market start from 5$ to hundred or even thousand dollars. I think its fair price if we compare it with the effect that caused by the fidget spinner. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this thing and relieve your stress away.

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Dragon Mania Legends Guide and Tricks On How To Become The Real Legend!

Dragon mania legends guide

There are so many reasons why people fail in their game. First, because of their lack of experiences and the other is because of their lack of knowledge about this game. However, this kind of failure can be overcome if we have enough courage and will to change. That’s why today I want to share with you about my Dragon Mania Legends guide for you in order to prevent you stepping further to this game blindly. So, are you curious about my review today? Check it out, guys.

Dragon Mania Legends Guide

game dragon mania legends

So, you say you are a dragon lover, huh? Well, let me ask you, how many dragons do you know? What kind of dragon do you know until know? Can you explain and give the example of the kind of cute dragon to us. Well, if you can’t then you need to read all my article review for today. Game Dragon Mania legends is a game that really suitable for kids. Well, because this game is zero violent content. However, this game also requires a stable network speed.

Well, my experience on playing this game for the first time is, this game is totally amazing. I’m really amazed by this game. With that visual graphic that really outstanding, this game is totally free to play. Amazing right?

However, like the other game, this game also require you a stable network speed and a few bucks to spend in your game. Yeah, you can spend that diamond thing to buy a few things like a new dragon or new terrain or maybe you can also fasten the speed of your dragon egg hatch. Sadly, this feature only available for several people who want to spend their real money for a virtual item like that.

Game Dragon Mania Legends Trick

dragon mania legends hack

Shame for this game Dragon Mania Legends. This game already makes me disappointed. You know? This game is really nostalgic it feels like I’m playing my old Dragon City game that has been banned a long time ago. That’s why even though I’m really disappointed with this game, I won’t give up and let my ID stuck in that game without any progress. I want more but of course without spending any money on it. So, that’s the time when I meet this site.

I still remember that time. It’s almost 1 A.M and after spending a whole night in front of the computer monitor, there’s still no sign of any Dragon Mania Legends tricks that will make my account become premium freely. Until finally I found this amazing tricks from Dodohack website. This website offers you a trick to make your account premium and give tons of gems in exchange. Amazing, right? This website also equipped with AntiVirus system that guarantees your computer stay clean. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join me using this Dragon Mania Legends hack and be strong together.

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Detective Conan Review, The Best Manga and Anime Ever!

detective conan review

Hello and good afternoon guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you about detective Conan review. Well, there are so many people who love to watch anime and read the manga about Conan Edogawa, right? However, do you know who is him? Do you know what is his intention to do all that thing? Let’s find out more info about him today.

Detective Conan Review

detective conan story

So, do you know who is Conan Edogawa? Are you a big fan of Conan in anime or manga? Do you still remember why Conan become a kid? Today I will discuss all that thing with you. First, let’s flash back why Conan turn to a kid. Conan real name is Shinichi Kudo he is high school student that usually help police to solve a criminal case.

However, one day, unfortunately, Shinichi Kudo attacked by two people from a mysterious syndicate. He get knocked out and forced to drink a formula to kill him. However, luckily Shinichi Kudo can survive but his body turn out to be a kid with an average age around 7 – 8 years old. Well, what do you think after reading a piece of Shinichi Kudo or now known as Detective Conan story?

Detective Conan Characters List

detective conan characters

There are so many characters in this Conan anime and manga. I bet even you are a big fan of this anime, you will never be able to tell me one by one the name of the character of this anime and manga, right? So, that’s why I will try to make a list of Detective Conan characters but first let’s start with the main characters from this anime. Chek it out.

  1. Shinichi Kudo
    • The main character from this manga and anime. He was forced to drink a poisonous drink by Black Organization. This causes his body to shrunk and become a kid.
  2. Conan Edogawa
    • The child version of Shinichi Kudo. He still after the Black Organization in order to regain back his body.
  3. Ran Mouri
    • Shinichi Kudo’s childhood friend and main love interest. Ran still don’t know about the case that being solved by Shinichi that turn to be Conan.
  4. Kogoro Mouri
    • Kogoro Mouri is the father of Ran Mouri. He’s divorce from his wife Eri Kisaki. Kogoro Mouri is also known as a sleepy detective. He gets that title from Shinichi Kudo because he always shot a sleeping needle and use him as his puppet, thanks to Kogoro Mouri.
  5. Ai Habara
    • He also the victim of Black Organization and now helps Conan to find out what’s the plan of that organization.

Well, I think my article today about Detective Conan review is enough for today. Thanks for reading my article today, I hope you will share my article with the other Conan lovers. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.

