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Most Popular Bohemian Apartment Decoration Ideas

Okikiko.com – Whether you want to live in a small apartment or a large, lavish abode, you should try the most popular Bohemian Apartment Decoration. It is important that the place has a certain atmosphere so you must be aware of it at first. Living in a place that is already filled with comfort may not be good for you. You should come up with a unique color scheme and choose the pieces that will add up to it. It is recommended that you go with the colors that express what you really feel like.

Bohemian Decoration by Adding Elegance to Shades of Green

A very common Bohemian decoration includes the color which is green. Shades of green can be used but it should be blended. If you would like to add more elegance to the place, then you may use lighter shades of green. One great example is the evergreen ivy which looks like real plants growing in the tall grass outside. It is also advisable that you keep away from dark shades such as black and navy since they tend to be imposing.

Another common item, you can incorporate into the scheme is a bear on a rocking chair. It is amazing how something so simple can stir up all sorts of emotions inside you. You could place it in your living room and it will definitely be the focal point of the place. You could hang it above your bed if you are going on a trip. It will definitely bring out the best in your bedroom.

For the walls, you should try hanging pictures with flowers in them. Paint it so it is abstract and not real life like the painting on the right. If you like, you can place up posters of your favorite musicians and singers. The most popular one on the market today is Michael Jackson. He had such a huge fan base back then and you can definitely recreate the same in your own apartment.

Installing Beautiful Works on the Wall

You can also have a painting of your favorite band playing on the wall. Or maybe you like artworks by Vincent van Gogh. These artists left some wonderful works that can be hung on the walls. You should take time looking for them and locating them in the right places.

As far as furniture goes, you should have comfortable sofas and chairs that you can lay back on. There should also be tables and couches that you can put coffee cans or magazines on. The most important thing here is to create the illusion that you are in an outdoor haven. Your garden would probably do better rather than your living room, since it is airy and free of draperies. And don’t forget the floor!

As far as lighting is concerned, you have plenty of options here as well. You can put up a big piece of art that is illuminated from below. You can also have a light bulb fixed at the ceiling so it shines down on the wall paintings. The latter would be very practical, especially if you go out in the evenings.

Most Popular Bohemian Apartment Decoration

Painting, drawing, and even writing can all be done with chalk and these are also highly recommended. Of course, you don’t have to be an artist to make your own posters and other statements. You just have to be creative. This is probably the most popular Bohemian Apartment Decoration that people use today.

You can always choose to get an inspirational quote to hang on the wall. These usually come in books and online. You can find literally hundreds of quotes by visiting different websites dedicated to quotations. If you don’t know where to start, then you can start by choosing a quote that has something to do with decorating. An example would be, “Shakespeare said, ‘The best way to see a beautiful city is from the top of a hill’.

Another very important element that you need to pay attention to would be the furniture. This does not necessarily mean buying new furniture. What you can do is to repaint old pieces with fresh paint. Some of the most common items that you can repaint would be couches, tables, chairs, and even walls. There are so many ways to decorate your apartment and it will only be a matter of time until you find the perfect one.

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