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Create a Bohemian Dining Room

Okikiko.com – Dining in a Bohemian environment is both trendy and relaxing. Since the dining area is essentially the most formal gathering spot for entertaining, such spaces often tend to be less formal but that does not mean it must be boring. Enter Bohemian dining areas: relaxed, chic, and always inviting to help make your guests desire to dine forever. The best way to pull off this look is to choose furnishings, accessories, linens, and dinnerware that are a break from the expected.

Tips for Choosing a Bohemian Dining Room Design

To begin, select Bohemian dining room table designs that are heavily influenced by Indian, Asian, Mexican, or Brazilian styles. The vibrant colors of these cultures lend themselves beautifully to bold colors and bold patterns. In addition, be sure to include lots of vibrant textures, like wooden tables, mirrors, metal, and wood-inspired pieces. These will give a welcoming feel without being too overwhelming.

The mood that you want to set for your Bohemian dining room must also be considered. Do you want a romantic mood, reminiscent of India? Or would you prefer to create an upbeat vibe, with brighter colors and a fun, playful spirit? This will help you determine the colors and materials to use in your space. Bright colors and bold patterns can be paired with bold accent pieces, like a vibrantly colored tablecloth and unique vases filled with exotic flowers. You can also pair bold colors with earthy textiles, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Inspiration for a Bohemian Dining Room Design

Next, locate an image source that inspires your vision for your Bohemian dining room. Have you ever seen a vineyard or a meadow? These natural scenes can provide inspiration for your decor. Have a look at some magazines, local gardens, or any place where you can find photos of outdoor scenes. Choose a picture that inspires you and incorporate it into your Bohemian dining room decor.

Once you have identified your inspiration for your Bohemian dining room design, it’s time to choose the perfect fabrics for your decor. It’s perfectly acceptable to use bold and earthy colors, but remember that a high-gloss or shiny fabric may overpower the image and become the focus of the room. The plain, natural, or distressed corbels work well, as do organza and shaggy curtains. Try to find fabrics that show off the image you have chosen, such as vintage corals printed on silk, lace, or with a striped background.

Unique Artwork in Design

You may also want to include a unique piece of art in your Bohemian dining room design. Your best options include a framed painting, a sculpture, or a photo on a bamboo or rattan frame. You can also add rustic accessories to the dining area, such as wooden or earthy bar stools or wooden tables. If you choose a boho dining table, a wrought iron accessory would be nice.

You should also pick a unique centerpiece for your Bohemian dining room decor, such as a large wooden bowl, a ceramic or terracotta globe, or a leather and metal candle holder. Place the focal point in an area that is less conspicuous. For example, place the teak dining table against a wall so that guests won’t see the painting or sculpture. Place it above a window so that passersby will be able to appreciate your design.

There are a lot of things to consider when creating a beautiful Bohemian dining room decor. Just remember that your focus should be on creating an inviting vibe. Also, choose pieces that have an exotic look but don’t seem too showy or indulgent. This way, you can relax and forget about being overly fussy with your furnishings. Just remember that your goal is to create a special and uniquely you space in your home.

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