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Shabby Chic Living Room Decoration Ideas

Okikiko.com – So you want a shabby chic living room decoration? If you are anything like me when it comes to colors and arranging things, I am sure you think that these are very “old school” ideas. After all we are trying to go into a new house and not something we’ve decorated before right? And since I live in California most of my friends and family members think the same way. That is understandable too since shabby chic decor is so unique, fun and fresh and it can completely transform the look of any home no matter what the style.

Shabby Chic Living Room Decoration

OK, so let’s get started with the easy part right away. Yes, the first shabby chic living room decoration idea is mostly dominated by white, so if you absolutely hate this color as well as the shabby chic style isn’t for you either. But that doesn’t mean you need to decorate your whole living space in white. You may use one wall for artwork or prints and then bring in a color that complements the wall such as an accent color or even use a fabric color that will tie the room together. Just take it one step at a time and it will be easy to achieve a shabby chic look that is perfect for your new home.

So now that you know you don’t have to use white it is time to pick some ideas of where to start. One great place for a great shabby chic living room decoration idea is to check out vintage stores and those thrift stores. These are generally filled with antiques and they are a great place to find items that were once considered “trashy”. There are always a lot of knick knacks that collectors love to add to their collection and you can easily find a few that will make excellent shabby chic living room decoration pieces. For example, if you visit a thrift store you can find old crystal wine glasses that are practically new.

Shabby Chic Living Room Decoration

Another idea for a shabby chic living room decoration idea is to purchase an antique vase and fill it with flowers. Start by choosing some cheap, vintage looking flowers that you like such as daffodils, calla lilies, and carnations. Next, spray each flower with different colors of stain from pastel blue through to pastel green. This will give the vase a very worn, antique look.

An easy shabby chic living room decoration idea is to hang a picturesque painting or a collage over a bookshelf. Get a beautiful frame made out of iron or glass and paint it a favorite picture or design. Hang it above your doorway so that it accentuates the front of your house. If you have a door that you could swing open to let in more light, then paint the frame the same color as your door so it matches. You can also fill the top with a cushioned rug and place some vintage knickknacks on top to complete the look.

Country shabby style is a fun way to decorate with shabby chic furniture and furnishings. The term ‘shabby’ comes from French, which means shabby or worn out. It is usually associated with a country style interior, so think about having a shabby home. Choose rugs with a country theme like those with a chenille pattern, roosters, or plaid patterns.

One easy way to create a shabby chic room is to buy or make all your vintage and country decorations. Decorate your windows with curtains with shabby style prints. Choose upholstery with shabby print fabric like corduroy or cotton. Place knick knacks with shabby style fabrics on tables or use needlepoint frames to hang your country pin up posters.

Shabby style is a popular interior decorating style in the United States. If you want to look like a shabby chic housewife, search the internet for “shabby deco” and “shabby chic”. You can also find shabby style furniture online. Check out what you can find and start creating your shabby style living space.

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