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Contemporary Interior Design Trends

Okikiko.com – Contemporary furniture generally refers to furniture made in the late 19th century up to the present, which is largely influenced by contemporary. Post-World War Two ideals of practicality, reduction of clutter, and excess completely influenced the design of contemporary furniture. Many designers were inspired by the designs of Louis Sullivan, who created the sofas with clean-cut lines and deep, dark colors. However, the lines are still very much influenced by the works of Mies Van Der Rhoe, Alfa Dada, and Renzo Piano. Today, contemporary furniture design has become more international in the 21st century.

Contemporary Furniture with Luxurious Finishes

Clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and a lighter color scheme are some of the influential design concepts of contemporary furniture, which are usually characterized by geometric shapes, bold textured tones, smooth hardware, and a lack of any kind of fancy finish. For example, contemporary furniture often have clean lines, with straight, geometric lines, and either no ornamentation or if there is ornamentation, it is usually in the form of metal works like knobs and pulls, which add a sense of depth to the piece. Contemporary furniture usually exhibit a very utilitarian design, using only simple patterns and surfaces to create a very stark yet clean look. It is also common for pieces of contemporary furniture to be less expensive than other forms of modern furniture.

A very important element of the contemporary furniture design is the use of a very neutral color palette. This is because the main purpose of contemporary furniture is to minimize the use of color, thereby creating a blank canvas. Because the contemporary furniture is mostly plain, there is a lot of room for creativity in the use of colors, textures, and patterns. This allows the owner of such contemporary furniture to experiment with bold colors, such as reds, oranges, or yellows, or to complement neutral colors like cream or beige, by using pale neutral colors such as pale green or brown. The contemporary furniture is more than a plain black or white; it is possible to create wonderful interplay between colors and patterns, which result in very pleasing results.

Because contemporary furniture borrows from many other styles and looks from various eras, it is possible to easily mix contemporary furniture with other designs, such as classic, period pieces. This gives an even greater depth to the design, allowing for greater flexibility and variety. Contemporary pieces of furniture are usually very streamlined, with sharp, straight lines and few or no curves. This is in contrast to the more intricate designs of traditional furniture, which are typically more curved and ornate.

Minimalist Look and Clean Lines in Contemporary Furniture

The sleek lines and minimalism of contemporary furniture is often found in its use of solid colors, especially white or off-white. In the contemporary style, the lines are extremely precise, with almost no frills or ornamentation. This minimalist approach makes the pieces look almost alive. The clean lines and minimalist look is further highlighted by the absence of any sort of decorative embellishments, such as carvings or nails.

When we talk about contemporary design trends, we should not forget about practicality. Contemporary furniture styles are meant to be simple. This does not mean that the items are devoid of color or design, but the color schemes are usually very clean and crisp, and the design elements are often very simple as well. Wood is often the material of choice for creating these types of furnishings, as it is easy to maintain and inexpensive. Some furniture styles, such as the Zen style, utilize the neutral tones of wood and stone in their designs.

Considering Functionality in Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture can be made from a variety of different materials, including wood, glass, steel, and fiberglass. The contemporary style may also employ a combination of any of these materials, as well as metal, stone, and even modular concepts. Using only one consistent color palette is often common for contemporary home furnishings. Furniture for your contemporary home is often designed with functionality in mind. This means that the furniture will not be placed in an area where it will compete with other elements, such as light fixtures or artwork.

Contemporary furniture usually consists of a table, chairs, coffee tables, television stands, side tables, and storage units. These pieces can be designed with a clean, uncluttered look, or they may incorporate a color palette in which the use of color is minimal. A clean line color palette is also common with contemporary designs. Some homeowners like the idea of using only white pieces, or they may want to complement this theme with other colors. Other individuals prefer a more complex color scheme that includes various hues of red or green.

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