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Creating Your Small Bohemian Study Room

Okikiko.com – Do you have a small Bohemian study room where you can go and get away with your work? Do you have books and magazines and other reading materials that you like to read when you are not working? Is your bedroom cozy and comfortable? If yes, then a small Bohemian study room is just for you!

The Privileges Of The Facilities Of The Small Study Room

Small study rooms are also called secretarial study rooms or simply secretarial rooms. These rooms are usually smaller than normal study rooms and have facilities that a normal sized room does not have. For example, a small room will come with a desk, large chair and perhaps a small cabinet or a bookcase. It might even come with a phone line, an Internet connection and even a printer. If it is small enough, then it can be used as a guest room or even an office by the owner.

There are many advantages of having a small Bohemian study room. First of all, it is more private. Since you have the amenities of home, you have more privacy. You can read your favorite books, take relaxing baths, play cards or play board games. Also, it will allow you to spend more time in your room and not worry about disturbing people in the neighboring rooms.

Advantages of Small Bohemian Study Room

A small Bohemian study room also provides you with a great deal of freedom. You do not have to feel bound to any set of rules and you can visit other people’s houses without the worry of being disturbed. You can also go for long walks in your room and forget about the world outside. You do not have to feel guilty about sitting on the couch and watching television all day. You have the luxury to be as free as you like.

On the other hand, you may think that having this kind of room is a bit pretentious. The truth is that you will have to put in a lot of effort to make it look very appealing. You must consider things such as the color, the wall paper and the paint. Be sure to choose colors that go well together. Also, it may seem that there is too much decoration in the study room. However, you can make the best out of it if you just let yourself go and enjoy the beauty of your small home.

Considering the Furniture Used

Another thing you need to consider is your furniture. You should get enough chairs for everyone in the study room. Also, make sure that you have enough tables, shelves and bookshelves. Also, it is recommended that you add a fireplace so that you can have a nice comfortable heat. Just make sure that you choose your furniture according to your personal style. You can decorate the study room according to your own tastes and fashions.

And lastly, you should consider your personal habits and lifestyle. In this Bohemian setting, people are free to do whatever they like. That is why some people like to smoke while others prefer to listen to music and play music with their iPods. Other people like to write on the walls and draw on the walls. Whatever it is, just ensure that you follow your heart.

All in all, the design of your small Bohemian study room is entirely up to you. Just be confident in whatever you choose. Just be aware that people will certainly question what you are studying about. So just make sure that you will not have a hard time explaining your choices to them.

Making Attractive Wall Paints

As mentioned, there is much freedom given to people in this Bohemian setting. People can paint their walls in whatever color they like. They can basically do anything as long as it keeps their personality in mind. This is the reason why some people spend most of their time painting their walls to make it more interesting. However, if you want a stricter look, then you can just keep to black and white paint and nothing more.

For a small Bohemian study room, the best place to hang your clothes is at the end of your bed. Some people even hang their shoes at the end of their beds. If your bedroom has a space, you can also use them for something else other than hanging out. Just ensure that you have plenty of white and pink towels to wash them off.

A lot of people who live in small spaces consider their study rooms as just a room to study. In fact, this is very true when it comes to the Bohemian lifestyle. A room to study is only good enough when you have a lot of space to move around. For students who would like to live in this kind of setting, it is very important that they maintain a proper balance between their life outside the school and home life inside the classroom. This will allow them to function well both in and out of the classroom.

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