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Small Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Okikiko.com – Decorate your small industrial kitchen and turn it from the ordinary to the extraordinary one. Try applying one of the small industrial kitchen design ideas that will raise the home to a higher level. Choose the red brickwork wall and surround it with sturdy metal materials. Select the chic metal-wood tables and chairs that would make the industrial atmosphere a lot stronger. These designs are practical as well as elegant.

Maximizing the Functions of Small Industrial Kitchens

Get the most out of your small industrial kitchen by maximizing its functionality. Make sure that every inch of this space is used for something good. Install open shelving for the things you use frequently. This will save you shelf space for the miscellaneous items you have at home. Aside from that, this type of shelving also allows for more efficiency since you can stack and sort whatever you need.

In small industrial kitchens, there is a need for more storage space. To get creative, install hanging shelves on the walls. You can even get a wine rack and small pantry shelves to organize your canned goods. Aside from that, try putting some hooks on the ceiling to hang up pots and pans.

Another one of small industrial kitchen ideas is to opt for hanging lamps above the island. The lighting fixture can be a small spotlight or a dimmer switch. You can install small floor lamps so as to create a warm and friendly ambience in the kitchen. If you opt for an economical type, you can even get a battery operated lights.

Creating a Cozy Atmosphere Using Red Brick

Another thing you can do to create a cozy and warm atmosphere is to use red brick. Red brick creates a nice contrast with the white tiles. Another great thing about using red brick in small kitchens is that it creates a rustic and rugged look. Try painting your walls, flooring and appliances with different colors of red brick. For flooring, opt for colored red flooring.

Another good combination you can do in order to enhance the appearance of your industrial kitchen is to combine wood and metal. There are many ways you can do this. First, try using oak or maple countertops. You can even use ceramic tiles on the floor and on the wall. For the cabinets, you can try using metal frames to blend wood and metal together.

Aside from combining wood and metal in order to create a rustic and rugged ambiance in the kitchen, you should also try using decorative pieces in your industrial-style kitchen. Decorative pieces are perfect to accentuate small spaces. For example, hanging lamps made of wood can give you a warm and inviting feeling. Also, hanging lamps can also provide you with light while keeping your kitchen well-lit.

Beautify Your Kitchen by Adding a Large Mirror

Finally, one other way to enhance the appearance of your kitchen is to add large mirrors on the walls. Mirrors act as a great focal point in any room. So, if you also want to create an industrial vibe in your kitchen, try adding a mirror on the walls. Besides, you can also place small stands with your favorite dishes on the wall, as well as pictures of your family and loved ones.

For the flooring, you can try using stone or ceramic tiles. In fact, you can opt for ceramic tiles for the flooring. Besides, you can also infuse your industrial kitchen with an earthy scent by using ceramic tile as the flooring. Also, if you want to have an old-world feel, you can consider using wooden flooring. On the other hand, if you want to bring a new edge to your kitchen, you can choose hardwood flooring. However, if you think that hardwood flooring is too expensive, you can opt for ceramic tiles or concrete slabs.

For your countertops, you can try using stainless steel as your option. This type of material is very affordable and you can find a lot of styles and designs to suit your needs. Moreover, this type of material has a contemporary look, which is the best option for small kitchens. Also, since stainless steel is available in different color finishes, you can infuse your industrial kitchen with a modern touch. Actually, this type of material is considered to be one of the best options for small kitchens because it gives a beautiful and sophisticated look.

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