The Worst Games of All Time || Do Not Play it Or You will Regret for the Rest of Your Life!

the worst games of all time

We can find many great games out there which can make our day shine brightly. But do not forget there are also bad games which can turn your day into something miserable. For you who curious the worst games of all time, see the list below. For your information, this is based on our opinion, if do not agree with us do not blame us for anything.

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

yaiba ninja gaiden z

From the picture of it, the gameplay is really something. But do not get fooled by the picture only. This game is really insane. We cannot change the difficulty and the enemy is really hard to beat. The concept is quite great actually. Yaiba, the great Ninja beat all the zombies which suddenly appears in the city. For the first time, the game is really enjoyable but bit by bit it is kinda repetitive. The objective is same, beat all the enemy on the map and the game end.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006

sonic the hedgehog 2006

Do you think we give you the wrong game title? Of course not. This is the worst Sonic game ever. We know ever Sonic game is really great to play. But if you compare with this one, you will understand what we say. The problem is located in the camera setting and bad sound quality. It is hard to play the game because you cannot move the camera around. As for that, you need a guide to help you in a game like this.

Realms of Arkania Blade of Destiny

realms of arkania blade of destiny

It is really awesome to see an old game get revive again. Realms of Arkania is a good example of the bad remake game. The original one also quite bad honestly but the developer makes it even worst in the remake version. The first one, the localization is not complete yet. You can see German and English text in the game. Also, the characters model look exactly the same as the old one. It is great if they change the characters model to fit the modern one. For the final one, a lot of bugs in the game. So, it is no wonder when you play it the game will force close on its own.

Unlimited Saga

unlimited saga

This RPG really follows the standard RPG elements without change it. Travel to the nearest town, talk to NPC, and boss battle. There is no feature which makes this game really great. What makes this one difference only the characters design, weapons, country, and monsters. Can you find a pleasure to play RPG game like this? The answer is no. It seems the developer does not want to make this game success.

Final Words

What do you think the worst game ever on the list? You do not need to play it, just watch the gameplay video you already know how bad this game is. For all gamers who looking for the best website to know all games information, we have the greatest one you can visit. Click Igogam to visit it right away. You can see many games review, guide, and tips. Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Remember, sharing is caring.

Hill Climb Racing Guide || Reach the Top of the Hill With Our Help!

hill climb racing guide

The protagonist of the game, Newton Bill have a dream to reach the highest hill with his vehicle. So, do you already make the dream of Bill come true? If the answer is yes, you can use our Hill Climb Racing guide to grant that wishes.

Slowly But Surely

This is the main motto of the game. Just go slowly because you do not know what kind of road you will encounter ahead. This is a crazy game which can lead you to destruction. In order to prevent that, you need to go slowly. But if the road is secure, you can go all out. This game not only about speed but also your strategy is required to pass through each stage easily.

Match Your Vehicle With the Stage

In this game, you cannot choose your favorite vehicle. You tend to change your vehicle because of the circumstance of the stage. For example, if you are in the dessert stage. Do not take the light heavy vehicle because it will move really slow. Before you can reach the fuel tanks, you already lost on the way. In this case, light vehicle is the king of all. Be sure to examine the stage first in order to reach the finish line without any problem.


You can perform a trick on all vehicles. But you need to choose the one which suitable to perform the best one. In this case, you can use a bicycle because this is the greatest one which can help you. If you use a car, it will be hard to maintain the balance. If you already a pro in this game, you can use any vehicles to perform any tricks you want without any problem.

hill climb racing gameplay

Upgrade Your Engine

There are four aspects of the vehicles you can upgrade from tires, engine, suspension, and 4WD. We recommend you focus on the engine aspect because it will increase your fuel capacity in your vehicles. Keep upgrading it to the max amount. So, you can do many tricks on the stage without worrying about your fuel empty quickly. Do not need to be afraid to spend your coins. It is really worth for doing so.


If you still need our help, do not hesitate to give a comment below. We will reply it right away. You can also use our instant way to solve all the problem in this game. Just visit Hill Climb Racing generator to obtain free coins. We are sure a lot of people love it very much. If you need another game guide, we have the best website which you can see right away. Do not forget to click the bold words to see it with your own two eyes.

