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differences between manga and comic books

Manga and comic, these two identical things are same if we look on the surface. We know most people cannot differentiate this because it is the same thing practically. The objective you read a book with a lot of image on it. Now, we will give you the answer about the differences between Manga and Comic Books.

Different Country

The first thing everyone you should know it is about the country. Manga produced for the first time in Japan and Comic is in America. This is really crucial to know this information. We are sure you can differentiate when reading Manga and Comic. In the Manga, you can find many Japanese cultures and focus on that country. It is the same as Comic, you will find a lot of American stuff.

Style of the Book

manga and comic

Usually, Manga uses black and white color, only the cover which has a color on it. As for Comic, you can read it with colorful colors. Also, the size of Manga is small rather than Comic. That is why it is really suitable to read because the size perfectly fits on your hand. For the Comic, the size is quite bigger like a magazine.


manga vs comic characters

Characters from Manga and Comic is really different. Comic tend to have a stronger character from the beginning until the end. Fantastically, all Comic characters rarely to lost to anyone for example like Superman. As for Manga, all characters start in a weaker form. You can see Goku, Naruto, and Luffy. For the first time, all of them really weak but when they begin their own adventure they get stronger in the process.


If we compare between Manga and Comic story, the winner is Manga without a doubt. There is no one who can withstand a long chapter of Manga story. You can see Detective Conan, One Piece, and so on have 700+ chapters. As we searched for the information, it seems the mangaka (Creator) does not have any intentions to end the series yet. Comic also have a long chapter but it is not the continuation of the main story anymore. We can call it a spin-off from the main series.


That is the differences between Manga and Comics. Now, if your friends say to you both of them is same, you can show this article to them. Last but not least, we have a parting gift for you. See the most popular Comic Books characters of all time. Choose your favorite one immediately.

The Most Popular Comic Book Characters of All Time

the most popular comic book characters

Do you love to read a comic book? If you like to read it then, you must have at least one of the comic book character that you love the most, right? And talking about the comic book characters now, we are going to tell you 5 of the most popular comic book characters until this moment. So, if you are curious about who are the comic book characters which included in the list, just check out the information below!



The first comic book character which is very popular is Wolverine. Actually, he is one the characters of X-Men series. But, because of his popularity than the other characters in that comic book. the writer makes the spin-off story about him entitled Wolverine. He becomes so popular because of his abilities where he can pull out the sharp claws from his both hands and of course, the exciting stories to read.



For the people who do not like to read the comic book, they must not know about this one until he finally appeared in the movie. But, if you like to read the comic book, you must know about Deadpool. He is one of the most popular comic book superheroes for a long time because he is really different than any other superheroes in the comic book. We are sure that we do not need to explain it to you, right?



Who does not like Spiderman? Every people must love the superhero which can pull out a web from his both hands and climb the wall like a spider. Until this moment, Spiderman is the most popular comic book character from the Marvel comic. This must be because of the stories of Spiderman in eradicating crime and facing powerful enemies which are so exciting and thrilling to read.



Strong, fast, and cannot be destroyed by any kind of weapon are just some of Superman’s amazing abilities. He is perfect and almost has no weakness. That is why Superman’s comic book is really popular all over the world because many people idolize him a lot. People love to read his interesting stories especially when he uses all his great abilities to defeat his enemies.



The last superhero character which is so popular in the comic book is Batman from DC. Every people must know him, even our parent must know him as well. We do not know exactly why so many people love to read Batman’s comic book. He even does not have any superpower although maybe his wealth is his real superpower LOL. But, we should admit that his story in the comic book is really worth to read because it is so exciting.


That is all 5 of the most popular comic book characters until this moment. So, which one of those superhero characters from the comic book that you love the most? You can tell us your favorite one and the reason why by writing in the comment box that we have given below.

Who is Hulk? Strongest Marvel Heroes Review

Who is hulk

Howdy and good morning guys, how’s your day? I hope everything goes well. This day I want to share with you about one of the strongest heroes in Marvel universe. Well, you must be guessing Hulk, right? Well, your guess is totally right. It’s Hulk, the strong green man from Marvel. So, how much you know about Hulk? Come and find out who is Hulk and who is behind the character of Hulk only on my website today! Check it out, dude.

Who Is Hulk?

Hulk enemies

As the strongest hero from Marvel universe, there are a lot of people wondering and trying to find who is the person who stands behind Hulk great name. They are trying to open up Hulk secret identity to the public and make it as a treat for public safety. However, that kind of dirty trick won’t work for Hulk. Well, to know about this hero more, we need to know who is Hulk first right? Well, let’s find out who is him.

There are a lot of people wondering and questioning about Hulk real entity. His power that beyond imagination and his uncontrollable anger that can destroy a whole city in a blink of eyes makes him known as the strongest character among true other Marvel superheroes. However, even though Hulk posess such a great power, there is a slight fragile side of him if you look further into his eyes. A small and fragile man called Bruce Banner. Well, you must be curious about how can he possess such a great power, right?

Hulk VS Red Hulk

The red hulk

Like the other superheroes Hulk also has several enemies whether it is in his movie or comic. Hulk enemies are so tough and most of them always almost success to destroy the Marvel universe.

Well like Flash and Reverse, Batman and Joker, Superman and Doomsday. Hulk also has his own big enemy too and his name is Red Hulk. The question now is who is him, right?

It’s really different than Hulk or She-Hulk The Red Hulk possesses the power anger. The angrier he is the stronger he becomes. Do you know even in Marvel Alternate story, Red Hulk was told to killed all Marvel Superheroes and wipe out all the good and righteous people all alone by his own hand? Do you also know that the world almost destroys because of him? Luckily, there is someone who possesses enough power to help Hulk to stop the chaos that caused by Red Hulk and save the world from destruction. In the movie or comic, later Hulk come to join Marvel after he finally can control his alter ego and his enormous power.

I think my article today about one who is Hulk and explanation about one of the strongest superheroes from Marvel is enough for today. If you think my article today is useful for you, please share my article today with the other Marvel lovers. See you soon in my next article, I hope you won’t get bored with me. Thanks for sparing a few minutes to read my article and have a nice day dude.