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Nautical Family Room Theme

Okikiko.com – There is a certain something about a nautical family room that makes it so fun to decorate. It’s the look of a sailboat on the wall. A pair shimmers in the bathroom with their matching towels is a lovely touch. A couple loves the bright cheer of the kitchen, bathed in sunlight reflected in the mirrored cabinets, looking over the island they call home.

Nautical Decoration About Seaside Elegance

Most nautical decorations are about seaside elegance but don’t let that be the only part of the theme. It can be fun to add some light blue and white touches to the nautical theme. Using light blue plates and napkins gives the room an upscale look. In the bathroom, a simple shower curtain in light blue or even a towel set in a blue basket with silver flowers will give a nautical look. Mix those textures in the kitchen with a glass table and a stainless steel microwave.

For something truly unique, consider buying an old sailcloth and hanging it from the ceiling. Picture it draped across the room in a tropical pattern, with palm trees swaying in the breeze. Use a rug to create an interesting pattern in the middle of the room. You could also use seashells for backgrounds in your nautical theme, if you like.

Tips for Using Attractive Accessories for the Nautical Theme

Try to coordinate the colors of your nautical family room throughout the house. If you have a red accent wall in your dining room, have a red centerpiece on your nautical family room table. The same goes for a nautical clock, a nautical table runner, a nautical lamp, and so on. You can use a variety of accessories to pull the theme across the rooms. Mix and match wall decals with pictures of sailing boats or even sea shells. There are endless possibilities.

For additional inspiration on how to design your nautical theme room, you can visit your local library or bookstore. You might also check out nautical books at your local book store. There is a huge selection of these types of books at most every brick-and-mortar bookstore. You might also check out some of the online sites that sell nautical decor.

Accessories that you can buy to set off your nautical theme are a sailboat pinwheel and a plastic figurine of a pirate. You can also buy all-in-one nautical kits that include a sailboat, flagpole, compass, radio, lighting supplies, and other nautical supplies. You can choose to put up nautical posters throughout the room and also hang red and white nautical charts on the walls. If you have a lot of space in your kitchen, you could even make a nautical table with a shelf and chairs.

Nautical Theme Family Room Natural Touch

The curtains in your nautical themed room will need to be patterned after the sails on a boat. The colors for these curtains should also be similar to the colors you see on the boat. If you have limited space, then it would be a good idea to get a large sailboat poster and hang it on one wall. You could also get a nautical poster from an online site and cut it to size and frame it along with a few sails.

Adding touches of nature to your nautical theme room will also be a nice touch. Look for trees that match the color of the sails on your boat. You can use those branches to create a window by attaching them to the window with fishing line. You can also add fake nautical sky to the ceiling of your room. Adding photos of the beach or even a picture of the sun setting over the water would also be a nice touch to complete the look of your nautical theme room.

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