My Simple Tips for You to Find Your Favorite Game Guide

IGoGam Review

Welcome back to my blog, gamers usually have a problem to find their favorite game guide. It has been a normal culture for them because the source is not complete yet. Most websites only share the partial part of the guide itself where actually we need the complete one. I have been experiencing it for many times. I have read until the end of the page but I do not get what I wanted for.

What site do you visit if you want to find a game guide? Is it GameFAQs? Metacritic? and others? Mine also love the website but I have just found the golden one which is shared by IGoGam. The website looks so simple but the content is actually so powerful. I get something that I could not find on the other site.

My First Experience of Using IGoGam

It was kinda hard to believe because I could not trust the website as they tell me that I can get cash to my Cafeland account. It was something funny on my mind. Until I decide to give it a try. I do not care whether it would be work or not. At least, I have given a try.

After requesting on the generator page. Finally, they ask me to check my Cafeland account but make sure to restart it if I am on the game. To make it works properly I just restart my phone and then I open the game. It was really shocked my heart. I could be in a heart attack that I have just received free cash to my account.

Then, I tell the tool to all my friends and they are so completely happy. However, I warned them to not generate more than once a day because it could risk their account if the developer caught them.

Alright, that is all, what I can share with you about IGoGam. I wish you are completely happy after using their hack tool. One reminder from me, one you could meet human verification but you can do it in a simple way. By clicking I’m not a robot and you solve the matching picture then you are ready to use it.

About Roblox Game and Tips To Get Free Robux and Tix!

roblox games

This day I want to share with you about my new experience on playing Roblox game. Well, I bet there are a lot of you who don’t know about this game, right? That’s why this day I want to introduce you to this amazing game. So, are you curious yet? Wait, are you worry because you are a new player in this game? Don’t worry dude, I’m not that rude, I will also include Roblox free Bux and Tix trick for this game today. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk about Roblox today.

About Roblox Game

play roblox for free

Roblox is a game that allows you to create your own game inside this game. The idea of giving this kind of feature to this game is coming from Roblox Corporation and released by making this game in 2006. Well, since this game published, there are 8 Platforms that you can choose to play this game. Start from the most common platform like Xbox One, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows until iPod Touch, MacOS, Mac Os, and Fire OS.

Well, because something like selling your game to gain bux and Tix also allowed on this game, I will share up some tips to make your game rise up to the surface easily!

Roblox Free Bux Tips: How To Create and Sell Your Own Game!

Make an Eye Catching Icon

As a maker of this game, I bet you want everyone on this game to remember your game correctly and not getting switched with the other game. That’s why choosing an eye catching that easy to remember for your game can be a very important step as a game publisher.

Add a Short Clip/Videos or Even Image Your Place!

While your icon and title can lead to your first clicks, the gallery will help them decide to press Play. While a nicely framed standard thumbnail might be enough, you can also add images you have created with your favorite image editor or a YouTube video to help really sell it.

Make an Amazing Game That Makes Them Keep Coming Back!

Make your game as fun as possible by adding some accomplishment and rewards or maybe a title for your game progresses. Make sure you also add an almost impossible title like +12 weapon upgrade while the possibilities only 0,5% to make them spend more money on your game. Once you can make they are addicted to your game, I will make sure you will be a great game publisher with high profit in no time!

Use Robux and Tix Hack Cheats To Customize Your Game!

To gain more visitor to our game, you need to make a really amazing game and that’s not easy without a nice feature and items that you only can get by spending some bux and Tix, right? However, not every people who want to make a game also want to spend a few bucks for gambling on this game by buying that kind of stuff, right? So, how we can get Roblox free Bux and Tix? Well, the answer is quite easy, all you need to do is clicking at this Robux and Tix Hack Cheats and following the step that written in there. After you use that tool, finally you can play Roblox for free, right?

So, what are you thinking about my article this day? Tell me if you think this website is quite useful for you. Thanks for coming and visiting my website today about Roblox games. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day dude!

