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Victorian Kids Room Ideas

Okikiko.comVictorian kid’s room ideas are not hard to come by because of the popularity of the Victorian era. Victorian times were a time of love, hope, and adventure and many kids love these times as well. When you think of a kid’s room, you may think of a play area for the children to have fun and learn while having some fun. This is what a kid’s room should be all about. When you want to decorate your kid’s bedroom, try to recreate some of the things from this time period. Victorian kid’s room ideas are plentiful and you can create a beautiful themed kids’ room with just a little bit of effort.

Victorian Room Design

Victorian kid's room

The first thing that you need to do is take a look at pictures to get an idea of what the Victorian era looked like. You can find many images on the Internet that show this time period and what the kid’s room looks like at different ages. Some of the items that you will need for your kid’s room decoration are linens and bedding. To make the room look even more Victorian, use white or cream rugs on the floor. You can buy rugs in brown, green, blue, black and red.

For a children’s chair, you can get one that is similar to the kind that their parents would sit on. You can use pale green felt covered in white to create a Victorian look. You can also purchase a bench that has a Victorian design. This can be an old bench that you find at a thrift store or an antique chair that is still in great shape. You can put this all over the room.

Adding Paintings

Victorian kid's room

Adding some paintings to your kid’s room can also help to create Victorian kid’s room ideas. Paintings can be found at any local art supply store or on the Internet. You can get a cute portrait of your child or some other subject that your child enjoys looking at.

The Curtains

Victorian kid's room

The curtains in the kid’s room should have a Victorian look. Soft cotton or silk curtains would be a perfect choice. Add flowers to the curtains to add color and to make them look more attractive. You can also put up photos of your family and put them all over the room to make it look like a picturesque scene from a Victorian book.

Wall Hangings Decoration

Victorian kid's room

Wall hangings and pictures are also a great way to incorporate Victorian kid’s room ideas. If your child likes to read, why not have some Victorian-type books on the wall? Maybe they also like to draw or paint. Try hanging some brushes and crayons that you have in your home to add some more Victorian style. You can also find many kids bedroom decorating ideas online to give you a better idea of what to use and where to purchase the supplies you need to complete the look.


Victorian kid's room

Don’t forget the floor covering in your kid’s room. Kids love playing on the floor and it is a great way to teach responsibility. In a Victorian home, there would be no carpets or rugs and the kids would learn to take care of their own room. You can find so many Victorian kid’s room ideas online that include different types of floor coverings to create the look your children are after.

Decorating your kid’s room can be so much fun. When you bring in Victorian kid’s room ideas, you help them understand the importance of caring for something that is a valuable asset to them. They will love the new look you gave it and will continue to use it for years to come.

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