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Remodeling in a Vibrant Vintage Style Kitchen

Okikiko.com – Vintage Kitchen Design is the name given to a style that predates modernity by decades. While some consider this to be a retro look, others embrace this style because it gives them a sense of nostalgia for the simpler times. Unlike the modern kitchen design styles that are overly complex and laden with technological gadgets, vintage cabinets and hardware can be quite simple. This is because it gives the room an old-fashioned, country feel that still provides a lot of functionality. In fact, many vintage designers prefer this style simply because it gives a house a “homey” feel.

Old Style Vintage Kitchen Remodeling Design

Old-Fashioned or Vintage Kitchen Cabinets Old-fashioned style kitchen cabinets are made from solid, heavy pieces of wood and have heavy, ornate designs. It is best to go for dark, rich color finishes such as cherry stain or ebony. The cabinets are often high and angled, which adds accent to the beautiful granite surfaces. One of the benefits of using vintage inspired cabinetry is that they tend to be more expensive than contemporary designs. However, they will last longer and retain their resale value.

Vintage Kitchen Designs With a Vintage Feel One of the greatest joys of working with a classic kitchen is the vintage feel it evokes. When decorating a kitchen with vintage elements, remember that light, open spaces are best. To make this work best, consider a layout where the countertop is at eye level with a kitchen island or peninsula. This will maximize storage and work best for large counters.

Vintage Style Kitchen Fixtures One of the most popular features of vintage kitchen designs are the vintage styled fixtures and appliances. The emphasis tends to be on heavy cast iron designs. Examples include kitchen radiators, cooking ranges, cookware, pots, pans, and refrigerators. Remember to choose light-colored hardware for the most vintage appeal.

Choosing Vintage Kitchen Furniture Colors and Patterns

Vintage Kitchen Furniture As stated before, the emphasis tends to be on heavy furniture pieces that often have details like knobs or cabinet doors that have been etched. One great way to incorporate this look into your kitchen design is by using a wide variety of vintage or antique pieces. Antique tables and chairs can help lend your space a vintage feel as well. You’ll want to make sure to choose colors and patterns that are similar to your vintage-style kitchens.

Vintage Kitchen Layout The final step to creating your own kitchen design is to decide on a layout. First, take out all of the items you would like to incorporate into your kitchen. You should now have a basic outline of how everything should look. Next, use an outline kit to create a pattern or outline.

Appliances and Countertops One final thing to include are your appliances and countertops. The most important thing here is to choose durable, beautiful products. Vintage items are often made from materials such as brick, copper, and stone. Choose pieces with a unique design that reflects your personality. These beautiful kitchen pieces will be a focal point in your home, and they’re sure to make your guests smile.

Perfect Accessories for Vintage Kitchen Designs

Other great additions to your kitchen design include wall art and tile backsplashes. Vintage pieces often come with colorful patterns and unique colors, and these can really jazz up any kitchen. Finally, make sure to incorporate accessories that are timeless and simple. For example, timeless dishes and spoons often come in very bright colors. These bright, attention-grabbing pieces can be perfect for your kitchen design.

Flooring Modern kitchens aren’t complete without hardwood floors. This is one of the most important parts of any kitchen, so take it seriously. If you’re unsure about how to best use your hardwood flooring in your kitchen, talk to a professional. There are many different types of flooring available, including wood veneers and more durable synthetic materials. Whatever you choose, however, make sure that you choose a product that’s designed to last and stay looking great for years to come.

Colors One thing that many people don’t consider when renovating is their color palette. Although you don’t necessarily need to use the same color palette as you might in a traditional style kitchen, it’s always a good idea to use a similar color palette for your accents and overall color scheme. By creating a unique color palette with a mix of modern and classic touches, you can create a kitchen that will look luxurious, sophisticated and classy. Make sure that you use warm colors like reds, oranges and yellow to create a glamorous and inviting look.

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