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Rustic Style Bathroom Ideas

Okikiko.comRustic bathroom ideas offer a cozy retreat where you can pamper yourself in style. Add a rustic touch by using natural materials such as wood or stone and decorate with reclaimed items like water pitchers, jars, a beat-up ladder rack and wooden shelves.

Beautiful Rustic Bathroom Background

Stone walls shape the backdrop for this beautiful rustic bathroom from kuohphotography. A modern sink atop a cart vanity creates a clean look between the natural textures. Rustic bathrooms usually incorporate natural materials like wood and stone, which create a warm and cozy ambiance. Keeping these materials in their raw state is the easiest way to achieve rustic decor, but adding a bit of color with rugs, towels or wall art can also create a stylish rustic bathroom.

Dark woods such as oak and cherry are common accents in rustic bathrooms, but contrasting them with lighter-colored walls and ceilings can create a fresh look. For example, light brown birch and beige shades are paired with rough-cut lumber for an elegant rustic style in this bathroom. Another popular color for rustic bathrooms is green. A moss green tub, shower curtain, or window treatment adds a pop of color that stands out among the other neutral colors and rough textures.

A concrete or manufactured vanity can be topped with natural stone for an eye-catching look that is also easy to maintain. These vanities are available in a variety of styles and sizes so you can easily find one to fit your space. If you want to keep things simple, a sleek porcelain model can provide a modern contrast to other rustic bathroom elements. A few well-chosen wooden decor pieces can soften the overall look. Consider a wood peg rack for towels or an antique wooden tissue dispenser to tie the room together.

Creating a Room that Looks Custom and Built-In

If you are going with a more rustic cabin vibe, try using reclaimed wood for the bathroom walls. This wood can be treated with tung oil to make it resistant to water damage. A plank wall is a great alternative to tile and can be framed with a mirror for an added visual impact. Pair the walls with a wooden floor and wood-look tiles to create a room that looks custom and built-in.

Natural stone is a common choice for bathrooms. It can withstand moisture and stains well and looks beautiful whether it’s used in a shower, tub or vanity top. Stone tile comes in a variety of colors and textures, making it easy to find a style that fits your unique rustic bathroom.

Rustic stone walls are a staple in many rustic decor styles, especially those that feature exposed wooden beams on the ceiling. The rough-cut stone brings an element of authentic country living into the space. It’s a beautiful complement to reclaimed wood flooring and wall paneling. Even small bathrooms can include a stone wall accent. Choose a light color to brighten the space and bring in the rustic aesthetic, or use a darker tile to create a more dramatic look.

Create a Unique Rustic Bathroom

Rustic home design is characterized by casual, natural and rough elements that work well in many rooms including bathrooms. You can create a unique rustic bathroom with decor that adds personality to your space using a variety of color palettes, textures and decor ideas.

For instance, repurposed rough wood pieces can add a distinctly rustic element to your bath. A few oversized wood panels can serve as a countertop for a sink or vanity or can be used to create a back wall accent behind a toilet. If you like, use tung oil to treat the wood paneling or countertops for an even more authentic look.

Decorative window treatments also offer plenty of opportunities to bring in rustic decor for your bathroom. A pair of woven cotton curtains or a simple gingham style adds a cool ranch vibe and can be a perfect complement to other rustic bathroom furniture such as a wooden stool or hooks for hanging towels. If you have and want to send articles to okikiko, you can visit this page!

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