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Decorating the Vintage Playroom For Your Child’s Birthday Party

Okikiko.com – “Vintage Playroom” is an innovative arts and crafts event, with a focus on creativity, imagination, and development. An imaginative journey, from early storytelling, shadow and play, to shadow and reflection play, dramatic play and practical workshops. Come along as we explore the joys of vintage playroom! Formal and informal workshops hosted by the famous writer, Declan Flato (famous for his television shows including “Fantasy Island”) and his co-organiser, Declan Mulcahy. Come experience the magic of creating a masterpiece.

Charming Country Playroom

This charming country house, located on Merseyside, has been transformed into a unique creative vintage playroom. Dedicated to the creative and artistic talent of all ages. With the warm-hearted people of Liverpool and the support of their local businesses; Vintage Playroom is a celebration of all things creative. From young ones to the most experienced professionals; bring your friends, family or colleagues to celebrate their individuality at this fun place on the waterfront.

“Vintage Playroom” is a unique celebration of the creativity, imagination and all ages. Our friendly and knowledgeable volunteer’s will lead you through a fun day, allowing you to create your own masterpiece while sharing their long history. Take in a show with Declan Mulcahy, featuring stories from the likes of George Jones, which will entertain you with tales from long ago. The long table makes a great place to share wonderful stories and make their crafts and paintings come alive.

Antique Playroom Design

With the vintage playroom, we invite you to explore the many possibilities of creating your very own masterpieces using the long table as a prop. Come in, tell a story, meet the creators of vintage playroom collectibles and be part of the exciting transformation of a room into a time-long-gone era. You are going to leave feeling like you just visited an old-time theatre.

The vintage kid’s playroom is not just for the little ones. Come in and get your photograph taken with the stars of “The Night Before Christmas”, listen to their favorite Christmas songs while you’re there. Enjoy the magic of interacting with old-time collectors while enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Do you need a great place to hold a birthday party? Celebrate your next event in our venue with a classic venue, vintage playroom. We are happy to host any of your party events, corporate meetings, festivals or fairs including children’s birthday parties. Experience the magic of the late ‘night before’ with the same great playroom ambiance and half-term activities you’ve come to love from our “Famous Five” showroom.

Most Popular Playroom Designs

What can you do at our “Famous Five” showroom other than play with our famous playthings? You can prepare an impromptu treasure hunt or set up a photo booth to wow your guests with your snapshot-taking skills. You could also set up a photo booth at half term activities so your birthday party venue patrons can go on an adventure with their friends while you encourage teamwork and friendship. Why not plan a themed treasure hunt and encourage the kids to dress up as their favorite characters from their favorite movies, cartoons or television shows?

The vintage playroom isn’t just for kids. Bring the grownups in to experience the magic of the vintage playroom and discover a world of their own. Share your fun with the entire family, or enjoy some alone time in the quiet darkness of winter. Your child’s next birthday party will be a memorable one, just because they had the opportunity to visit a place that holds the magic of childhood memories.

The vintage playroom will never go out of style. It is perfect for all ages and the options are endless. You can get as creative as you want when decorating the room since most pieces have bright and playful colors paired with vintage finishes. You can even use vintage playroom furniture and fabrics to create a whimsical look for your half-term activities – think pink tassels, retro drapes, and vintage lamps to inspire young imaginations and bring in the nautical theme for the pirate-themed birthday party or the cowgirl and buggy themed party.

Vintage Playroom Features

One of the best things about a vintage playroom is that it is so versatile. Some items are very heavy, but some can be very light, such as a vintage board game. You can find many vintage playroom toys that can easily adapt to your theme and the age of your guests. A great example is the vintage Beanie Bag Theater.

Even if your child’s birthday is only a few weeks away, it would be a nice idea to decorate the room with vintage playroom furniture. This would be a perfect time to bring in the retro playthings that were popular in the 50s and 60s. It would be an interesting way to bring in the retro elements without changing the other elements of the room. You will surely have fun decorating the room to match your child’s personality. If you are planning a themed party for kids this year, why not consider vintage playroom furniture?

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