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Small Rustic Apartment Design Ideas

Okikiko.comCreating a small rustic apartment design can be a very enjoyable experience. The rustic decor has some fantastic benefits and allows you to express your own individual personality and style. You will probably want to create a more small-scale design for your apartment, compared to a larger rustic style. However, if you are looking for a very nice and durable decorating idea for your small apartment, here are some ideas for how to create a very rustic living room:

Characteristics of Rustic and Furniture Color Schemes

If you live in a rural area where the weather is mostly cold, choose a very rustic color scheme such as brown, black, or even red. Brown is a very popular choice because it is so soothing. Plus, it goes with so many other colors, such as the lighter shades of beige, chocolate, and honey. Pair brown with some beautiful furniture, such as some plain oak furniture with a distressed finish. You could also try a few rustic wooden accessories that match or contrast with your furniture.

Choose light pastels instead of dark tones, even if you do have a lot of dark colors in your room. You can find these in cream, eggshell, and pale cream. They are easy to paint on with a brush, so you would not have to worry about making them last longer with the dry paint. If you want to add some interest to the room, paint one wall in a deeper shade of your color, such as the beige walls, and the other walls in a lighter shade. This would make the room seem more three-dimensional. You could also add a plant to the middle of the room, such as an azalea, grapevine, or something else that looks nice and natural.

Paint the backsplash on the floor in a neutral color. You would not want to use something bold such as red or orange, because they would overpower the look you are trying to create. If you want to add a splash of color to the area rug, use a deep plum color or an orange or red color on it. However, you should not use too much of either color, just enough to enhance the look you are going for.

The Concept of Decorating a Home with Knick-knacks

As far as your furniture goes, try to choose pieces that are in earth tones, such as brown, gray, and green. These are very popular colors that many people use when decorating their homes. You can also use these colors for accent rugs and throw pillows. Use knick-knacks in simple shapes or choose ones that are in animal shapes, such as frogs, snakes, and crabs for your design concept.

Add some Native American touches by using a brown, black, or rustic-colored area rug. An area rug is a great way to add interest to the room while still remaining stylish. It can also be used as a floor runner or as a border in the room. You can even find great Indian designs online for this purpose.

Best Design Ideas For Cold Weather

Create a cozy fire pit or a small sitting area with a few chairs by using one of those fancy cocktail shakers you can buy online or in your local home improvement store. Place a couple of wooden spoons with cutouts of pumpkins on each table. You can also use ceramic spoons, large porcelain spoons, or colorful ceramic spoons to decorate the tables. You can cover the chairs with a small blanket to keep them warm, but leave open the legs so that they can still sit outside in the cold weather. Creating a small rustic fire pit is a great way to get your design idea across to your guests without them even realizing it.

For flooring, you could use natural stones or decorative carpeting in your area rug. You could also use any type of down pillow, especially if your guest bed is made of a hardwood or metal frame. A small rustic area rug makes a great accent rug and will bring life to your design theme. By creating a few well-placed accent pieces with your furniture and wall art, you’ll have a charming little space that everyone will love.

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