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Different Home Decorating Styles

Okikiko.com – The first step in selecting a home decorating style is to consider your personality and personal tastes. You may find yourself drawn to traditional decor or eclectic styles. Whether you’re into art and design or prefer practical and functional elements, it’s a good idea to choose colors and materials that reflect your taste.

Wearing Neutral Colors and Classic Furniture

You may also want to look at your wardrobe to determine your general style. For example, you may enjoy wearing neutral colors and classic furnishings. If you’re an art lover, you may want to include some of your favorite paintings, photographs, and other pieces of art into your home. The Chinese style is another popular style, which borrows from Asian and Zen design, but emphasizes simplicity and nature.

Chinese interiors also emphasize the importance of Feng Shui, which is a Chinese philosophy aimed at offering positive energy to the home. Furniture in this style may have detailed carvings or paintings. Moreover, the furniture is usually covered in a thick coat of lacquer, giving it a glossy look. Although this finish was originally reserved for imperial members of the Song dynasty, it became more affordable in the 19th century. This finish is now commonly used on smaller pieces, as well as on decorative portions of larger pieces of furniture.

Lighting Fixtures in Home Decor Style

The Art Deco style, which is similar to the French style, is also a very popular choice among home decorators. It is characterized by sleek metallic finishes and geometric patterns. Art Deco furniture is typically bigger than vintage pieces and has pointed edges. Lighting fixtures in this style are also typically made of shiny materials. Wall sconces and ceiling mounts often feature bold geometric patterns.

Besides the decorative elements, regency interiors are also characterized by the use of neutral colors and furniture with curved legs. Moreover, decorative patterns such as flowers, shells, and leaves add a touch of opulence to the rooms. Chandeliers are also commonly used in the interiors of regency homes.

Popular Style Decoration in Comfort and Warmth

The English country style is another popular style decor that has been around for many decades. This style emphasizes comfort and warmth. You’ll find furniture in this style that is upholstered or has deep seating. The furniture in this style is often made from wood, and has a muted color palette. It’s also often decorated with vintage accents like antique and flea markets.

Another option is the eclectic style. In this style, you can mix and match various materials and textures. For example, a leather sofa can be mixed with a plush rug. A weathered wood table with wrought-iron pendants can add a modern touch. You can also use various knick-knacks and vintage dinnerware. In an eclectic style, the key to successful design is balancing contrasts and accents without overdoing it.

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