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Recovering Ransomware Wannacry | Do it or You Lose Your Data

Ransomware Wannacry is really terrified since the chance to restore its data is really hard. The creator really knows very well the bug of windows in the oldest version. People who get this kind of ransomware is people who barely update their windows or use the nulled version. If you are using original windows and it is up to date. There is nothing to worry, especially if we have good antivirus protection program.

Wannacry has attacked at least million PC in the world in 2017. It should be reduced in 2018 since most people already known well about this kind of ransomware but the chance to get back our data is still low. It increases slightly higher than before.

Recover Infected PC

If your PC already infected by wannacry. There is no solution to remove it by ourselves. Especially if we do not have any ability of computer skill. It would be really hard to do since we have do not know how the encryption works.

The best way to reverse all the attack is to use ransomware removal. There are many cybersecurity teams who can help you to release your suffers. Do not worry, they can guarantee that you will get all your data or you will be refunded.

Tips to Avoid

One thing to keep in your mind is to use updated antivirus and firewall protection. This is really important if you want to avoid this one. You also need to update your windows since this kind of ransomware attack any computer which run Microsoft Windows OS. The chance of getting this malware is really high if we barely update it.

We also would like to let you know that you should not open any kind of program which you think it does not have any source. Make sure any kind of program or document should be known well by you.

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