“Words are like a swords. If you use them the wrong way, they can turn into an ugly weapon to fight you back.”

– Conan Edogawa

Design a Room and Find The Idea Only On Roohome!

design a room

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you about an amazing website that I have found a week ago. Yes you right, today I will give you a Roohome review that will help you design a room to you. So, for everyone who doesn’t know anything about Roohome, it’s better to read my article today. Who knows maybe my article today will also help you to find suitable room design for you on this site?

Design a Room and Make It Your Own Paradise!


roohome review

So, do you ever wonder where you should find a design for your new home or room? Well, me too. I also ever feel that way because I can’t find any design that suitable with my heart. So, what do you think I will do? I try to surf in the Google to find the suitable design for me. Well, it’s quite hard to find a perfect design to design a room, especially if that place will be a place where you spend your whole day in there.

Spending for more than 3 hours to find a perfect website to design your own room is really hard. Especially if you want a perfect design for this room. Finally, I find this website, this website is very amazing. So, that’s why I make the review for this website.

Floating Bedroom Effect

design your own room

This website offers me something that looks unusual like floating bedroom effect. Yeah, this website offers me a magical effect that makes this room looks like floating. Yeah, this website explain with the proper lighting your room will look like floating, amazing right?

This website also offers a few design that will make your room looks amazing and stunning. So, I try to apply this design to my room and well now my room looks really amazing. Can you imagine how gorgeous my room can be when all this design is finished?

My family asks me how can I make my room looks so outstanding like this. I show them this stunning bedroom lighting design to them so they can witnesses how great this website by their own eyes and you know what is their response? They say this website is so amazing, they are so interested in a few design on this website. Today my home looks so amazing because of the design of this website. Isn’t this is amazing? An ordinary website can give you a lot of home design. So, can you imagine how much people will feel helped if I share this website with them?

Well, I think my article today about Roohome review is enough for today. If you think my article is useful enough for you to design your own room, please share this article with the other people that maybe need your help to find this amazing website that will help them to design their room or home. Thanks for coming and reading my website. See you tomorrow in my next article and have a nice day guys.

“The world is not perfect, you need to find a place that  is perfect for you.”

Unknown Wise Old Man


Mobile Legends Item Build For Estes, Make Your Healer Unbeatable

mobile legends item build

There are so many people who try to find the best MOBA games on the internet. Well, some people find it and the other give up finding it. Some people who find their dream game, always and always trying to be at their best. They have their own ambition and their only ambition is to reach the peak of the ladder board whatever it takes. So, to help those ambitious people, this morning, I will try to give you my best Mobile Legends item build for the newest hero in this game. Are you curious? Do you want to try it? Let’s find out more information about it now on my website.

Mobile Legends Item Build For Estes

free moba games

Well even though there are so many free MOBA games out there. I still prefer Mobile Legends, I know there are so many people will ask why and you too will ask why right? Honestly, I love how this game can represent their character with a unique background story. This game also easy to play, that’s why I choose this game rather than any other game.

However, even for me, this game is so easy to play, there are still several people who can’t play this game. That’s why I will suggest you play with Estes first before you try another hero with higher difficulty level.

Estes Build

mobile legends trick

Honestly, playing Estes isn’t as hard as you think. Estes is supporting hero and his unique skill will help your team in difficult time and will be very useful in the team fight. That’s why sometimes enemies with higher experience in this game will aim this hero first before they kill another hero in your team.

So, if you gonna try this hero, all you need to do to keep yourself on the safe distance and make up some proper item for your survivability. Here is some item that I prefer to make every time I use Estes.

  1. Try to make up magic shoes.
    • All of you must be asking why I suggest this item right? Well, it’s because this item will grant you 10% minus cooldown that will make the cooldown of your heal cooldown become faster and faster. This is also my best Mobile Legends trick because if I have low cooldown heal, my team will become unbeatable as long as I life, right?
  2. Enchanted talisman is your second life.
    • Why do I say like that? Because Estes is a healer and he needs tons of mana to survive on the battlefield. Can you imagine Estes run out of mana in the middle of war? Then I think you should make this item for sure.
  3. Immortality will make sure you do your job fully.
    • Well because you are defenseless and you are just a support. I really suggesting you make this item. Why? Because everyone needs a second life right? This is your second chance and your only hope to escape from the battlefield if the situation is unfavorable.
  4. You run away but enemies try to chase you down? Winter Truncheon is the answer!
    • Why can I say like that? Because this item will freeze and lower the movement speed for anyone who hit you when your health point is lower than 30%. Isn’t that amazing? This item also provides 40 armor that will make your hero a lot tankier.

