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The Benefits of Industrial Wardrobe Hutch

Okikiko.com – An industrial wardrobe is a vital part of any factory or production unit as it provides a safe environment for workers to perform their daily duties without worrying about damage to themselves or to equipment. Industrial wardrobes need to be designed and built to strict safety standards in order to provide the best protection for your team members. There are many different types of industrial wardrobe which can all be used in industrial plants. Some of these include.

Best Types of Industrial Wardrobe

This article will give you an overview of the types of industrial wardrobes currently on the market. These include; folding wall units, double sided panels, shelving units, high backed shelves and file cabinets. Features of the Custom Industrial Wardrobe Hutch#015 include; high backed cabinets with locking system, heavy duty hinges, fully locking mechanism, double sided panels, locking system, slide out keyboard and drawers and roll out shelves. Folding wall units are ideal for storing all of your tools and equipment which is stored on your workbench during working hours. Double sided panels are designed to withstand extremely harsh conditions.


High Density Drawer (HDD) units are one of the most popular types of industrial wardrobe. They have been used extensively and are available in a variety of styles and colours. This style of unit consists of a large drum or drawer that accommodates a wide range of items such as screws, bolts, small hardware, wrenches and levers etc. Common accessories include cable drums, locking bars and recessed panel dividers. An industrial wardrobe with HDDs can be fixed into place and are ideal storage needs for standard sized office desks.

Modular Industrial Wardrobes are more Attractive

Drawers are ideal solutions when the need for extra storage is high. High density drawers made from steel is a cost effective solution. It offers the same level of protection as other types of drawers but is cheaper. These are generally available in steel and powder coated steel to suit your needs. They offer the ability to fit into any corner of your office and can easily be stacked on top of each other for maximum storage space.

Modular designs are ideal for large companies as they offer maximum versatility, storage needs and organisation. It is also easier to install these because they can be fitted over existing walls without much disruption. The modular industrial wardrobes are more appealing than the traditional one-size-fits-all style. Most manufacturers now offer these in standard sizes so if you are looking for something slightly bigger than your current wardrobe you should be able to find it. The main benefit of these is that they are highly versatile and can be adjusted to cater for whatever your particular needs are.

Made of High Quality Steel or Aluminum

You can choose to have either roll up or flat pack drawer systems installed. Roll up units are the cheapest way of installing an industrial furniture piece. They require less space to store items and the whole system folds away neatly once the job is done. However, the downside of this type is that it is not always as secure as the conventional ones. For example, when employees use forklifts to help move heavy equipment from one part of a factory to another they often have to use these roll up units to help stop the wheels being damaged. If something were to happen to the wheels on a roller, then the whole unit would collapse.

On the other hand, flat pack drawer units offer the most flexibility. It is essentially two doors that open up like a door, allowing items to be sorted quickly. These are often made from high quality steel or aluminium. They offer more space to store products but they do tend to be less secure than the roll up units. This is because you cannot reposition the doors to prevent access by forklifts if they are damaged.

An industrial wardrobe hutch comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them are designed to be placed against the walls. Others sit on the floor and have to be fitted to a cabinet before use. There are some which can be folded away behind a workstation or work table.

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