Fidget Spinner The Stress Toys For Adult

Stress toys for adult

There are so many things that could trap an adult in stressful condition and most of them because of their profession responsibilities. Well, there are not many escape route available for an adult to step out from that stressful condition. Even though you have been clean up that problem, there are always new problems that will show up. That’s why some adult this day use fidget spinner as their stress solution. Well, it’s also because this Fidget designed already change so far from the original that usually used for a kid with autism and now used as the stress toys for adult people. Well, before we talk any further about this item. That would be wiser if we know more about it. So, check it out only on my website today.

Fidget Spinner The Stress Toys For Adult

what is fidget spinner

Well, before we start I wanna ask you something, do you know what is fidget spinner? Because we will talk about it, we also need to know what is it, right? So, what is that according to your explanation and how can it help you release your stress?

Fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toys. So, do the Spinner really relieving the stress? Well, actually there is no further research that can prove that the Spinner really can relieve the stress. However, some people who already use this, report that their stress temporary fade away and this really help them to decide their decision. Well the effect of relieving the stress could be the effect from the fidget because this thing will be distracting your attention away from your problem for a few minutes and while your mind is distracted by this thing your subconscious mind still trying to find the best answer for your problem and that’s why people will be deciding more efficiently after playing this toy.

Fidget Is Amazing and Cheap Toys

buy fidget spinner

So, do you think this thing called the fidget spinner is expensive? Well, I can’t say you totally right or you are totally wrong. Because the variety of this toys can reach a hundred of models and according to economic law. If the goods flooding in the market, their price will eventually falling down whether it slowly or rapidly sliding down.

Well, if you ask me where you can buy fidget spinner. I would love to say you can find it on Amazon and a few online market start from 5$ to hundred or even thousand dollars. I think its fair price if we compare it with the effect that caused by the fidget spinner. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this thing and relieve your stress away.

I think my article today about Stress toys for adult people is enough for today. Thanks for visiting and spare a few minutes for reading my article. If you think my article today is helpful for you, please share my article with the other people. Who knows maybe they also need this article, right? See you soon in my next article, don’t forget to look at another amazing and useful article only on Okikiko. Have a nice day guys.

Kogama Games, Free Tips and Tricks For Newbie

Kogama games

Hello and welcome back guys today I want to share with you about Kogama games that get booming lately. Well, this game really looks same with Minecraft but there are a few very specific thing that makes this game different than the other similar game. So, do you ever played this game before? Are you curious? Well, let’s find out more about this games on my review today.

Kogama Games Free Online, Tips and Tricks For Newbie

kogama hack

Do you ever play Kogama games before? Well, there are so many people who talk about game Kogama lately. I even know it from my friends who also played this game. Honestly, for me, this game is quite interesting even though this game doesn’t have a nice visual graphic like Final Fantasy or any other games. However, this game is awesomely superior in the theme they offer to us, where you can build your very own game inside the game itself. It’s like they only giving us space to pouring our creativity and makes something we want easily.

Isn’t this is what are we waiting for? The tool to realizing our own game without spend so much time to learn coding or JavaScript. Sadly, this game also has a currency where you need to buy a gold that acts as the currency in this game. This is the most ironic thing, where you still forced to spend some money even to fulfill your creativity.

Kogama Trick? Is It Possible?

kogama review

Well, for me spending a few bucks for something unreal is really a waste but I really love this game in my first time. So, what should I do? Well, my last decision is to try to find the backdoor for this game where I don’t need spending any money but I still get the advantage of it. I know this thing is breaking the rule but who cares? And do you know how much effort I have given to this game? I spend almost my whole day on this game and will not give a shit to lose all my effort.

I spend almost more than 3 hours on the seas of information, trying every possible site I know until I find this site. Well, this website looks very usual with a usual interface in it. Still, don’t look down at this site. I found almost more than a hundred backdoor tricks for every single game I have played. So, I try to find Kogama games too and I found it. This is the link for Kogama Gold Hack only for you.

Well, I think the article is enough for today and I also hope my trick is useful enough for you. If you think my article about Kogama games really helps you a lot, please share my article with the other Kogama players who need this article to help them doing their creations. See you soon in my next article and I hope you and I will meet again in my next article. See you soon on another chance and have a nice day guys.