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Victorian Living Room Design

Okikiko.com – The Victorian living room is known for its opulent style and lovely furnishings. The Victorian living room design can be very intricate with hand carvings and tacked cabinets and shelves. Many people are drawn to the Victorian style because of the warm and cozy appeal it has. The Victorian living room is not for everyone, but if you would like to explore the look and feel of the Victorian style, here is how you can create your own cozy haven.

Main Components of the Victorian Living Room

The main component of any Victorian living room is the fireplace. A Victorian fireplace was typically made from pine, cedar or oak logs and was decorated with elaborate carvings and finials. Today you can choose from a wide selection of modern fireplaces made from many different materials including stainless steel and nickel. The Victorian fireplace designs were very ornate and often featured flowers and vines wrapped around the exterior of the firebox.

Another important component of the Victorian living room design ideas is the wall coverings. For the most part, the wall coverings used in the late Victorian times were very expensive. In fact, the average wall covering at the time was a high quality brocade or velvet material. Wallpaper was also very heavy and sturdy. Colors were usually limited to dark shades of reds and black.

Tips for Designing a Victorian Style Living Room Ceiling

The ceiling of the Victorian living rooms was usually either painted or carved in a grand style. There was no allowance for much imagination when it came to wall coverings. Much of the ceiling decoration was devoted to delicate carvings of birds, flowers and insects. This was done primarily to provide an illusion of the room height being much higher than it was in reality. Carvings on the walls consisted mainly of patterns in a variety of bold colors such as black, gray, purple and brown. These patterns were usually very decorative but rarely if ever detailed.

The finishing touches in the Victorian living room showcases were quite plentiful as well. Seating arrangements were always extravagant and luxurious. The seating consisted of sectional sofas that were usually paired with plush cushions. A few of these sofas contained pullout seats that allowed the occupants to recline. Long before the days of the rocking chair, the sofas were actually used as chairs!

Choosing The Right Furniture For A Victorian Living Room

The final pieces of furniture that were included in the Victorian living room displays were the coffee tables and cabinets. Many of these items were handcrafted by the manufacturer and then shipped directly to the store. The coffee tables often had intricate details such as wood carving and applied finishes of various types of medium. The cabinets were larger than the sectional sofas and usually contained a mirror or a table top that was intricately carved. They were usually matched with sideboard furniture matching the cabinets.

Regardless of the style of the furniture, the Victorian living room design was one that exuded opulence and class. The popularity of this type of furniture was immense and was revived in the 1960’s. This was due to the popularity of the Beatles and their penchant for using such pieces of furniture. The designs and styles of pieces were very different from contemporary designs but the effect was still greatly appreciated.

If you are looking to add a bit of elegance to your home then the Victorian living room design is the one to use. The sofa sets, center table and the decorative accents all made from fancy crystal chandeliers will give you the desired effect of a formal living room. Using such a style of furniture also gives you the option to use modern styled pieces if you want to do so. Your dining area can even be furnished in the Victorian style to give it a bit of a classy flair.

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