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What is Rain? How Can It Happen?

Hello guys, welcome back to our website. Well, today I want to discuss something usual with us. You must be curious, right? First, do you know what is rain? If you hearing rain word I advise you to don’t trapped with blue feeling, LOL. Let’s get back to the topic, do you know how rain can happen? We will discuss it today. So, Don’t go anywhere and keep reading.

What is Rain?

Well everyone must know what is rain, right? However, I will still explain it for other people who don’t know. Rain itself is an event where a water drop falls from the sky, that water is what we called raindrop.

Do you know the cycle of rain itself is unbreakable? Well, they will continuously repeat the cycle of rain as long as water is still available on this planet. You still don’t know how the cycle will be repeated? Oh gosh, I will explain it to you then. Here’s the cycle of rain.

  1. Sun will heathen earth surface and because 70% of earth surface is water. The radiation from the sun will evaporate.
  2.  The evaporation will result in water vapor and rises into the air.
  3. The water vapor will cool down and condenses, this will resulting the water vapor to form droplets, which form the clouds.
  4. If there’s enough water condenses in the clouds, this will resulting the drops become heavy and ready to fall as rain or maybe snow if the temperature is cold enough.
  5. Rain will flow through the earth and gathering as ground wells or they will flow through the river and gather again in the ocean.

Well, that is how the cycle of rain procced. However, I can guess you know nothing about the Advantages of rain for our life right? Well, it means you need to keep reading my article.

Advantages of Rain

Well, judge the rain is the bad guy. You just don’t know the advantages of rain. So, don’t just judge the book by its cover. So, to fix your mindset about rain I will share you a few advantages of rain.

  1. Rain will increase the successful chance in the agricultural sector because rain will help the farmer to increase the chance of a successful harvest.
  2. It will help us to keep the stability of pure water inside the earth.
  3. Rain help earth to clean their self from pollution in the air.

Aside from the advantages of rain we get. Don’t forget the disadvantages of rain too. So, don’t go anywhere and keep reading my article, Okay?

Disadvantages of Rain


Rain have a few disadvantages for the environment and for our health too. So, for people who don’t know about the disadvantages of rain. Check this out because I will explain a few disadvantages to you.

  1. If you like to get wet when the rain comes, prepare yourself to get attacked by some virus.
  2. Heavy rain can cause a flood in crowd civilization country with bad drainage.
  3. Rain can spread disease too when rains come the air temperatures will drop and people with low immunity in their body will get influenced by the flu and any other disease.

That is everything I know about what is rain and every advantages and disadvantage of it. I hope this article can be useful to you because this is rainy season in my country. If you find this article useful, please share with your friends. Thanks for reading and see you soon in my next article.

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