So, I think my review about Mobile Legends item build is ended here. If you think my review today os useful for you, please share my review today with your friends who is a Mobile Legends lover. Thanks for coming and reading my article today See you soon guys and have a nice day.

Kogama Games, Free Tips and Tricks For Newbie

Kogama games

Hello and welcome back guys today I want to share with you about Kogama games that get booming lately. Well, this game really looks same with Minecraft but there are a few very specific thing that makes this game different than the other similar game. So, do you ever played this game before? Are you curious? Well, let’s find out more about this games on my review today.

Kogama Games Free Online, Tips and Tricks For Newbie

kogama hack

Do you ever play Kogama games before? Well, there are so many people who talk about game Kogama lately. I even know it from my friends who also played this game. Honestly, for me, this game is quite interesting even though this game doesn’t have a nice visual graphic like Final Fantasy or any other games. However, this game is awesomely superior in the theme they offer to us, where you can build your very own game inside the game itself. It’s like they only giving us space to pouring our creativity and makes something we want easily.

Isn’t this is what are we waiting for? The tool to realizing our own game without spend so much time to learn coding or JavaScript. Sadly, this game also has a currency where you need to buy a gold that acts as the currency in this game. This is the most ironic thing, where you still forced to spend some money even to fulfill your creativity.

Kogama Trick? Is It Possible?

kogama review

Well, for me spending a few bucks for something unreal is really a waste but I really love this game in my first time. So, what should I do? Well, my last decision is to try to find the backdoor for this game where I don’t need spending any money but I still get the advantage of it. I know this thing is breaking the rule but who cares? And do you know how much effort I have given to this game? I spend almost my whole day on this game and will not give a shit to lose all my effort.

I spend almost more than 3 hours on the seas of information, trying every possible site I know until I find this site. Well, this website looks very usual with a usual interface in it. Still, don’t look down at this site. I found almost more than a hundred backdoor tricks for every single game I have played. So, I try to find Kogama games too and I found it. This is the link for Kogama Gold Hack only for you.

Well, I think the article is enough for today and I also hope my trick is useful enough for you. If you think my article about Kogama games really helps you a lot, please share my article with the other Kogama players who need this article to help them doing their creations. See you soon in my next article and I hope you and I will meet again in my next article. See you soon on another chance and have a nice day guys.

Deep Sea Animal, 4 Strange Animals From The Abyss

deep sea animal

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you about an amazing fact that hidden in our world. This day we will talk about deep sea animal that also exists and hides in this world. So, are you curious about this creature? Do you wanna know more about this? Let’s find out more information about this creature in my website today!

The Deep Sea Animal, Hidden Creature From The Abyss

deep ocean creature

There are so many people that curious about what is really happening in the abyss. Yeah, we don’t have sufficient technology that can explore the deep sea and now that area still remains a mystery to us. However, there are a few advanced nations that success to explore that area like the United States and much other advanced. Well, as the result of this exploration is now we know that the sign of life can be found even in the deepest part of the seas like Mariana Trough.

Do you know if you want to live in the deep seas like those deep ocean creatures you will need to modified your body so you can breathe with low oxygen volumes, seeing in the dark, and also to withstand load for more than 16.000 per square inch, well isn’t that is too much weight to withstand for human?

Life In The Deepest Part Of Earth Is Possible?

deep ocean creature

Do you ever wonder what will happen to you if you swim nakedly without any technology to help you and swim through the Mariana Trough? Well, let me explain what will happen to you if you swim through the Mariana Trough. According to science calculation if you still insist swimming through the Mariana Through your body will be crushed because the human body can’t withstand that much pressure.

Well, here is the list of the deep sea monsters that can withstand that much pressure.

  1. Scally dragonfish
    • This animal lives in the depth of 200-1500m with the size of 32cm, this animal is the real dragon in this world.
  2. Telescope Octopus
    • Well, this animal adapting with try to make their body look like invisible. This animal is so clever because he can take the advantage of their surrounding for their own benefit.
  3. Angler Fish
    • Ever see Finding Nemo movie? You can spot this fish in that movie, yeah, that fish is the one with a light on their head. This species can live in the abyss because he made his own light to help them to bait their prey.
  4. Dumbo Octopus
    • This is the cutest animal which lived in deep sea water. Even though the body is quite small, it can withstand the water pressure.

Well, there are still so many things in this world that we need to find out. There are still so many mysteries in this world that we need to know. Because the world is full of mysteries this is our job to find out more about it. Thanks for reading my article about deep sea animal today. I hope my article can help you to know more about our world and if you think my article is useful enough, please share my article with the other people. Thanks for coming and see you soon in my next article guys.

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