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Design Ideas For a Beautiful Scandinavian Bedroom

Okikiko.com – Scandinavia is a beautiful country in northern Europe. You can give it a new life by decorating your bedroom according to this beautiful country’s architectural style. A mixture of bold colors and warm tones like brown and red are common. Furniture and accent pieces made from wood, metal or iron are common. Neutral and bright color palette is also the basis of Scandinavian bedroom style.

Gray Color Part Of The Scandinavian Bedroom

Grey on wall or floor is not necessarily a no-no in a Scandinavian bedroom, instead a grey bed sheet is just a decorative piece. If white appears too boring, gray colored bedding is a good alternative. It is also perfect for flooring, walls, furniture and decors. What s more, the common gray base of the interior offers so many possibilities for designing and possible modifications. For instance, you can get some pillows with interesting designs or prints.

The modern look could be further highlighted with colorful throw pillows, comforters, shams and pillow covers. The color palette can be further highlighted with colorful curtains and duvet covers. Throw pillows are another great item that can further beautify your Scandinavian bedroom. Throw pillows are typically smaller in size compared to comforters and bedspreads. Colorful throw pillows in different patterns, shapes and colors can add an accent to your room.

The Use of Natural Wood Furniture is More Modern

If you want to make your Scandinavian bedroom more modern, then going for natural wood furniture is a good choice. Natural wood furniture such as wooden chest, dresser, mirror, wardrobe, tables and chairs come in several design choices. Wooden furnishing items are usually preferred because it exudes an antique yet natural look that truly blends with other decor in your bedroom. What s more, it enhances the ambiance of your room making it look like an inviting and cozy haven.

If you want to further highlight the natural beauty of wooden furniture items, you may want to choose shades that complement the shades of your wall paint, curtains, bed coverings and other accessories. For example, a light shade for your walls paired with a deep shade for your curtains would give a warm welcome that instantly warms up the atmosphere of your Scandinavian bedroom. The same thing goes for your window treatments. A darker shade for your blinds and a lighter shade for your curtains create a warm welcome that further warms up the ambiance of your bedroom. If you want to further bring out the colors and designs in your wooden furniture set, then painting your walls with coordinating colors of white, green and cream would work great.

Scandinavian Style Interior Design Furniture Arrangement Ideas

A simple yet functional approach to decorating your room is to utilize your wall space for furniture placement. As a matter of fact, the placement of your furniture is actually the main focal point of this type of interior design. You may want to place your accent furniture toward the center of your room in order to center the attention of your guests and family. However, you also need to avoid placing your furniture on the edges of your room so as not to leave an empty space at the end. In fact, many scandi style bedroom ideas emphasize the importance of using furniture in your interior design which is not the standard or conventional types of furniture that most would usually see in a bedroom. Instead, they opt for stylish and unconventional pieces of furniture such as end tables, beds, dressers, desks, mirrors, candles and many other unique pieces of design that truly bring out the character of a room.

Aside from using unusual designs and interesting shapes and sizes, it is also a good idea to consider the colors and textures that can highlight the beauty of your design. In this case, it is a good idea to choose colors that are light and breezy such as pale green, pastels and other such soothing colors. On the other hand, it is also a good idea to use dark and heavy colors such as deep blue, black, purple and other dark shades. Using different textures can also add more depth to your scandi bedroom interior design such as using earth tone color paints and warm earth tones for your walls and furniture. With these great color combination, it is very easy to achieve a unique yet classic look.

For additional ideas, you can browse the Internet for more exciting ideas and designs which can easily transform the look and feel of your bedroom. Moreover, it is a very good idea to make use of rugs which can be easily found in the market today. Apart, from giving your bedroom a classic look, rustic area rugs can also accentuate the beautiful colors and furnishings that you have used in your bedroom.

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