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Roadkill Eating Behavior, Is It Dangerous?

Hello, guys, We meet again on this beautiful day. Thanks for coming back. Today, I want to share something strange about roadkill eating behavior. Do you know what is roadkill? Do you ever hear about roadkill? If the answer to all that questions is you never hear about roadkill, maybe I need to give a brief explanation about roadkill.

Roadkill Eating Behavior

I can guess not many from us know about roadkill, right? So, what is roadkill? Do you know about it? Or maybe you ever see someone or knowing someone who has this eating behavior huh? Well, whatever the answer you give to me for my question I will still give you a brief explanation about roadkill. Roadkill is an animal that has been struck and killed by vehicles like motorcycle, truck, or even a car. Not every animal that gets hit by a vehicle is eatable. We need to be more careful to see and to choose the roadkill animal before we cook them as our food.

Roadkill itself in some country like United Kingdom, Southern Canada, and small subculture in the United States are legal. There are so many animals like deer, bear, squirrel, raccoon, bird, frog, and many other animals get struck by a vehicle and death. Freshly killed animal sometimes best found in the early morning because most of the animal get hit by a vehicle are nocturn animal.

Jonathan McGowan

Let me introducing you to Jonathan McGowan. He was lived for 30 years only by eating meat he got from roadkill. Jonathan is someone who didn’t like to killing or hurting something. He even said he prefer to become a vegetarian than to eat or buy meat from the market. He said meat he found on the road are healthier than meat he buys on the market because meat on the market sometimes already injected by hormones.

Jonathan McGowan itself started his weird hobby when he is at 14. His first roadkill animal is a rabbit he found on the street near his house. He then continues his weird habit to eat roadkill animal after 30 years. Crazy, right? Well, he said because of his weird habit, he success to suppress his live cost to life. He also said he never get infected by any disease since he started his weird habit. There are even many people start to following his weird habit all around the world. There’s even a roadkill cafe on Australia.

Roadkill Health Risk

Everything must have a risk, right? Unless we are very careful and pay a lot of attention to it. Well, we are human and we can’t stay alerted all the time, right? So, to make it easier for you to deciding whether following roadkill habit or not. I will give you some roadkill health risk as your consideration for your decision.

Roadkill animal isn’t 100% healthy some of them are infected by a few disease. However, they are a wild animal so there is no guarantee they are healthy, right? Some of them maybe get infected by Trichinosis and Leptospirosis. That’s the most common disease that infects us after eating roadkill animal.

So, are you still insisting on following roadkill diet like Jonathan McGowan? Or you’re giving up? Well, everything is on your hand now. Well, I think my information about roadkill eating behavior is enough. Thanks for coming to my website. See you soon on my next article guys.

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