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Living in Small Shabby Chic Apartments

Okikiko.com – Guest bedroom is the third and the last room in your small shabby chic apartment. It is meant for a guest only and so it has to be very comfortable and tasteful. Your small shabby chic apartment doesn’t have to be boring because there are so many ways you can decorate your little bedroom! Here are a few ideas for your guest bedroom decoration.

The Best Simple Decoration Way

Guestroom with limited space The small bedroom is best suited for small spaces. Guest bedroom can be made by incorporating a little bit of small chic furniture and chic decor in the guest bedroom. It can be decorated in a simple way or a chic style depending on what looks best on the small space available.

Small bathroom This one is also for small shabby chic apartments. You can make your small bathroom look a lot better by using different colors and different textures and patterns. For this one, you need to choose a fabric that matches your bed sheets, your pillows and your small furniture. Use a light color on your walls and the rest of the walls will be a lighter shade. This small bedroom has a romantic feel that you will surely love.

Living Room This one is very important when you decorate your small shabby chic apartment. You should try to look for a shabby look fabric that matches the color of your walls and your sofa. You can also add small shabby chic chairs that match your couch. Add some old furniture such as an old table and chairs to make them look even more charming.

Tips for Choosing Shabby Chic Furniture

Bedroom With the colors are darker and the fabrics being thinner, your bedroom should reflect this mood. Choose shabby chic furniture pieces that are a little on the delicate side. You can compliment this look by using shabby chic bedding that has a low heeled shape and by putting small figurines or paintings that have delicate floral designs on them. You can also put a quilt over your bed and use a few more of these shabby chic colors.

Dining Room Your dining room can also be made shabby chic just like your bedroom. Add vintage looking tablecloths and China with small floral designs. The shabby chic curtains you hang on the windows should also be in a shabby design. This way, your dining area will look very inviting and beautiful.

Lounge This is one place where you can relax and unwind. If your living room is big, you can always look at the bigger lounge area that is usually available in many small apartments. It is best to avoid larger lounge furniture as they tend to overpower small spaces. In small homes, the lounge area can be made to look cozy and welcoming with comfortable sofas and small armchairs.

Small Shabby Chic Apartemen Design

Small Shabby Chic Apartments If you live in a small apartment or a condominium, you can get one of these chic apartments in Shabby Kitchens. They are perfect for people who do not have a lot of space but still need to feel comfortable and to feel like a little bit of a special place. Many small homes and small apartments do not have interior designers, so it is up to the homeowner to pick the colors and the furniture that will go into their small master bedroom or other small rooms. By selecting pieces that are in shabby design, you can keep the color and the elegance of your small home at the same time while making it a little bit less flashy and welcoming.

Many small shabby chic furnishings can be found online and in furniture stores. If you need to find an interior designer to help you with this, there are many options available on the internet or at small home stores in your area. You might also want to think about shopping at antique stores for some really old furniture pieces that are beautiful and that you can still use.

Affordable Shabby Chic Decoration

Small Shabby Chic Apartments Another great thing about this style of decor is the price. Since it is so unique, it tends to be more affordable than many other styles of decor. The small homes that are decorated in this way are generally very affordable. Most small homes come with one or two bedrooms and bathrooms and most often, they are two-bedroom homes.

The benefit of having these small homes is that they are perfectly suitable for anyone. They do not matter if you are a young couple or a family that has children. You will be able to live in this home for any length of time you want. You can even rent out small homes if you ever decide to move.

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