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How to Create a Scandinavian Family Room

Okikiko.com – Scandinavian style is a simple and modern way to create a calm living space. It’s also easy to adapt to your own personal tastes.

Scandinavian Living Rooms Should Be Bright and airy

A Scandinavian family room should be light and airy, with white walls and natural wood finishes to add warmth and ambiance. It should also contain a few decorative details to avoid cluttering the space. A Scandinavian family room anchored by white walls can be a great option if you want to create a bright and airy space. The look is usually characterized by light furniture, natural materials, and minimal accessories.

Unlike American and British designs, the Scandinavian decor is focused on form and function rather than knickknacks or ornaments. That means you’ll rarely find a corner table or console with a stack of vases, picture frames, or heirlooms. Another key aspect of the Scandinavian aesthetic is texture. To prevent your muted living room color scheme from looking cool and clinical, layer in natural materials like wood, stone, and concrete.

Keep your textures neutral and opt for more earthy tones, such as warm browns or mossy greens. These colors are calming and can help you relax in your living room after a long day. Wood floors are a key aspect of Scandinavian interior design. They bring in the warmth and natural beauty of the outdoors.

Helps Define Different Zones in the Room

Often, they’re installed in open-plan spaces and are almost always topped with a rug. This not only adds texture to the floor but helps define different zones in the room. A light wooden floor will also keep a Scandinavian family room looking bright and airy in spite of the dark winters. It’s best to choose light-colored woods such as oak, birch, and pine.

Another way to incorporate wood flooring into a Scandinavian home is to use living room paneling in light wood finishes. These panels can be made from strips of timber or veneered with an oak finish to bring a classic feel to any living room. A family room is a go-to space for relaxation and entertaining, so it should feature a variety of features. These include a TV, sofas, and plenty of storage for family heirlooms.

White walls are an oh-so-important component in any Scandinavian design, but a patterned or stained wood finish can also bring the look together with ease. This is especially true of wall art, which can be framed in the most stylish way possible. In addition to the above-mentioned white walls, consider using light woods like ash, pine, or beech to bring in some of that Scandi charm. The best part about this trend is that it will continue for years to come as a result of the durability of these natural materials. The latest technology in slatwall paneling, for instance, offers easy installation and a sleek modern feel that will last for decades.

How to Decorate that Reflects a Beautiful Design Style

If you’re looking to bring the Scandinavian aesthetic into your family room, look for iconic decor that reflects this design style. These pieces can be anything from a comfy sofa to a classic coffee table, simple floor lamps, and carefully placed houseplants. The Nordic way of decorating is all about restraint and balance. That means removing highly saturated colors and keeping your home minimal.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice personality or charm. Consider introducing some playful prints to your pared-down Scandi space. A few natural accents like sculptural evergreen clippings on the window sill are also a must. They’re a great alternative to flowers that will add a touch of nature without taking up too much space.

While Scandinavian homes usually go for a clean, minimalist look, you can add a little more color to your family room. Adding subtle shades of green, gray, or mint can help the space feel more welcoming. The best way to bring color into a Scandinavian living room is to use decorative accents that have simple designs. Choosing vases, throw pillows, and blankets with geometric prints can add texture to the space without being too overpowering. Another way to bring in color is to incorporate houseplants. While they may not be as visually impactful as a big rug, they can bring fresh air into your home and instantly brighten up your space. If you wish to send your article to okikiko, you can check out this page!

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