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Renting an Authentic Japanese Apartment

Okikiko.com – Caryn here! It’s time to reveal Japanese apartment rental secrets that will help you save thousands of dollars when renting an apartment in Japan. You need not be a Japanese speaker to understand these tips and tricks. Now get to know them so you won’t have to pay a steep price for renting an apartment when traveling to Japan!

Tricks In Renting Japanese Apartments

Typical Japanese apartment rental price includes the security deposit, a first-time service charge, adepotage and credit reference check fee. Typical rental apartments here in Japan will usually cost around six months rent to buy back along with security deposit and/or credit reference check fee. On top of this you are also expected to pay a first-time service charge of about twenty to forty yen. This is simply the cost of cleaning up after you have vacated your place. This charge is customary in Japan and is done by many large hotels here.

Many Japanese apartment rental prices include an additional service charge of two to four hundred yen. This is simply the cost of delivering your apartment to your exact location. If for example you want to go to your favorite sushi restaurant and have a meal in the city, you would be charged extra for delivery. Delivery charges may also apply if you decide to eat in the dining room or to use the Japanese kitchenette.

Tips for Finding Cheap Japanese Apartments

How do you find Japanese apartment rentals for cheap? Look in the big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. These are the most popular locations to rent apartments. Since they are quite popular with tourists and people who frequent Japan, these areas tend to be packed during the busy season. However there are always apartments available for rent in these cities at a reasonable rate.

You may want to consider Japanese apartments that have basic facilities such as a refrigerator and a washing machine. These can usually be picked up for a very minimal cost. Remember that these centers do not offer any cooking facilities so basic kitchen facilities are not included. A typical center will however include a refrigerator and a washing machine along with a hot water tap. It may only have a washer and a dryer.

Advantages of Living in a Japanese Apartment

What if you cannot find any Japanese apartment to rent at your first choice? It is possible to arrange to have a guarantor visit the apartment prior to signing the rental agreement. This is usually a relative or friend who lives in the area. Be sure to explain your requirements and they will work with you to ensure you get the most suitable unit. This is how you get a uniquely Japanese apartment living, but it is possible to arrange for a guarantor even when renting a center close to home.

How much would it cost to rent an authentic Japanese apartment? You need to factor in several factors. You need to decide on how long you intend to stay in Tokyo. The cost of each type of apartment in Tokyo will vary depending on the size and location. The cheapest is usually to be found in areas near central Tokyo or near some of the main tourist sights.

The amount you pay for a Japanese apartment will depend on a number of factors. You need to think about the amount of people you expect to live in your apartment. Most centers are large and provide many rooms. You will also need to consider the cost of furnishing the apartment. Uniquely Japanese apartment hunting should start online and include careful planning of all the necessary factors to ensure you get the perfect apartment for you and your family.

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