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Decorating Your Basement Using Rustic Art and Natural Furniture

Okikiko.com – Imagine a farmhouse kitchen with the sights and smells of a rustic outdoors permeating the entire space, and you’ve got the foundation for a new type of Bohemian basement design. The possibilities are endless with this style, which takes advantage of the natural character of a farmhouse kitchen by converting it into an outdoor living area. The use of wood, stone, and brick along with a variety of other materials is ripe for customization.

Bohemian Basement Special Fireplace

Farmhouse kitchens often have a custom fireplace; in a Bohemian basement, incorporate that feature with a stone mantel and brick wall design. For additional warmth, add a wood burning stove surrounded by a fire-pit as well as ornately carved pieces of wood to create a rustic fire pit. Add wooden flooring accented with an area rug and you have a touch of the wild.

Brick walls create a distinctive character in a Bohemian basement, but the traditional farmhouse wall construction is not out of the question. A stone wall constructed of logs is the most popular approach. However, keep in mind that the walls are the most visually appealing element in your space, so take care not to overpower the space with too many features. In a large square with ample room, you can display several of your favorite wooden or metal artifacts on shelves, while hanging decorative wrought iron chandeliers lend an air of mystery to the space.

Rustic Ceiling View in Dark Open Space

You may prefer the look of a rustic ceiling in a dark, open space. To achieve this effect, create a central room that rises from the main floor, with a large open floor to ceiling window. Hanging art and native artifacts from your high ceilings will make the room feel more like an oasis.

If the height of your ceiling is limited, consider using a wooden trellis to create a visual path up the walls. Use wooden beams to help support the trellis, and choose a color to coordinate with your walls. Your lighting should be soft and subtle. This type of basement decor will lend itself very nicely to candlelit dinners, but you can also incorporate soothing lighting into your design. Candles can be displayed on wooden plaques, but remember to keep them off the carpet! Keep in mind that when you are creating an authentic Bohemian setting, your lighting should be complimentary to the colors used throughout the rest of the house and not cause undue clutter.

Bohemian Style Fireplace

A Bohemian style room would be incomplete without a rustic fire pit. Boiling hot coals are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors when you have an evening outdoors. You can display your collection of Native American pottery, or choose from an array of natural stones and metals for your fire. A wooden wall panel can be installed along the perimeter of your fireplace to provide additional storage, or you can choose to leave the interior of your newly updated basement plain.

You may also want to install a light fixture over your fireplace, or you may want to add a pendant light to your ceiling. Many times homeowners choose to use rustic-styled stone or brick wall grilles to compliment their earthy feel. A classic pair of boots can easily be accented by the addition of handcrafted leather jewelry. Glass art and vintage items are another way to dress up a plain, moldered ceiling in your Bohemian basement. Even your bathroom can benefit from a few eclectic touches, such as a lavender hand towel, antique ceramic tile, or colorful flower pots.

For a more traditional look, consider using a wrought iron wood panel on the wall, along with a color-coordinated rug on the floor. You can further give your basement a traditional look by adding a molding on the front door of your home. You can find a variety of rustic doors at any home decorating specialty store. You may also choose to add handcrafted wood panel doors that match the wood panel on the wall.

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