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Traditional Playroom Housing Experts Gets It Wrong

Okikiko.com – Children’s playrooms used to be dominated by traditional wooden furniture, which is still very popular for many parents of younger children. Traditional playroom sets are made from solid wood and feature big black wooden legs – perfect for putting up a fort style wall. Today, wooden playrooms are still very popular, but there are also a lot of options when it comes to kids’ playrooms.

Tips for Choosing a Playroom for Children

One of the biggest questions that many parents ask when they’re choosing a new playroom for their kids is whether they should purchase a traditional playroom or a more modern, plastic style playroom. While plastic is certainly cheaper than traditional wooden playroom furniture, some parents are hesitant to change their child’s old traditional playroom and opt for the cheaper plastic option. After all, most of today’s toys are more durable, and plastic is no longer too easily breakable. But if you’re concerned about durability then you should definitely think about upgrading your kids’ playroom!

Today’s plastic playrooms feature durable fabrics that can withstand spills and are easy to clean – making them far easier to maintain than traditional playrooms. But there are a few things you should remember when it comes to cleaning these types of playroom furniture. Traditional playroom furniture is usually painted with a clear coat of paint to protect it from being dinged up or damaged, but you should always vacuum and clean the walls of your kid’s playroom so that you keep their floors and walls clean. Otherwise, your kid’s playroom can develop a fungal or mildew smell, which isn’t at all pleasant for your little ones!

Making a Wooden Playroom

Wooden playrooms are often made from hardwood like oak or maple, and although they don’t offer the same amount of protection as their plastic counterparts, they’re much softer and lend a more homely feel to your kids’ playrooms. Many traditional playroom sets are quite large, and they may take up a lot of space in your child’s bedroom, so you might want to consider a smaller wooden playroom set. This way you can use the extra space to store all of your kids’ toys and other items without feeling guilty about it!

Of course, not all traditional playroom sets come in large sizes. You can also opt for a playroom set with a smaller set of furniture. Usually these smaller sets are referred to as “chalkboard wall” sets, and they make great pieces of furniture for small spaces. A chalkboard wall set will consist of a chair, a table, a few mirrors and perhaps some storage shelves too. These items will make for a great filler in a small room, and they are a great way to encourage creativity and imagination in your child!

Best Kids Playroom Ideas

Another idea is to look at a korobkin playroom set. A korobkin playroom is ideal for both young and older children. It is traditional in design and the entire unit sits on the floor. Your child can easily rearrange the units on the floor to fit their particular needs. Because most korobkins are made of solid hardwood, they also make a great addition to any traditional playroom as well as a great educational tool!

If you’re looking to create a more modern look, you might want to consider a cube playroom. A cube playroom is designed with squares rather than the traditional circle and square walls. This makes a cube’s room seem more like an art gallery than a playroom for your children! The cubes seem to meld into the space rather than stand out like regular walls do. Kids love to place objects in the cube walls, which makes them feel as though they have “stored” objects inside the cubes!

So while traditional playroom housing experts may tell you that contemporary styles aren’t necessarily the best choice, we think that you should consider at least trying a contemporary style. After all, you may be one of the many parents whose children have a taste for technology. With so many gadgets available today, it’s easy to get older kids addicted to technology. As parents, you’ll want to help them embrace technology by finding ways that they can use it to their advantage!

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