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How To Create An Open Plan Living Room

Okikiko.com – A small contemporary living room because of the rich wood elements. The top is your commissioned portrait which is beautifully done in oils. The wooden transformer furniture is just one of the fantastic design concepts for small living rooms. It consists of custom-made-in-blocks shelves an elegant dark glass top coffee table with a single black leather lounge chair and a large floor lamp with a white shade that creates a warm cozy atmosphere for the entire room. Transformer furniture also includes a bookcase, two end tables and several small chairs.

Small Contemporary Living Room Concept

Transformer styling is definitely a small contemporary living room concept that is easy to afford, stylish and fun. This style concept includes some really beautiful custom pieces that are affordable. You can find chic retro furniture, chic wood desks, chic leather office furniture, classic wooden cocktail tables, funky modern furniture and many others. Transformer-style furniture offers a great option to create an inviting small space.

Transforming your small contemporary living room into a warm and charming place is easy. Transform the walls by painting them with a warm color. Choose a design theme that matches the wall colors or add a unique and interesting piece of art. If you want to bring a little bit of color into the room, use some bold and bright colors that will pop against the wood-tone walls. Make sure that the furniture also has a color that fits the design theme.

Choose Color Carefully

Transforming the other half of your home into an inviting space is easy when you choose your colors carefully. For small modern living rooms, choose light and airy colors scheme that can complement the walls beautifully. Use shades that are soft and cool such as ivory, lilac, beige, and chocolate brown. If you want a warmer color scheme, go for the colors of red, maroon, and black.

As the other half of your small contemporary living room, choose the right furniture pieces carefully. Again, match the walls with the sofa and ensure that the sofa seat goes with the design theme of the walls. When it comes to sofa sets, you have plenty of choices. A leather sofa set is great for a small living room. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your space, choose a silk sofa set. The size of your sofa set should be relative to the size of the sofa seat and the length of the sofa.

Use Of a Coffee Table in a Small Living Room

A coffee table is another great addition to your small contemporary living room. Again, match the colors and fabrics of your sofa to match the look of your coffee table. You can choose a simple table or you can go for one that has beautiful accents and features such as shelves, drawers, and a plaque rack. Remember that when it comes to your coffee table, keep in mind that you have to be comfortable sitting on it so choose one with enough height for you and your guests to be able to comfortably put their bags and other accessories on the table.

The last but not the least essential item for your small room design is the blinds and drapes. Remember that these are your only window to the outdoors so make sure that you get your colors and styles right. Blinds and curtains came in many different textures and colors. If you have an open plan living space, you can consider using natural light instead of turning your windows into closed homes by getting a blind that allows sunlight in while still blocking out the sun.

Small contemporary living rooms need not feel cramped. You can create an inviting environment with the right choice of furniture and accessories. Remember that when it comes to color, texture and overall design, go with bold colors and simple designs that are in keeping with the rest of your home. Keep in mind that if you choose bold colors, they must also be contrasted with something softer such as linen or cotton. White walls will also enhance the clean look that you are aiming for.

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