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Bedroom Decorating Ideas For The Industrial Style Walls

Okikiko.com – Industrial bedrooms bring together the creative mind and spirit of an artist. Fitted with original industrial fixtures, this room conveys a vision of classic Americana. Revealed steel, exposed brick walls, and rugged unpolished flooring bring the work of the artisan to life.

Building Beautiful and Functional Industrial Designs

Create an industrial bedroom inspired by Henry Ford, utilizing exposed brick walls to frame a natural wood bed. Throw in plush wool linens and soft-edged suede pillows on wooden factory chairs. See interior designer tricks for building beautiful, functional industrial designs on an industrial scale. Consider using industrial design software to create your dream space.

Create an industrial bedroom with clean lines and exposed brick walls. Add industrial style furniture, exposed wire frames, and industrial decor such as industrial wheel decor and factory wheels wall decor. Decorate with white walls and light wood floors. Alternatively, use dark wood bedding with white walls to break up the monotony of bright colors.

Both hardwood and softwood floors are ideal for industrial bedroom furniture. Brick, cast iron, or steel make for rugged, sturdy industrial furniture. Some industrial bedroom furniture includes exposed wire frames, wood bedding, and factory wheels wall decor.

Use of Metal Art on Industrial Bedroom Walls

An industrial bedroom room divider is ideal for the ultimate craftsmanship. Choose a painted white brick wall, black metal wall art, or metal and glass art. Include a black metal trash can for storage. Paint the divider in your favorite color, or create a custom design using paint, stencils, and vinyl lettering. Use a standard bed frame, or incorporate a platform bed that includes a hutch.

In addition to providing a themed space, an industrial bedroom design with wrought iron beds will add character and warmth to a master or guest bedroom. Rustic wood bed frames with hardware are ideal for the chic look of industrial bedroom furniture. Include a wine rack, or use wooden shelves to display collectibles or your favorite books.

Lighting is essential for any industrial room design. Use metal halide or LED lamps instead of traditional incandescent bulbs. Incandescent lighting is often harsh on the eyes. Include hanging lights that are made of stainless steel, exposed brick wall art, and metal halide or LED lamps.

Decorating a Bedroom with Fun and Modern Vibes

Decorating the bedroom makes it fun to enjoy a quality space that serves as both a work area and play space. Use industrial decor and industrial-style furnishings to create a chic, unique space where creativity and energy abound. Industrial bedroom designs are very popular in homes designed around a media or gamer niche. Try incorporating some industrial styling today to add the modern vibe you’re looking for in your own bedroom!

Create open spaces with exposed beams in the headboard and footboard. Use large windows for natural light. This will create a feeling of openness and air. Exposed beams in the headboard and footboard of the bed frame create open floor plans and allow room for comfortable movement and sharing. If you’re not sure what exposed beams are, check out the wiring under your favorite bed.

An industrial decorator will suggest using bright colors like reds and greens to break up the color palette in the primary bedroom. A few shades lighter is perfect for the walls in the primary bedroom, and they are neutral enough to be used in other rooms. Gray and white wallpaper look great in white or black walls, and bold primary colors to create a unique style statement.

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