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Using a White Bedroom Theme to Create a Clean Look

Okikiko.com – When you are decorating your bedroom, white is generally the color of choice. White provides a clean and fresh look that many people desire. There is also the timeless appeal that white provides. Choosing a white hue to accent your walls can also add a dramatic impact while still taking away from the general look of the room. If you have been considering trying the idea of an all white bedroom for your own home, then you definitely have the right resources at hand to carry out the plan.

Tips for Decorating a White Bedroom

Before you go crazy and commit to this extreme of decorating, consider what is really important to you and make the most of it. For instance, you may want to make your white bedroom the focal point of the room, but you may not have a lot of space to work with. A simple solution would be to install simple furniture around the white bed to make it the center of attention, and to give the appearance of more space at the same time.

One easy way to create this effect is by choosing white bedroom furniture with simple and basic textures. If you are working on a monochromatic scheme, then the palette you choose should match the tones of the paint. For a true monochromatic scheme, use a contrasting color on the walls and on the bedspread. This will really set off the monochromatic palette and will give it a much richer feel and brighter visual impact.

Harmonious Color Selection

Some other ways to enhance the look of your white bedroom without going overboard are to use complementary colors on the wall and on the area rug. If you choose to install a chandelier in this room, then you should use the same color palette as the walls. The chandelier will help pull the whole space together and will create the sort of dazzling atmosphere that’s so popular with contemporary artists these days. Just make sure that the metal trim and canopy are in a contrasting color.


Another way to create the sort of look described above is to choose fabrics and textures that feel like white bedroom furniture. Lining the bed frame with white sheets can give a feeling of warmth, and the fabric itself can be made to feel like a sheet. There are lots of fabrics to choose from, but one good choice that feels like cotton is chenille. It drapes beautifully and is a classic, timeless choice.

Create an Authentic Look for a White Bedroom

A down quilt can be an excellent way to create an authentic look for a white bedroom that has a rustic feel to it. A down quilt can feel like an eco-friendly blanket that has been woven in America, and it can look wonderful with quilted accents and upholstered bed frames that have a southwestern, Native American or other rustic flavor. If you want your bedroom to look more like a true “forts”, try to look for items that are handcrafted with materials that are made in the United States, such as rawhide. This type of handcrafted furniture is especially beautiful and very unique because it’s made using the animal hide of cows and pigs.

A fun way to decorate your bedroom that also doubles as a great night’s sleep is to install a headboard on the wall that is made from painted pine wood. This can create a warm, inviting feeling, which complements the painted pine furniture perfectly. Another way to use this type of bedroom decor is to stain the pine into a color that resembles honey or mocha, which helps it look even more like white. Staining pine is not something complicated, and you can do it yourself very easily, if you’re adventurous.

To really pull off this all-white look, there are a few accessories you can add to complete the look. You can find all-white decorative bedding that has a matte finish so it doesn’t show up the color of your walls, as well as comforters and pillow covers that have white sashes to add a crisp, clean look to any bedroom. You can pull off a truly unique and elegant look by adding white accessories, such as a modern-looking dresser or a plain wooden frame desk, but it all starts with selecting the right colors and textures. If you have a lot of white in your bedroom, such as from wallpaper or drapes, you’ll want to go with a simpler look than if all of the colors were white.

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