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Creating a Small Hollywood Bedroom

Okikiko.com – Creating a small Hollywood bedroom decorating idea is an easy way to add personality and charm to your home without spending a fortune on new furniture. Creating a small space for hanging out is a popular and stylish way to modernize your bedroom. The versatility of a small Hollywood bedroom can be used to promote creativity and fun in your home.

Small Hollywood Bedroom Decoration

Hollywood bedrooms are most often smaller than normal bedrooms because of the limited floor space and window placement. However, creating a small Hollywood bedroom decorating idea doesn’t mean you have to stick to the box. You can take it one step further by turning a small room into a cozy getaway where you and your friends can come together for chilling and making new friends at the same time.

Adding pillows and small blankets on your bed and using wall decorations such as mirrors and lamps can make your small room into something truly special. A beautiful canopy bed is another option for your Hollywood hangout. Hang a small picture frame on the ceiling near your bed. Then use that frame as a lamp shade. This creates a wonderful light fixture that highlights your bed.

Hang a mirror in your bathroom. You can make your bathroom look bigger by hanging a mirror on the wall behind the toilet, shower or vanity. Another great place to hang a mirror is over your small tub or even on your small island in the back yard. A big mirror over the tub can make it seem like you have a larger sized tub which is what you are trying to achieve by creating a small Hollywood style.

Creating a Good Lighting System in the Bedroom

Add lamps and sconces around your room. These pieces will not only add lighting to your Hollywood room but will also create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Use your lamps to highlight certain areas in your bedroom. You might want to add a pendant light over the bed in order to give the illusion of more space. Another way to add the illusion of space in your bedroom is to use table lamps.

Hang pictures in your Hollywood room. A piece of art hung above your bed is an easy way to add some Hollywood style without having to buy or decorate another room. If you have artwork from your favorite movie or another theme in the room, then you can use that art in the same manner.

Hang more pillows in your small bedroom. You can put a table runner above your bed on which you can hang your small pillows. You can also add a small table lamp on each side of your bed. Just be sure that your lamp does not in any way obscure the view of your bed. It is OK if there are no other pieces of furniture in the room as long as there are no wall lamps on either side of the bed and the table.

Giving a Hollywood Touch to the Bedroom

Consider putting up a small viewing screen over your bed. One of the most important things that you can do with your Hollywood room is create an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re in Hollywood. This can easily be achieved by adding a television into the room. Purchase a flat screen television or pick up a flat panel monitor from any electronics store.

The television should be a separate unit from the bed itself. You may decide to place it on a night stand while you have your own bed. Placing a lamp on top of your bed will also help complete the look. You should also remember to hang curtains on both sides of the window so that you can control the amount of light that comes in your room.

Considerations for Decorating Walls in Hollywood Rooms

Consider decorating the walls in your Hollywood room in the same way as the other rooms in your home. Hang pictures on the wall that has the same look and feel as your bedroom. You can also add star signs, framed artwork, or anything else that invokes a feeling of Hollywood in the rest of your home.

Creating a small bedroom that looks like a true picture scene out of a movie is not that hard. You simply need to follow these three simple steps and you’ll have your Hollywood-like bedroom in no time. Remember to choose simple designs at the start. Use pictures that you find online to make everything easier. In no time at all, you’ll have a small Hollywood bedroom that anyone will envy.

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