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Unique Traditions From Around The World

Hello guys, welcome back to my website because today I want to talk to you about unique traditions. Do you know? Our world is so rich with culture and tradition from all around the world. We have thousand ethnic group with different culture and tradition. So, why we do not discuss it today?

From all around the world, we have a few interesting tradition to see. However, not many people who know about this culture and tradition. So, that’s why I’m here to telling about some of that unique tradition. Here’s some of them.

1. Foot Binding Unique Traditions From China

Foot Binding is one of the strange traditions from china. In the old times, this tradition becomes so popular among lady in china. This foot binding started when the girls still on young age around 4 until 7 years old. This tradition will be resulting their foot to shape like a lotus. That’s why their foot called as lotus feet.

2. Self-Mummification Unique Traditions From North Japan

Sokushinbu is someone who started this unique tradition in North Japan. They believe if they success doing this ritual, they will send to heaven and will never be born as human anymore. To do this ritual they need to do a long diet. They only can eat beans and seeds for 3 years and start to drink tree sap after that to remove fluid in their body. After that, they will lock their own self inside the cave and ask someone to close the exit door with a rock. If they are a success to do the ritual their body will be not root after they died. However, if they fail they still praised as a monk.

3. Seppuku Tradition From Japan

Here’s another unique and strange tradition from japan. Seppuku or also know as Harakiri is the tradition to kill their own self if they fail to do a mission or taking a responsibility. People that do Seppuku or Harakiri is people that decide their self to die in honor way. There are a few steps to do if people want to do Seppuku. Start by taking a bath, Using white robe, eating their favorite food and end with choosing a servant to help them in their ritual. The servant or also known as Kaisha Kunin job is to help people who want to do seppuku to open up their cloth and picking up the knives for them. There is their job too to help the people that do seppuku to die in honor with cutting off their head, so they are not crying or screaming when they are doing seppuku.

4. Duel Traditions From West

In the old time, Cowboy really like to do this tradition to solving a problem between each other. This tradition started in era 15-20 by western people. People who doing this duel sometimes because they are triggered by someone words and they start to feel insulted and to regain back his honor there is no other way than to challenge that people in a duel.

That is all the Information from me about unique traditions from all around the world. I really hope information from me can help to increase your knowledge. Remember, we are educated people. So, we need to analyze something before learn from that. That’s all from me. See you soon on my next article guys.

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