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Technology Inspired by An Animal and Copied by Human

Hello guys, welcome back to our site today. This day I want to share you about technology inspired by an animal. There are many of our technology that copies animal or nature ability. Can you tell me and give me one example? Well, if you can’t give me one example of our technology that copied from an animal, you need read this article.

Technology Inspired by An Animal

There are so many of human technology inspired by nature. Sometimes I even doubting about our title as the most advanced race in the world because there are so many of our technology copied animal ability. Well, do you know what is our technology that copied animal? What? No? Well, it’s my pleasure to explain it to you one by one. Here’s a few list of technology inspired by an animal.

  1. Motion Detector Camera. This technology inspired by fly eyes. This fly eyes can see an object clearly among another object. They get this ability because they can unite different scale of light from one object in their eyes.
  2. 3D Technology. This one inspired by Mantis Shrimp eyes. This is because human only can see 3 primary colors. However, Mantis Shrimp have fantastic eyes. They can see 11 – 12 combination of different primary colors. This why I think Mantis Shrimp is amazing.
  3. Helicopter. Dragonfly becomes our next inspiration. Their amazing flying skill or their ability to steady in one place while they are flying make human choose them as our next target. Human start learning how dragonfly can doing their amazing flying skill and try to make a replicate of their skill. Human finally can make a helicopter, A flying machine with high agility.
  4. Wingsuit. Do you ever dream of flying? However, you don’t have any budget to buy an airplane? Don’t worry you can buy wingsuit. This suit inspired from a unique and small animal called sugar glider. This small animal inspiring scientist with its ability to jump over a high tree to another high tree. They have a membrane on their skin to connect their hand with their leg and use it as a wing. They are clever, right?
  5. Radar. Inspired by dolphins and bat. The ability to checking surrounding only using sound wave are copied from this two amazing animals. They are giving us a new perspective about seeing something without using our eyes.
  6. Light Reflector in Dark. A cat is a cute animal, right? However, do you know? Cat also becomes one of our inspiration to creating something. We know cat eyes can glow in the dark but do you know why? It’s because in their eyes have some kind of light reflector and that’s inspiring Percy Shaw to make a Light reflector in dark. So, we can avoid traffic accident when night comes.

So, The Conclusion is Animals are Better Than Us?

Let me ask you one simple question. Do you know why animal become our most inspiring thing? I know you can answer it now right? That’s because somehow even they are just an animal. They evolving more than us to their environment but that don’t make us lower than them because we also evolving with creating thing even we are just copying from them.

I think that’s enough from me. Thanks for reading my article about Technology inspired by an animal. I hope this article useful for you. If you find this article interesting, please share to you, friend or family. I hope we can meet in my next article. See you guys.

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