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French Kitchen Interior Design – How To Accomplish A Rustic French Kitchen

Okikiko.com – French kitchen style usually features an open, uncluttered kitchen area, with a countertop running over top of the work triangle. One-wall, L-shaped or U shaped-and even two-wall configurations are quite common, and most French kitchens tend to have a kitchen island for additional food preparation and storage space, as well as a pull out dishwasher and refrigerator. Most kitchens have a mixture of European and traditional elements in them.

Characteristics of a French Kitchen

A typical French kitchen has an island counter with a refrigerator and built-in range. Underneath the island is the apron sink, usually a larger than normal one that has the capacity for washing large dishes while being enclosed in its own cabinet space. For an additional measure of functionality, the apron sink may be fitted with a second faucet for the purpose of cleaning the water surrounding the sink. Fixtures such as built-in microwave ovens, stoves and refrigerators are generally not included in a French kitchen.

The decorating style of a French kitchen is inspired by French country homes. The materials used are predominantly either those native to France or from France’s surrounding area, such as the Iron and bronze tiles of Champagne or the dark wood and iron of Bourgogne. Colors are generally neutral, although some common French colors are found in the decorative accessories used, including fleur de lis designs on curtain rods and wallpaper borders. Characteristics of the furniture such as heavily carved legs and doors are also from France, as is the habit of using tapered handles on kitchen knives.

Lighting in French Kitchen Designs

The lighting in a French kitchen design is more indirect, relying more on natural light from above and the walls and ceiling to illuminate the room. This effect is accentuated by the use of indirect lighting. Under-cabinet fluorescent lamps are a standard, although wall sconces may be used for task lighting. Recycled wood is a popular option for flooring, with traditional barn beams and pitched roofs seen more frequently.

French Country Kitchen Furniture Although the primary material is wood, the style of French country kitchens is characterized by rustic, unfinished components. For this reason, French kitchen furniture tends to be unfinished, with layers of paint applied to protect the wood from rust. The color palette of a rustic French kitchen is heavily influenced by nature, with natural tones of brown, hay and apple green being the most common colors. Chocolate and violet colors are also found to help give the kitchen a lighter, more relaxing feel. These colors are also found in French country cabinets and kitchen furniture.

French Kitchen Luxury Furniture

French Kitchen Furniture Although the primary color palette is based around brown, hay and apple green, a unique style of French kitchen furniture draws inspiration from other colors as well, particularly red and yellow. This creates a unique color palette that blends together quite nicely. Because of the inherent beauty of French country kitchens, it is not uncommon to see various painted pigments being applied to the cabinetry. The use of these pigments is not as widespread as it is for example in the United States or Australia. However, if you have your heart set on using paint, you can find plenty of different shades to choose from. These hues can also be used to complement the many different colors in your French country sink and cabinetry.

French Kitchen Designs One of the great things about a French country kitchen design is that all of the various components are designed to work together, often using complimentary elements. For instance, you might find that a cabinet that is white is paired with a metal or iron sink that has a gold trim. The designs used in French country kitchens are not overly complicated, but rather simple and elegant. Simple geometric patterns and floral motifs are inspired by nature, while bold, bright colors are inspired by French artwork and history. When it comes to French inspired designs, there are many different ones to choose from; therefore, you should have no problem finding one that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen.

There are many ways to achieve the perfect look for your French country kitchen, including using timeless materials. You may choose to buy furniture that is made out of wood, such as tables and chairs, or opt for a more rustic, distressed look. French country kitchens inspired by nature are quite popular today, so it is no surprise that rustic-looking appliances are also popular. With their timeless style, rustic French kitchen interior design will continue to be popular for years to come.

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