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List Of Most Corrupt Countries In The World!

Howdy guys welcome back to my website. So, how’s your day? This day I will bring up the hottest topic from today newest topic! So, are you curious about what’s my topic today? Well, my topic today is the list of most corrupt countries in the world. We all know corrupting is wrong but why do people still doing it and what country is nominated as the most corrupt country? Check out now on my article to find out the answer!

Country and Corruption!

most corrupt country in the world

Corruption is a word that we always heard if we talk about a city or maybe a country. Corruption is something that can’t be separated from the government. Well, what’s corruption? Why people do that? Let’s find out!

Well, before we know why people doing corruption, we need to know what is it first, right? So, what is it? According to some dictionaries, corruption is an act to acquire personal benefits by giving a loss to someone whether its direct or indirect, as long as it is not harming their position and often done by high-class people such as manager, banker, and etc.

Well, from the definition itself we can find out why people like to do corruption, right? Yeah, it’s because corruption will acquire personal benefits! That’s what people seek all this time. However, such act like corruption itself also have a bad impact like our country will be entering the list of most corrupt country.

List Of Most Corrupt Countries In The World!

top corrupt country

Even though the nation already tries to cut off the act of corruption. Lack of personnel to help the government to clean up their self from *rats* already drag some country to be written on this list. Curious? Check out the list bellow according to Corruption Perception Index(CPI)!

  1. Somalia.
    • This country nominated as top corrupt country after achieving 8 scores in CPI by transparency international.
  2. North Korea.
    • The country from Asia continent is nominated as the runner-up in the list of most corrupt country with the score that similar with Somalia.
  3. Afganistan.
    • One of the country from Asia continent now come into the list again and now is Afganistan. This country comes with the 11 score in CPI (not bad).
  4. Sudan.
    • Even though this nation hit by war, there are still a lot of people that take an advantage of that situation for their benefits. This why Sudan is replaced on the 4th of the most corrupt country with the score 12 in the CPI.
  5. South Sudan.
    • After departed from Sudan this nation already hit crucial points in their economic state a few times. However, this won’t stop a few people from stealing money from their nation, right? That’s why this country placed in a 5th most corrupt country with the score 15 in CPI (well done).

Well, if you think my article today about the list of most corrupt countries is interesting enough for you, please share my article today with the other people. I hope my article today is useful enough to increase your knowledge. Thanks for coming to my website and sparing a few minutes to read my article today. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day sir.

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