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6 Things to Look for While Buying Solenoid Valves Online in Australia

If you need a valve that aids in controlling the flow of a liquid or gas, the best chance is with a solenoid valve. Using a solenoid valve, you can open or close a circuit, dose products, mix substances, and so on. Since there are various applications for the solenoid valve, you must pick out one of the best valves online in Australia.

What to Look for in a Solenoid Valve

IP Rating

This symbolises the degree of protection an electric device has against access to hazardous parts or other particles. The IP Code (per Australian Standards AS60529) consists of two numbers. The first number indicates the amount of protection from the entry of particles or hazardous parts, and the second number stands for the amount of protection against moisture. For instance, if the device is IP-64, it is protected against dust and spraying water.

Choice of Material

The material of the valve and the medium that passes through it has to be compatible while using a solenoid. Since solenoid valves are primarily used for neutral liquids and gases, a brass body is not the most uncommon in the industry. Other materials, such as EPDM and Viton, can make the valve more suitable for other oils, fuels, or steam. As one of the world’s biggest LNG producers that overtook Qatar, Australia’s oil and gas industry requires first-class components for efficient operation.

Flow Rate

The flow rate or resistance in a valve is determined by the shape of the body and the diameter of the valve orifice. The calculation of flow resistance for water is rather easy, but the flow rate must be carefully calculated when it comes to liquids and gases other than water. This is another reason you should carefully consider the medium that passes through the valve before purchasing one.


The pressure must be just right regarding valves and process systems. Accidents may occur if the specified limit is exceeded, and the system may stop functioning if the pressure goes below the necessary levels. Depending on the medium that will be used in the solenoid valve, calculate the maximum and minimum pressure for a system before purchasing valves online in Australia.

Principle of Operation

Depending on their function, you need to check various solenoid valve types. For instance, if a valve sees lower flow rates, using a direct operated valve is ideal, whereas semi-direct or indirect valves are better when the flow rate is higher. The right operation principle greatly affects how the processing system works, so don’t hesitate to do your research. 

Circuit Formation

Circuit formation describes what role the valve plays in a circuit. If the valve has a 2/2 way function, it has two positions and two ports. Most valves of this kind are used for unidirectional flow. If the valve has a 3/2 way function, it has three ports and two functions. These valves are directly operated and have smaller orifices. If you need a larger orifice or flow rate, you must look into ball valves.

One reason why solenoid valves gained popularity over traditional ones is because of their outstanding response time. These valves are versatile and applicable to compressors, irrigation systems, and industrial presses. Each solenoid valve has specific sizing requirements and usage directions to enhance its performance. Sticking to these guidelines and maintaining the valves is the best way to ensure the safe working of your systems.

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