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Pink Family Room Furniture

Okikiko.com – When you have a daughter, the pink room may be the best choice for her. You don’t have to buy her any decorations or items to make her own private sanctuary in the home. The walls and ceiling can be pink and the furniture is pink. In some cases, you can get all the girls to dress in pink, so you can create a princess-like setting. Pink family room ideas will provide your daughter with hours of fun.

Little Girl’s Pink Bedroom Bright Color Palette

Paint the walls pink. If the bedroom is painted gray, then it doesn’t matter too much if it’s browns and beiges. Your little girl will still love the color and it will set the mood for the rest of the room. The color palette can include bright and pastel shades of pink, peach, lilac and red. The walls should also look like they have been painted with a dreamy color palette that has pink accents.

If your daughter likes to read, she will enjoy putting her favorite book on the nightstand or end table next to her bed. There are many books in various pink tones that would make a perfect addition to the walls. Other options include cute fairy princess themed books, a couple of Barbie doll posters and an old world English country scene. If you want more of a grown up version of the theme, you could go with a wallpaper border featuring miniature horses or barn animals.

If you have two boys in the house who love sports, you can make their bedrooms look pink just by putting up a racquetball court, basketball hoop and soccer field. Purchase durable rubber mats for the floor and wall to help protect them from slipping. Decorate with light-colored mats that have different colors on the sides. The kids can jump and run on the pink area, but please keep the basketball out of the reach of toddlers. If you really want to make the place look like a professional sports arena, you could make it look like the stadium outside your favorite high school’s practice hall.

Tips for Making a Room with a Sparkling Pink Color with LED Lights

Another way to make a pink room sparkle is to add a little LED lamp in the center of the room. It doesn’t have to be a large one; just a few strategically placed lamps will do. You can also hang some pink balloons from the ceiling to add a touch of whimsy to the pink walls. The kids will be so excited about being able to see their favorite cartoon character when they open that door. It won’t be long before they are asking for you to take them along to the living room so they can see Mommy and Daddy’s face when they open that door.

There are lots of items you can purchase to jazz up the room, but nothing adds to the welcoming feeling quite like an all pink room. The most important thing to remember is that it has to be warm and inviting. You can add a few throw pillows to the bed and chairs or set up a few armless, poodle-style chairs with pink upholstery. Dress up the walls with pink siding or wallpaper. Paint the bathroom white (or get it painted pink) and add lots of pink towels and shower curtains.

The Perfection of Having an Indoor Fireplace

Get some funky art for the walls, such as a framed quote or two from a favorite magazine or a framed drawing or photograph of a child from when you first met. Add a few fun accessories, such as lots of frilly, fluffy, pink balloons. If you have a fireplace in the room, then get a couple of those lovely pink fireflies. You can even use some of your old, dusty attires and dress up the mantel with some vintage fabrics, lace, and ribbon. Don’t forget the floor, too, in case your guest happens to drop by unexpectedly.

There are endless color schemes you could choose from for your family room. Yours is the theme that will help you choose the furniture, wall colors, and accessories. When you add in pink items, you’ll be sure to transform the room into a pink wonderland that you’ll love to spend time in. Make it a place where your little girl can feel very special. To make it more special, plan a party and invite all her sweetie friends!

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