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Small Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Okikiko.com – The small contemporary living room of the Hancock Park home is a reflection of the homeowner’s fashion sense and taste for the small things. With an almost minimalist approach, the furnishings utilize natural materials with geometric shapes and clean, uncluttered lines. The furnishings, antiques, and small art pieces create an environment of peace and calm. Within the small living space, you’ll find a quaint coffee table, quaint wooden end tables, and mismatched chairs that combine a warm color scheme.

Modern Small Living Room with Contemporary Furniture

Within the small, modern living room, the furnishings are arranged around a central focus, which is an entertainment center with a TV or DVD player and a couch or accent chair. As the name implies, the contemporary furniture hues are bold, modern, and crisp, while the colors are neutral and comforting. The sofas in this small living room are typically the 1950s-style seating that is made of soft chenille fabric, with the cocktail tables are solid wood or wrought iron, and the end tables are small teak or white rattan. In most cases, the chairs and accents in this room are all in earth tones, with small touches of different colors here and there. In some spaces, the accent colors are more prominent and include warm orange, peach, or rusty browns and golds.

One of the most popular items in the small, contemporary living room is the coffee table, as it draws the eye upward, away from the TV and entertainment center. Within the coffee table, you’ll typically find a bookcase, or two shelves, and a place to store the remote control. If your sofa bed is long and narrow, consider purchasing one with a glass top, so that you can display those treasured photos or other mementos on the top. Or, if your sofa bed is short and wide, consider having an Ottoman installed on the bottom, so that your feet will be resting comfortably against the cushion. This gives a nice height to the bed, and also provides additional storage space for books or shoes.

Because a small contemporary living room is so narrow, it’s important to ensure that any furniture you buy fits properly with the overall theme of the room. There’s no need to overspend on expensive pieces of furniture, just simply keep in mind the general colors and textures that you would like to incorporate into the space. For example, if you have dark walls, then you obviously don’t want to buy furniture with shiny, bold finishes. On the other hand, if you have a lot of wood detail in your walls, then a darker stain may work nicely to hide it. When choosing furniture, you should always keep in mind the general color scheme of the rest of the home, and not make furniture pieces stand out in a negative way.

Small Contemporary Living Room with Limited Space

In a small contemporary living room, the floor space tends to be very limited. Therefore, one of the most important things to remember when buying furniture is not to compromise quality for price. Often, the least expensive furniture may still be too ‘plastic’ and feel cheap. The good thing about this type of room design is that all your furniture can be placed in any place you like within the limits of the space. You can use a larger section of the floor space for a coffee table, for example, and arrange other seating arrangements around it. As long as it fits within the designated area, then your small modern living room has all the freedom in the world.

Since a small contemporary living room will probably have low ceiling height, consider using a rug as a way to make the flooring look taller. The most important thing when it comes to finding the right rug is to make sure it isn’t too big or too small. A small rug will create the illusion of a wider space, which can make the small rooms in which they are placed seem more spacious. If you want to add some character to your small living room, consider using an animal rug – perhaps a sheep or rabbit, as these creatures have a wonderful way of looking cute and welcoming. Similarly, you could try using a ferret, or guinea pig rug, as these animals also come with cute traits.

Modern Small Contemporary Living Room Ideas

In terms of other small contemporary living room ideas, one great thing to do is to hang some modern art on the wall. As this type of room is almost always designed to appear smaller than it actually is, artwork can help to make your room feel bigger. Another idea is to decorate with modern furniture. Again, you can choose from a range of different pieces, from an easy-to-care-for sofa to an elegant dining table; all of which can be dressed up with a colourful rug or some beautiful framed art. Alternatively, you could purchase a few interesting chairs and tables and fill them with funky, up-to-date furniture.

Finally, consider using a coffee table as your small contemporary living room centerpiece. This is not necessary for most styles, but if you are after something that will really stand out then consider having one made from wood. A coffee table made from hardwood such as maple or oak can give your room a truly unique and stylish vibe. It’s worth thinking about whether you would like a glass top table, as these can really brighten up the room with their unusual design. Glass tops used in coffee tables can also have a great effect on making small spaces look larger, allowing for more open and airy living areas – perfect for any budding artist! Overall, a small coffee table is a perfect addition to a contemporary home; its ability to combine functionality and style is second to none!

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