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Small Craftsman Apartment Lives

Okikiko.com – If you’re looking to move into a small craftsman apartment in DC, you are probably going to have to take a few things into consideration. If you haven’t considered them before, now is definitely the time. It seems like everyone has their own opinion about how to live in DC. I, for one, like to live in a small town. Why? Because it’s easier to get along with people.

Things That Many Small Craftsman Apartments Have

One thing that many small craftsman apartments in DC have in common is a lot of open space. This is great for residents and those who love to take a lot of walks through the city. Some people prefer to take long hikes through the forest or up the stairs at work. But even if you don’t want to do any hiking or biking, there are other activities to enjoy. Take a hike one day, try your hand at bird watching on another, or attend a yoga class one evening.

Another thing that many small craftsman apartments in DC have in common is ample parking. If you live in an area near the Anacostia Water Trail and other outdoor activities, you will never have a problem finding a parking spot. Even if you do decide to park in the apartment complex’s lot, you’ll probably have plenty of walk ways to get to other areas of interest or restaurants. That’s great news if you love walking or biking.

Existing Facilities at The Small Craftsman’s Apartment

A small craftsman apartment in DC also comes with a host of amenities. There are usually appliances including a washer and dryer, refrigerator, and a stove. Even if there is not a kitchen, there are usually a sink and some type of garbage disposal device. There may be an outside balcony, but it will not be used as much because of the proximity to the water and other outdoor activities. In short, you have all the comforts of home, minus the housework.

If you do not want to deal with housework while you are in an apartment, you will appreciate having a room with a yard. Some small craftsman apartments have large back yards, which make perfect places to put a garden. Others have small backyards planted with herbs and vegetables. Still others have lush green gardens that are manicured regularly. It all depends on your personal preference, and what you can afford.

Advantages of Living in a Small Craftsmen Apartment

One thing to watch out for, however, is houses that appear to be pre-fabricated. Many companies advertise rooms that are ready to move in, but the truth is, they take work to assemble them. If you choose to live in one of these kinds of homes, plan on spending a lot of time in transportation. You may end up being the one moving things from place to place! And of course, if you are a handyman at heart, this can be frustrating.

When you consider all these factors, it is easy to see why living in a small craftsman apartment can be so much fun. Even if it is not as grand as a hotel room, it is still a comfortable way to live. In fact, many people who have small apartments find that it is much more enjoyable than having to share with two or three or four adults. Of course, there are the standard considerations: location, size, utilities, privacy, and safety. But these are secondary concerns when compared to the serenity and pleasure that comes with knowing you are creating something beautiful from your own home.

In summary, there are a number of benefits to living in a small craftsman apartment. There is no need to be concerned with the size of your space, as most of these homes are on the small side when it comes to overall size. This allows you to use your space more productively, creating a sense of craftsmanship and depth to your home. And as far as utilities go, you will likely pay a fraction of what you would pay in a larger townhouse, as the cost of living is substantially lower.

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