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Hollywood Glam Family Room Decorating Ideas

Okikiko.com – Hollywood Glam Family Room is a great place to enjoy your favorite movies with friends. You can make your own atmosphere in this special place by decorating it with the great Hollywood glamour style. The Hollywood glam look is influenced by the movies of the decades of the 20th century. That is why most of the interior design styles are influenced by the movies. Here is an interesting look at some of the ideas for decorating your Hollywood glam family room.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wallpaper Theme

Choose a wallpaper that will fit the mood of the room. Wallpaper that is based on the decade that the movie was made is a great option. If you choose wallpaper with the look of a car, you can have your favorite movie theme. You can make the room look more realistic by hanging mirrors and wall decals that give the appearance of a scene from the movie.

Add cushions to the seats. A movie chair looks good in the living room. To complete the look, place a table near the entrance so that you can have a snack while watching your favorite Hollywood flick. A coffee table can make the room look cozy. When guests sit down, they can munch on the snacks.

Make the room more glamorous by adding throw pillows. They will make the room look more comfortable. You can even decorate your pillows with throw pillows and matching accent pillows. This gives a cozy look.

Tips for Choosing Dark Colors for Floors and Furniture

Paint the walls in colors that match those used in the movie. You can also use bold colors like red and blue. Make sure you choose dark shades for the flooring and furniture as well.

Add a rug to the floor that is themed after the theme. It makes the room more authentic. Rugs are also essential for keeping the floor comfortable. If you don’t have the space to purchase one, you can always use rugs that were used in the movie.

The family room is the place where you gather together for the day. It is the room where all family activities happen like games, watching TV or even having private talks. To make this room look more alive, you can add some throw pillows, fresh flowers and other soft furnishings.

Hollywood Glam Look Ideas for Decoration

To further decorate the room, you can add a vase of fresh flowers and ornaments. You can place a teapot in the middle of the table. The teapot adds a lot of color and life to the room. You can also place candles on the table and surrounding the teapot. If you wish, you can use a lamp shade with the same colors as the walls. With these ideas, your Hollywood glam look can be complete.

For your sofa and chairs, you can add up cushions. It will give a contemporary look to the room. You can also use red velvet for the chair cushions. You can also use different hues of red curtains and drapes to enhance the look of the room.

You can also choose from a wide array of colors. You can go for colors such as gray, black, brown and beige. These colors will look great with the gray floor rug. Brown and black furniture can also add a classy touch.

Wall Hanging Adds a Vintage Look

Wall decorations can be changed according to your preference. You can use artwork paintings and prints to add a beautiful touch. You can also choose an old lamp stand that you have kept aside. Use it to add an antique look to the walls.

The other decorating ideas include putting up photos of your loved ones who are famous in Hollywood. You can put one on the middle of the bed or a small table next to the bed. This will surely make the room look glamorous. If you have a DVD collection, then you can store them on the shelves next to the entertainment unit. To add a touch of elegance, you can hang crystal chandeliers over the shelves. All these things can help you create a room that looks very special and comfortable.

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