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What is Latte Art? How To Drawing Art On Latte?

Hello guys, do you like to drink a cup of hot coffee in the morning? Well, let’s discuss what is latte art? Which one do you like? Original latte or latte with a drawing on it. Do you like it when you get your bartender draw a picture on your late? Well, let’s talk about that now.

History of Latte Art

Do you know what is latte art? Because not so many people are familiar with latte art. Many of them still confuse when I ask about latte art to them. Well, I can’t blame them right? So, I will start with explaining to you about the history of latte art.

History record there are two peoples from a different country, who developed this latte art. According to history, these two peoples make latte art almost at the same time. The World admit David Schomer as the first barista that makes Latte art for the first time in America in the middle 1980. The second people that also known as latte art maker is Luigi Lupi from Italy.

The decision to make David Schomer as the maker of latte art based on his ability and technique when making a latte art. David Schomer even makes a statement about his experiment on 1984 when its autumn season, he succeed to make love pattern into latte art.

There is a few style to makes latte art, I will explain it only for you, my lovely reader.

  1. Free Pouring, is the most common technique for a newbie that try to make latte art for the first time. A simple technique like this also can be used to make a simple pattern like heart or rosetta. However, this technique also can make a more advanced pattern like swan, scorpion, or tulip.
  2. Etching is a more complicated technique to make more complicated patterns. This technique etched simple geometric shapes to complicated drawing.

Latte Art? Where Can I Learn It?

Start to interested to learning this art? So, you are curious to learn latte art after reading this article? Well, I can’t show you the specific location to learn latte art. However, I can show you how to learn latte art by your own self.

  1. Let’s try to find the nearest coffee shop in your town and ask them about the course to learn latte art. Sometimes the barista opens a course to people that want to learn latte art or interested in it. The price can be very varied according to your barista.
  2. If you think learning directly to barista is too expensive, you can learn it all by yourself by watching YouTube or buying some books about latte art.
Believe me, nice art sometimes finds by accident and that’s what make your art become unique and maybe one day you will become the next barista on latte art championship, Who know? Well, I hope my information about what is latte art can answer your question all this time. If you find this information is helpful for you, please share this article with your friends. Thank you for reading my article today. See you in my next article.
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