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Ideas For Industrial Interior Design Ideas For Warehouses And Factories

Okikiko.com – Industrial interior design is the science and art of improving the inside of a commercial or industrial building to create a more aesthetically pleasing and healthier environment for those using the room. An industrial interior designer is a person who plans, designs, coordinates, and oversees these improvement projects. These projects may include remodeling, flooring, painting, partitioning, partitions, heating and cooling, windows, or ventilation. The ultimate objective in any such project is to create a building that is structurally sound with modern energy efficiency.

The Most Popular Industrial Interior Design Styles

One of the most popular styles of industrial interior design is exposed brick. This design style makes use of large exposed brick portions on at least one wall. The brick walls are usually constructed from concrete and the concrete is poured into moldings so that it becomes opaque. This opaque brick can be painted any color that is desired. In addition to the bricks, this style can also contain decorative concrete pouring marks. It can also contain exposed rounded elements such as flagstone, decorative flagstones, scalloped edges, and so on.

Another method of incorporating industrial style decor involves using various kinds of stone. Brick and stone make excellent choices because of the brick’s ability to add a warm and inviting warmth to the room. When warm colors are combined with stone, the result is a cozy and welcoming interior. Another nice touch is using granite or tile as tiles along the walls. These kinds of surfaces are naturally warmer than brick and stone, plus they are less slippery.

Metal finishes are another option when using industrial interior design ideas. Metal finishing techniques include sandblasting, electrostatically charged metal finishes, powder coating, electroplating, dielectric treatments, and cold-cast metal finishes. The metal surfaces can be left natural or painted to achieve either a rustic or industrial look. In some cases, metal surfaces are polished with special tools to create grooves and subtle texturing. This helps to give the metal elements of the room an authentic industrial look.

The Importance of Lighting For Living Room

Lighting is a very important part of any industrial home design plan. In addition to providing ample light for reading or working, lighting helps to set the mood in any room. Many times industrial designers use fluorescent lighting to help create an environment that is both functional and ambient. These fixtures are easy to install and come in a variety of wattages and fixtures so there will be a light to fit any industrial space.

Other popular industrial design ideas focus on the use of exposed pipes and beams. Pipes made of cast iron and steel are common in industrial spaces. In many cases they are simply cast into place. However, other times these beams are incorporated into the structure of the building so that they do not need to be concealed. Either way, these beams offer a wide range of possibilities because they can be curved, straight or angled and come in a variety of sizes.

Other popular themes incorporate the use of stainless steel appliances and modern industrial style furniture. Typically, these designs will utilize stainless steel appliances because they offer an immediate clean line and can be left looking great for years. When choosing appliances, homeowners should make sure that the units are durable, easy to clean and useable for extended periods of time.

Modern Industrial Design Ideas

One other theme that is popular with modern industrial design ideas is using old world, brick walls with grills. These elements combine a traditional feel with an updated industrial setting. In many cases, brick walls are incorporated into a kitchen to create open floor plans and keep the kitchen clutter free.

Mid-century modern style furniture is another popular theme in home decorating that utilizes elements from the industrial style. One common element is the use of straight, geometric lines in a variety of shades. This style emphasizes clean lines and gives emphasis on solid materials that stand up against wood trim. Because of this, industrial style furniture often incorporates chrome accents or wood veneers. In addition, modern elements such as metal are frequently incorporated into industrial style furniture pieces. Many pieces will utilize simple metal components or will incorporate bold metal elements that are usually highlighted by bold colors.

Easy Ways to Design Industrial Interiors

A final element that will make up industrial interior design ideas for warehouses and factories is the use of wood. Although industrial loft spaces may be insulated, it is still necessary to provide ventilation. By incorporating wood panels along the ceiling, walls and doors, it will be possible to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Many warehouses and factories are constructed with wooden slats or molding instead of standard sheet material.

In order to complete the industrial look, it is important to choose lighting fixtures that match the design theme. Bright overhead lighting is often used to showcase items, as well as to direct traffic within the area. The fixtures can be designed to resemble logs or industrial equipment in order to complete a rustic feel.

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