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A fashion event planner

okikiko.comA career in fashion event management can prove lucrative if you have the right attitude and enjoy working with people and creating excitement about creative clothing ideas. Fashion event management can also be a rewarding profession for women who want to run their own fashion events or work on commission as a fashion event planner. Fashion event planners are involved in planning and executing events for fashion week, store openings, fashion shows, product demonstrations, fashion tradeshows and even sample sales. A fashion event organizer can work alone to plan small intimate events, or can lead a team to large complex events.

Fashion event planners must keep abreast of industry trends

A fashion event planner must have certain skills in marketing, promotions, event strategy and salesmanship. In addition, a fashion event coordinator must have an eye for talent at fashion shows and be able to groom volunteers effectively. The fashion event planner should keep current on industry trends and be able to adapt them into the event’s atmosphere. A successful coordinator will be able to plan activities that attract crowds of people, create a buzz, and draw attention to the designer’s or manufacturer’s products.

Fashion events are not only for children; they are for teens and adults, too! Participating in fashion events is a fun way to meet others who share the same interest in fashion. My first edition took place in our church. I was so nervous that my friends and church members did not know what to do with me! I had such a great time that I talked about my fashion events with other organizers and shared my experiences.

Highly anticipated event

Berlin Fashion Week takes place in April. This highly anticipated event, previously held in May, is one of the most popular fashion weeks in Europe. Each year, in March or April, fashion enthusiasts, designers and fans from all over attend the event to witness the most innovative outfits, and to experience the hottest trends in the industry. For the second consecutive year, I am co-chairing the event along with my good friend Marina Sechi. We are thrilled to once again bring the world to our city.

Each year, we carefully plan the schedule, the hotel accommodations and where we will all eat. The excitement begins to build in late May. The buzz begins to build as we begin to look through the catwalks for the newest fashion trends. Excitement mounts as we anticipate what the line will look like next year. I love being a part of all of this, but it can get exhausting.

In late May, we arrive early to the venue, which is located in Wedding. We enjoy breakfast and then move to the plaza to watch the sun go down over the German Stadium. During the day we visit the runway shows, one of which features Calvin Klein. We love watching the creations of female fashion designers. Our eyes are drawn to creations by two of the top female fashion designers in the world today, whom we follow throughout the day to our hotel. We stay until after midnight, when the line of creations ends and we return to the comforts of our suite.

The annual Fashion Week hosted by the organizers of Rome Fashion Week

In October, we travel to Rome, Italy to attend the annual Fashion Week organized by the organizers of the Rome Fashion Week. This event is attended by fashion world leaders, international fashion houses and other collectors and enthusiasts. The show takes place virtually hosted by L’Orient, and we enjoy attending and witnessing first hand the amazing fashion collections displayed on the fashion runway.

November is also an exciting time for our group. We celebrate another year of traveling to various fashion shows, which this year is in Paris, France. We visit the fashion industry capital to experience firsthand what fashion designers have to offer this year and to celebrate ten years of traveling to various cities. I can’t wait to attend the next fashion event.

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