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How to Decorate a Small White Bedroom

Okikiko.com – There is nothing quite like waking up to a small white bedroom with soft lined bedding. Soft striped wallpaper on the pale, neutral tone of the small white bedroom’s white wall and window coverings. The large, wide windows lend a strong sense of peace, further heightening the sense of intimacy of the room. The room is truly private, and so you feel. Your thoughts are allowed to flow freely. No one else needs to be in the room, so you can get right to work or feel free to read a book for the rest of the day.

Using the Right Colors for the Bedroom

The colors used for the small white bedroom are very crisp and reflective, lending a sense of space and depth. White bedding, including sheets and pillow covers, are rich and comforting. The light texture and slight sheen create a space that seems almost infinite. Bedding with a white background creates an intimate space, as well as giving you a sense of lightness and intimacy. You’ll also want to add some accent pillows, such as lace or satin.

The walls themselves should be basic, flat tiled or wood. This will provide color and texture throughout the room, without being overwhelming. There is no need for carpeting, as the walls will hold in moisture beautifully. Instead, choose an area rug for under the bed. The area rug will help define the shapes of your walls, as well as defining textures, such as the bedding.

Choose simple furniture, such as a simple dresser for storage. Opt for simple pieces over fancy, fluffy ones for a very feminine touch. Opt for solid colors over plaids. This creates a very clean, uncluttered look. Black, white, and cream are very stylish colors for a small bedroom.

Add a Bamboo Shade at The Head of The Bed

Add a bamboo shade on the headboard. The shades can be black, red, gold, brown or tan. A color can be used on just one side, or all three sides. This could create the right mood for reading, watching television, or napping. If your bed is an island, then you could put a colorful accent pillow on each side of the bed.

As a part of the interior decorating, use paint to create contrast. This works well if you have mainly neutral decor. Paint contrasting stripes across your walls, and onto the small bed. Another way to create interest in the bedroom walls is with stenciling. Use a stencil as a frame to hang photos or pictures. Stenciling can add sparkle to a white color wall.

For something different, use texture on the bedding. If you have wood accents on the rest of the room, then you can accent those wood colors on the bedding. You could also choose a fabric with texture. You can go for silky or rough textured fabrics.

The Best Choice of Bedroom Decoration

When decorating small bedrooms, there are endless options that you have. Use these ideas to add warmth and character to your bedroom. You can use modern styles or traditional looks. Decorating should be fun. These ideas will give you plenty of ways to decorate without spending a lot of money.

Small bedrooms should have lots of natural light. For this effect, choose natural fabrics, such as cotton. Bright wallpapers and curtains add another layer of brightness into the room. You can make the room seem larger by choosing light colored wallpaper with crisp accents. Cushions on your sofa and bed can be plain, or feature bold patterns and artwork. Bright colors add to the brightness of the space as well.

Make the Bedroom Look Bigger

Another idea is to make the bedroom seem bigger than it actually is. Use accent walls for wall graphics, painted artwork, or bold color accents. Add texture to the room by choosing a few different textures, such as exposed brick wall. This will give a distinctive look to the room. For a unique look, create a geometric pattern by choosing wall tiles with small exposed bricks. This gives a unique style that will certainly make an impression.

The furniture in your bedroom should reflect your personality and the decorating style you prefer. For example, if you like country decor, choose items with bold and beautiful embroidery, colorful flowers, and other country accents. A wrought iron bed with intricate carvings will have a bold and lovely look. However, if you prefer modern styles, avoid heavy pieces with dark finishes and instead choose chic furniture with clean lines and bold highlights. You can even paint the walls in the same accent colors or coordinate the drapes and furniture.

These are just a few small tips to help you create a wonderful themed bedroom that also has a timeless appearance. If you use these decorating ideas, you can create a bedroom that looks both charming and exciting. Just be sure to stay within your budget, which will ensure that the project is a success. Once you start to decorate your bedroom in a themed fashion, you’ll find it much easier to incorporate all of your favorite ideas into the space. Smaller bedrooms can often seem quite small, but when you decorate them in an effective manner using these great ideas, you’ll soon see that they are just as inviting as larger bedrooms.

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